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Saturday, December 27, 2008

X'mas Vacation @ Singapore Day 2

27-Dec-2008 Saturday - This is the 2nd day of our S'pore trip where we plan to go to Sentosa Island since we need to spend the whole day there.
This is our hotel room, where Vernon is looking at the notepad.
** Pic taken in the hotel room balcony.
We have bought our cable car ticket and is on our walking path to the cable care station.
Yeah! We are riding on the cable car on our way to the sentosa island.
This is the 1st ride we taken upon arrived at the sentosa island.
The tower is going upwards and downwards. The funny thing is Vernon want to wee-wee on the way down and he can't wait till the tower go down. luckily I did bring his wee-wee cup along. and we let him wee-wee in the cup first.
We were in the museum, Vernon was so happy make his call by using the old types telephone.
Then we look around, this is the only thing that Vernon allow to play. and I was not allow, due to there's a rule which prohibit pregnant lady & expecting mom + kids below certain height.
So I only can took photos for them. and James have to bring him to play.
On our way to find restaurant for lunch, Vernon saw a lots of kids playing with the water fountain. So he also want to play. And I have to hold him...........but with very careful.
as I am not suppose to carry him.
Hmmh.....finally we saw a restaurant which serve variety of international food.
see...........the yummy food James ordered. For Vernon, I have to share the S'pore Chicken rice.
he is a bit fussy when we wake him up for lunch. But after a while he is ok since we ordered him a cup of cold drink.
We waited till evening finish the laser light show. when we were there, already have lots of ppl queuing up. It was so warm and humid especially when the place crowded with ppl.

After a tire day at sentosa, we headed back to hotel. Take a hot bath and only go to get our dinner again. We found a place for chicken rice Vernon keep saying he want to eat rice.
We went for a double Decker bus for a free ride at the orchid road (looking at the X'mas night lights). It was so fascinating......................and can say the whole road was full with colorful lights.
and they have a team every year.

Oh..........................................what a tire day and it's time for us to ride on the MRT back to our hotel.

Friday, December 26, 2008

X'mas Vacation @ Singapore Day 1

26-Dec-2008 Friday - We've 2 weeks long X'mas Holidays, so I & papa decided to bring Vernon to S'pore for vacations. We plan to fly with AirAsia this time as it always having promotion with low fare. We book our AirAsia ticket about a month ahead & never thought that MAS have another promotion where the price was so attractive and if we fly with Mas. We do not need to transit KL which is much more convenient especially travel with small kid.
We have no choice since AirAsia ticket is not cancellable
We woke up very early in the morning waiting for NaiNai to fetch us to Airport in order not to miss the flight.
Vernon very happy upon walking into the departure Gate, he kept asking me & James where is the Aeroplane?
The airport was so crowded with people going for their X'mas holidays.
We have to walk to the airplane unlike the normal MAS/SIN Airline. Therefore, Papa have to go up to the plane with Vernon in order to reserve a better seat for all of us. As a pregnant mommy, i can't walk fast enough and also try to avoid those people whom love to push in order to get a better place.
Once Vernon sat on his seat, the 1st thing is asked me :

Vernon : Mommy help me to buckle, for safety else Vernon will "pon-pon"
Mommy : okay, mommy help you to buckle up the safety belt.

Then Vernon pull the emergency guide from the front seat pocket and kept asking James.
So Papa have to explain every single details to him. He love & very curious for every single things he saw.
The fun moments is Vernon start count down from "10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1" when we told him the airplane is going to take off.

When we arrived at the S'pore airport is like almost 2pm in the afternoon. We knew the little boy must be very hungry as we only took a light Mc'D breakfast during KL transit.
as it already past about 2 hours from his usual lunch time. He kept asking :
Vernon : I want Rice.....I want Rice...............hungry mommy
mommy : Wait.......mommy knew you are very hungry.

