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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hand's Up & leg's Up

Vernon will put his leg on the up position whenever u say Leg's up. He start to understand this when I was doing exercise. he keep observing me while I slowly pull my legs in the up position. from there I told him, this is leg's up. and I asked him to follow mommy. so now & then when he is on his bed, and when i say leg's up. he sure will lie down & pull his leg on up position.
I should take a snap shot of this picture......this is really fun when u see your kids is growing &
understand what u mean.
he usually will put his hand's in up position when he hear music is playing or whenever I say hand's up.

Favorites soft toys of Vernon

As long as u say the name of his soft toy in the above picture "Gumby, Dog, Almo, big bird, smiley, spongebob, fish, ducky" he will able to pick the exact toy for u. his favorite is the almo & friends as u can see even he want to drink his milk milk. he also want to hold on it.

Vernon decline to wee wee on disposable diaper

Since Yesterday when we were outing and on our way, I mean we were in the car he already wearing a disposable diaper. but he insist want to go toilet to wee wee. we try to tell him that he is wearing a disposable diaper where he don't need to wait, can wee wee directly. he still making his noise ----shssshhhssh. after a while he cannot wait & wee wee too. as he no longer making noise. I think I got to find out what to do if had this situation.

same as sunday morning, although he still wearing diaper. he insist me to bring him to toilet. and he really wee wee......................................he is so happy after wee wee.

he now use to wake up to had his wee wee in the mid of his nap. good things is he is aware & wnat to be a big boy now. another way is, not sure this will indirectly interupt his usual nap time.

New words Vernon say

Saturday 31-Mar-2007 - Vernon is now saying more single words then earlier. today when I am drinking a can of cold drink. and I let him touch & feel, he suddenly say "cold Cold" eelll...elellee......... at first I though I heard wrongly from him mouth. after he kept saying the same words repeatedly. I told his papa, vernon learn another words today.
u know, during the same night, he say another new words - "flower". When we were in Sun shine to buy his disposable diaper "Mommy PoKo". He say the clothes with flowers print, he say the words "flower". and he pull all the shirt from the shelf, we were so "pai sei" that the sales lady have to tidy it again.

Vernon Favorite Books

Soft Shapes - Vernon learn the big & Little shape of Dog, Car, house & tree. This is how he can say mommy dog & baby dog, mommy cat & baby cat.

vernon A, B, C - Z Mini Books. He learn "apple", "Orange" from this mini book & the ABC books given by Dr. Sim.
He learn "nose", "mouth", "head", "Eyes", "ears" from all these mini books................

His Count 1 to 10 Piggy Wiggy book from papa.
He love to flip this big book as it has lovely pig with colorful things to count. although he only knew how to say 1,2,3,4 now. in progress to teach him till he got the number familiar.

Vernon is Walking by his own

Vernon finally can walk on 14 months & 2 weeks old. He first only walk when he is not aware situation. for the last few weeks he don't like me & james to hold his hand either while he is walking. he want to hold on & walk with support wihout our interference.

Dinner at Northam Beach Cafe

Friday 30-Mar-2007 :
I left company around 6:15pm where the traffic at the coaster highway was worse. The Jam start from in front of intel. I was getting stuck at the traffic about 45min to reach home. have to rush to MIL house to pick vernon as MIL had dinner at 7:15pm tonight.
Vernon was playing at the living room at MIL house. He was riding on his bicycle we bought from U.S, this bicycle can interchange to Rocker as well. however, he don't like to rock anymore after he start to walk.
We met James friend at the Northam beach cafe, as usual this little boy will give people a lovely friend kiss..sss. he saw a table food, all spicy food which not suitable for him, so he start to voice up...............

New Toy "PoP Onz" from Papa

Thurseday 29-Mar-2007 - Papa gave a new Toy "PoP Onz" for Vernon.
"The PoP-Onz pop ' n Stack blocks is a great addition to the pop-onz building system, with colorful pieces and animal friends that clips so easliy on the pegs."
Vernon can pop, build, and play the fun in easy way. and he also can see the connection. at first, he was attracted by the colorful blocks & the animals. after a while he start to drop the block everywhere in the living till he papa turn on the music of the Pegs. he start to searh where the music came from........ahahahhh he wonder where the music come...???
finally he saw he papa turn the umbrella of the Pegs. he start to keep turn the umbrella whenever the music stop.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Potty train

To asnwer Q on potty train :

For the last 2 weeks, we actually try to bring him to toilet about every half an hour or after he had drink lots of water. becoz previously I try to use a disposable cup for him to wee wee, but he don't want. he want to grab the cup from u & play.

so we decided to change our tactics, which is to bring him to toilet more often. we will keep asking him go wie wie....want?? and daytime we try not to let him wear any diaper. so that he aware that if wee wee & get the floor wet is a messy thing. and every one time keep telling him......ssshh ssshhh whenever u want to wee wee okey...................................

after about a week, my MIL & Maid told me that he will awake from sleep to ask for wie wie, and then continue his sleep again after go wie wie. so from then onwards I can tell, he finally aware. but not for the big business yet......lah I mean "poo.."

