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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ah Mah Birthday at Tao Restaurant - E-Gate

Sunday 11-Jan, 2007 - celebrate Ah Mah birthday at Tao Restaurant at E-Gate.
when we reached there, they already make their order as this is all u can eat buffer lunch. when Vernon saw so many people there he started to turn his face & sad mouth. :(
immediately Ah mah come to rescue with food - salmon fish & fruit juice. wow what a happy & independence day........

There, she met his cousin sister " baby Ashley" & Jolene. as u can see from the picture. and the big ko ko "Calvin" holding him.

Big group of kids & baby Ashley with mom.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Step on pillow

Vernon boy love to step one leg on the pillow while watching the TV from the sofa.
When we stopped him from climbing up on the sofa, he will struggle and scream at us. These day we really have hard time to stop him doing things that may danger him. He want to do, he will yelled if we stop him from getting or reaching what & where he want.
Toddler - u can see they change their behavior fast enough for us to understand them.