We wait for papa to ask the info center on the LRT & S'pore Map, as he need to familiar how we proceed from airport to our hotel by LRT.
finally we seated in Sakae Sushi restaurant in S'pore Airport terminal 2.
Vernon saw the varieties of sushi running on the conveyor belt next to him. He quickly grab 1 plate of sushi with house shape while waiting for our order to be serve. he enjoyed and finished 2 of them pretty fast and then he ask me to take one of those and leave another 1 for papa.
When we almost finish our lunch, Vernon boy saw the waiter is blowing balloon for decorations.
he then ask the waiter to gave him 1 balloon. then I told him where is your Magic words to koko that who gave you the balloon.
Vernon : Thank You koko.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X'mas Dinner with Family (backdated 24-Dec post)

Vernon wearing the Deer hairband and ready to play with the X'mas Pop happy when he saw his McDonald's breakfast set from Papa.**

24-Dec-2008 Wednesday - This Year X'mas we change our celebration venue from hotels to restaurant where we usually had our X'mas family dinner, this is to save some$$ due to economy slowdown. hhhaaa..........aa
We really need to thanks Kuku for making all the arrangements prior to the big day.
On 24-Dec evening, we get ready and all of us meet at Chor Chor house b4 heading to "Batu Ferringi"
The Restaurant that we were going is just right opposite of "Golden Sands Hotel." which I can't recall the name of the restaurant.
Anyway, we got a very good place/table and the place where there's fountain right besides us and the restaurant was crowded with foreigners.
After we have ordered our dinner, we enjoying talking and most of the topics are about Vernon boy and JJ2. As Lately Vernon use to told E po & Nai Nai that he is big brother though we knew he still didn't know that he actually going to be big brother soon.
Kuku & 3 E po bought the X'mas pop & the cute deer hairband. We tried to put the Deer hairband on Vernon's Head but he knew we are making fun of him and he pull it off very fast.
and lastly we got it on him and papa quickly took his photo while his is playing with the pop-pops.
After that we asked Vernon to distribute the present to each & every of family members.
When Nai Nai received her brooch, she was so happy and she love it so much.
We finished our dinner about 10pm and everyone was exhausted and going home.
We reach home soon, and told Vernon took his milk milk and go to bed wait for Santa to delivered his present. He listen to us and went to bed.

The next morning, he woke up early and go to check any present under the X'mas tree.
He saw there're present for him : one from daddy, one from mommy & another from Santa.
He happily open up present from papa, when he found this is a McDonald's breakfast set.
He was so happy and immediate asked us what breakfast we want to order from him.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Garfield & Friends @ Island Plaza (backdated post-Dec 21)

Garfield' Girlfriend coming up to the stage and every kids was so exciting seeing her.............

**Mommy & Vernon's together with Garfield & Friends**
21-Dec-2008 Sunday - We saw the flyer send to Ah Mah house about Let's meet "Garfield & friends" @ Island Plaza. We knew that Vernon boy sure love it as he had a Garfield toys with him.
We reached Island Plaza 1/2 hours earlier though the show only start at 2pm, in order not to miss the photo session with Garfield & friends. Just in time we reach the lobby of Island plaza, the speaker is introducing the characters that coming out soon. and they request all the kids & parents to Q-up to the stage. The lucky things is there's not much people knowing about this promotion.
We also met Joshua ko-ko, Jolene che che & mommy there, they just finish their shopping and drop by to have a photos together with Garfield & friends as well.
Jojo Mommy (my sister) told me that if buy RM120 from any shops at Island plaza on that day, will get a Garfield pillow.
After the show mommy went to Metro to see anything can buy for Nai Nai as upcoming X'mas present since there's a good free gift promotion. there mommy found a nice Nyonya brooch that very suitable for Nai Nai "baju kebaya." and mommy also buy a pair of Tiffany earring for myself.
and bought 2 pairs of Hush puppies shocks for papa X'mas present.
At Last, Papa said today is for mommy last minutes X'mas shopping day........................haa....aa

Ah Kong's Birthday at Hardwick Bistro (back dated blog)