hopefully he will soon manage to tell us whenever he want to do big business........hee.eee

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sunday 25-Mar-2007 today is papa birthday, we only buy a small cake & celebrate at home. no special outing as Papa say he is very tired where we cancelled our original plan last minutes - dinner with Nai nai & Kuku. Vernon is now able to tell people when he want to wie wie, i can say he is potty train success after 2 weeks trial.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

MMR Jab at GMC

** Little Boy playing on his papa steerling wheel
1) 2) 3)
Saturday 24-Mar-2007 - Vernon sleep till 1pm so we went to GMC around 1:30pm. suprisingly, there's only one patience waiting outside. Vernon is so happy walking around the waiting area and very curious looking aoutside Dr. Sim clinic door.
one new words vernon is saying - ball. when he saw the picture outside Dr.sin got a ball. he keep saying ball.

oh....Nurse soon is calling Vernon's name. when we go in, vernono still ok to let Dr.Sim to check on his lung and his ear. Dr. sim said ----today he will be the bad person again. becoz of today there's a jab need to be taken - "MMR". when we want to put him on the weight meter, first time i saw vernon cry. like knowing very soon, he will have a jab. He at least got weight increase for 3 months consistantly. Dr.Sim said not bad with the increment trend. btw, he also recommend us to participate on the upcoming "overschdule Parents" seminar at "pusat peyayang.
weight : 9.6kg

afterthat with no choice we still have to put him lie down on the bed, try to pull all the toys arround for him. he still push away. very soon, he stop crying after the jab. and Dr.sim gave him a compliment gift - a small tin of formula milk. By the way, we asked whether is it ok to change the formula from current to "essential" formula for 1yrs & above. but Dr.Sim advice is to continue till vernon is 18months old.

we left GMC at about 2:45pm & straight go to "makan" at New world park. There're so many hawkers food & variety to choose. yummy......yummy ..................what a full afternoon lunch.
the above picture was taken during when waiting for papa outside a hardware shop.
1->2->3) this little boy was so happy playing his papa steerling wheel. when his papa came, we move him back to his sit. he cry so loud for some time only cool down.
afterthat we headed to Ah Mah house to pick up fishes for vernon poridge and went home about 6pm.

Friday, March 23, 2007

friday 23-Mar-2007 - It was raining friday where the traffic was worse along the coaster highway. rushing home so that we can pick up vernon not later than 7pm. we called MIL, but no one was pick up the phone. James & i wonder where they quickly rush there. ah....the little boy is standing at the gate waiting for us. immediate he saw me, he want me to hold him.
he is walking more steps that a few days ago. as usual, he will pai pai to the kwang yin at home b4 leaving the nai nai house.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday 21-Mar-207 - after came home, he usually will play in the living room. tonight, when he is crawling around the living, he saw a small bug on the carpet. he picked it up & gave to his papa. luckily this little boy didn't eat it. he then straight walk to the cupboard where we kept all his toys to pull his big truck out & the basket of toys to the living room. he usually will remove all the toys out from the basket & put in again. he will repeat this for a few times till he is tired.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go swimming with Joshua & Jolene

This is a warm sunday afternoon, Joshua & Jolene ask vernon whether want to go swimming at their apt. so after vernon woke up from his nap, i brought him to meet them. This little guy really enjoy swimming, using his leg to kick the floating boat move from one place to another. he is not even scare of the cold water. He even pushing using his hand. after about 45min in the pool, I try to pull him out from the floating boat. U know what this little boy response..........crying. he still want to continue his swimming.

but I have to pull him out due to we had dinner appoinment. and I promise to him that will bring him to swimming during weekend.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

** Ha..ha I am moving around ah mah house.
Friday 16-mar 2007 - Today I need to pick Vernon from MIL house. When I reach there, He is listening to the music TV from the playpan. I brought him to ah mah house for a visit, when he reach there. He dare to crawl on the floor as Joshua koko is around. he sit beside me all the time till he saw joshua koko is going for dinner. he started to walk 3 steps from the round stool to the living room coffee table. i believe this is a good start for vernon to learn to walk. hope he will walk wihout fear soon.

Birthday Presents

1. 2. 3.

Finally I took the snapshoot of Vernon 1st birthday presents which I want to complete a few weeks ago.

1) Nice Mickey Shirt & pant given Autie Wooi Sin. u won't believe that autie wooi sin & vernon have the same Birth date. this is very hard to find with only about 20 mother's going to mother's room at our company.

2)This music & running truck given by Joshua koko & Jolene Che che. Vernon is so excited when we first play the truck with him. he go after the truck & almost broke the trunk.

3)This CD player given by Ah Fong Kuku where he could play his music while carrying it. when we play the CD for him, he start to dance. he likes to turn on & off the button for the radio & eject the CD up & down.
so to play safe we don't give him the CD. we usually play for him.

Other than presents, vernon received ang pows from auties, EEs, Kim Kim, kukus, Ah mah & Kong kong.
nowsadays kids are so lucky to have all these luxury toys, so we hope that vernon will appreciate it when he grew up. especially those ang pow that went into his savings.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dinner at Ikan Bakar Sri Anjung

  1. 2. 3.

