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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1st Birthday on 02-Feb

Vernon 1st birthday actually is on 14-Jan-07, and for Chinese... most of the parents like to celebrate their baby 1st brithday follow the chinese calendar. as for Vernon the chinese birthday is fall on 2-Feb-07 (2 weeks) after his "Ah Moh" birth date. James & I decided to have a small party for vernon. At first, we are not decided where should we celebrate his birthday,as James just came back from U.S. and we're in the mid of tidy & clean our apartment.
At last, my mom say why not celebrate at her house and we finally firm the venue
2 weeks b4 the birth date, we went to "Jenny's Cake house" and have a look at the cake sample cataloges. and we almost straight away order his cake. however, the owner suggest us to go back & order a week b4 his birth date, so that we can have more time to think. as the sample cake that we saw cost about RM350, it's an icing chocalate cake and must be 3kg. Times go by very fast, 8 more days will be Vernon birth date. we visit Jenny's cake house again and still look at the cataloges. after flip the cataloge from front to end & end to front. we end up still insist to order the icing cake that we saw a week ago. and we ask the owner to modified the design according to our needs. request to change the crown to baby so that his cake look more cute.
On 2-Feb, as usual I went to work & decide to take half day off. This is to prevent traffic jam & ensure I have time to pick up his cake & decorate the living room.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Visit Kek Lok Si

1) 2) 3)
Saturday 24-Feb-2007 - The kek lok si was light up during the CNY, this is the most beautiful time to visit there at night. u know lah, afternoon is too hot to bring vernon there. hhaa...aa

when we reach at the top near the Kwan Yin statue. Vernon was so excited seeing people & the lights hanging.
1) I saw there're lots of animal rock surround as u can see vernon is sitting on it.
2) Papa is holding me to post for picture, see papa still holding me this way.
3) Papa & I bone on rooster year, posted with rooster.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

1st day of CNY

This morning Vernon was woke up by me at 7:30am as I need to change his new year "cheong Sam" that bought by his Nai Nai from Vietnam. however, he already woke up & saying his normal word.......tatttt....ta..tatttt..ta............Actually we plan to drop by his Nai Nai place b4 go to his Ah Mah & kong kong's house. 8am we go out from our place, so it is too late for us to catch the lion dance in Ah Mah & Kong Kong's house. so we straight away go to ah mah & kong kong house. when we arrive, we still can see the last part of the lion dance. vernon was so enjoying & don't even cry although i hold him close to the lion.
after that the kids & dad are out to welcome this small baby. as u can see dad is holding vernon while the kids are surrouding him. he is now the apple of the kids, they always call him" ah pu chi"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vernon 2nd Chinese New Year

I and James decided to brought vernon to have some studio photos taken right b4 his birthday so that we can have some remeberance when he grew up. one day evening after work I go to "photo Me" studio shop to take a look at the sample photos and asking about the price. after taking all into consideration, I book & make appointment for the photos shoot on behalf of our baby vernon.