Friday 16-Mar-2007 - Today we plan not to eat at home as we always passby this New ikan bakar restaurant & seeing many customers dining inside. so James & I want to have a try on the ikan bakar here. so that day we brought this little guy there. we put him on the baby chair which is made from rotan. This small boy was so happy seeing the cars passby & people eating there. he even talking to the small girl sitting right behind him. not bother about what food we eat at all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vernon development record

Vernon dev. record :

  1. Teeth - 7 Teeths --> 4 on top central incisor, 2 on bottom central incisor & a dracula teeth.
  2. Motor - walk 2 to 3 steps without support, crawl, turn book pages , crawl up stairs.
  3. Language - papa, mama, nana (banana), nenen (water), G (he learn when we use the lift) , 5 (when people ask give me "5", 1, 2 & 3, ball. He will say "EEEEeeee" when he saw an ant or bug.
  4. Ability - Can point where is Nose, Eye, mouth, hair, head, baby dog, mommy dog, fan, light, who is vernon (point his hand to his chess), papa, mama, ah mah, ah kong, nai nai & kakak. clean people's mouth with his hankechilef. able to pick theright cartoon toys when u say the name : exp spongebob, gumby, dog, fish, duck, Elmo.
  5. capable - hold his bottle, hold his water bottle, put his hand & leg into the shirt when changing.
  6. Favorite book - piggy wiggy, ABC, Soft shapes, A-Z mini books.
  7. Favorite Cartoon - Little einstern, Rollie Pollie Olie, Noddy, JoJo Circus.
  8. Favorite song - "good morning","The animal fair", "it's raining, it's pouring", Baa baa blacksheep, twinkle twinkle little star,
  9. activity - Love dancing while music is playing, watching cartoon network
    -don't like soft toys, like hard stuff.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Visit Chor Chor

saturday, 10-Mar 2007 - we plan to visit Vernon's Chor Chor this afternoon. So I have to put him sleep after his breakfast at about 10:oo am. around 1pm, we get ready & headed to Chor Chor house. when we reach there, chor chor is watching TV in the room. so we brought Vernon to the room and put him on the bed. Vernon start to make his face again, he look around the room for some time.
when chor chor ask him where is her nose, he start get use to the place & point her nose.
he start playing & warm up.................ha..aa I wonder is all toddler at his age like that??

about 4pm we left chor chor house & brought him to shopping at Gurney plaza. Vernon is so welcome by the parkson sales girl. They surrounded him & talking to him, luckily this time he no longer crying. he accept them & wave bye bye with his friend kiss "chop chop" to them.

Dinner, we had at ah mah place - Nasi lemak while vernon is sleeping. he is so tired after a whole afternoon of activities.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday, 9-Mar 2007 - Tonight we went to had our dinner at KFC, Tesco. After ordering our food we got a nice place close to the window area. As usual, we gave Vernon a plate with his spoon. and put some mash potato without the gravy on his plate. he start to scoop the mash potato & put into his mouth.
after a while, he saw us eating the wedges. he start ask by pointing to the "bucket." In order to fulfill him, we gave him wedges without the skin one. so that it won't taste so salty.

he is so busy talking his own words with the Indian family sitting behind us. they even supprised that vernon is so friendly. Vernon say bye-bye with his lovely friend kiss to the family when they left.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Magic moments of Vernon

Thurseday, 08-Mar 2007 - James go to fetch vernon from MIL house after work and reach home about 7pm. They played in the living room while I am preparing dinner. Today we plan to have "table train" for vernon to spoon feed himself & have dinner with us. as u can see he love it & have lots of fun to scoope the rice from the bowl. luckily his papa bought him the special non spilt bowl which help him to catch the spilt.
Vernon finally can stand wihout support for at least a few minutes & clap his hand.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday 5-Mar, 2007. James pick Vernon from MIL house after work. when they reach home about 6:30pm and he smile at me so lovely at the door side. Pitty my little boy still not yet had his dinner. immediate reach home, his kakak prepare his dinner & feed him in the living room.

After we had our dinner, I was going to give Vernon wie wie session (potty train). he don't want & want to jump out. so I brought him to the room & play with him, while I holding him high, he wie wie at me till all my shirt wet.
not only this, after I change & wanted to change his pyjamas again. He wie wie again till his mattress all get wet.
what a day..............heeheee...........e

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday, 4-Mar - Ah Be woke up around 9:08am and had his milk milk in the living room. while we play music for him and let him watched the "Jimie neutron" his favourite cartoon.

Then he had his nap till 11:30am and we planned to bring him to had his hair cut at the near by india barber shop.
we reach the shop and only 2 customer were waiting. so the owner let vernon had his hair cut first.
he first sit very quite looking at the barber, when the hair fall on his face. he start to felt discomfort and want to cry. very fast he had hair cut, the barber say "wow, had your hair cut at Chap Go Meh" whihc means the 15th of the Chinese calendar of CNY.

After he had his hair cut, we headed to Ah Mah & Kong Kong house. everyone see vernon & say "handsome guy" except the kids. Mom say vernon looks more chubby & fair...........:)