8-Dec-2008 Monday - This Year Ah kong's Chinese Birthday is fall on one of DEC public holidays. We decided to had lunch birthday instead of celebrate at dinner time.
Most of us really have hard time to find a fine restaurant for everyone of the family to gather and eat out as the members is growing especially the young generations.
Finally my brother suggest we had lunch @ Hardwick Bistro, one of new restaurant at town.
Therefore, I take up the responsibility to make the booking and arrangement for this lunch birthday. At first, when I called up.......the person told me that they do not have a table to fit for 22 pax. and I requested to see any room for us, at last the person offer me the restaurant's lounge with long table to fit everyone of us in. and they manager was so nice offering me with their set lunch with special preparations (the lunch include : refreshment salad, Soup, main dish and dessert which only cost $25 net) since we had a large group of people.
The decorations at the restaurant was so warm and nice as the X'mas is approaching.
We are the last family to arrive at the lunch. Immediate we sit down, the lunch was serve and Vernon was so enjoying his Garlic bread, he finish one follow by another.
After finish our main dish we had a cake cutting session, the 1st thing Vernon grab on his hand is the Cherry on top of Kongkong's Birthday cake.
Though he don't really like the cherry but his love to play with it till all 4 of them drop on the floor.
I can said the portion of the food was not big but the taste was good and it is really a nice restaurant to dine out. with some more good service...........................................................

Saturday, December 20, 2008


20-Dec-2008 Sunday - Today is Chinese 冬日where most family will gather to eat 湯圓. Another meaning of 吃湯圓 means you are growing older a year now.
Last night Ah mah & che che already get ready making lots of 湯圓, so on our way home from Queensbay Mall. As Ah mah already called & asked mommy to drop by her house to get the 湯圓, see we are so lucky enough that Ah mah get everything ready for us. What mommy need to do is just boil it in the hot water and cook with sugar rock soup on Sunday morning.
On Sunday morning after Vernon woke up, taken his bath and finished his milk milk. I prepared a bowl of 湯圓 for him. He 1st time saw this and keep asking me what is this ? counting one by one and telling me.........Vernon got pink, white & green colors 湯圓. So many 湯圓!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Meeting DORAEMON in Queensbay Mall

19-Dec-2008 Saturday - Last weekend we went to Queensbay Mall to see the Doraemon and friends. We follow people Queuing up to wait for photo session, unfortunately there's a rules where you need to purchase any Doraemon items, then only you will be entitle to take a photo with the Doraemon and friends. However, they only release 15 tickets everyday for photos session due to time limit and the ticket was finish very early of the day.
Vernon looks very sad when we told him we can't take photo with Doraemon last weekend. But I promised him that I will go to get the ticket early this week so that we can take photo with Doraemon. Vernon smile immediately and happy follow us left the place.
This week, I purposely make a trip to Queensbay Mall at 12pm noon to make sure I get the ticket today & keep my promised to Vernon happen.
I was very happy when I got my ticket as I already knew that we can make it this time.
In the evening, we left our place about 6pm so that we can reach Queensbay Mall at 6:30pm sharp. We happily queuing up and the checker check thru each and every family's ticket that going to participate in the photo session. Vernon just can't wait to meet the Doraemon and friends. When he reached the stage, he keep turning his head looking at the giant Doraemon.
After finished the photos session, we went to have our dinner @ Old Town while waiting for the free photo ready to pick up at the Kodak Shop.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy & Sad Face

18-Dec-2008 Friday - Friday night we had dinner at Nai Nai house and back home about 9pm.
Normally after reached home, Vernon will play or read his book for while b4 went to bed.
Tonight while I & James were watching the Discovery channel which Vernon not interested with. Vernon asked me to take his Color & shapes for him, he play it in the living room.
Suddenly........He Call.
Vernon : Mommy.......See SAD & HAPPY FACE
Below is the SAD face that he arrange by using his shape.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


17-Dec-2008 Thursday - Lately Vernon start watching SPONGEBOB Cartoon together with James. He love the Sponge bob & his friend "Patrick so much together with his boss - Mr. Crab. He even ask us to gave him a sponge when he play with his kitchen set. He knew the sponge is use to clean the dishes.
So coincidence the other day, there's a promotion counter in my company selling the party stuff and balloons. and I saw they have the SPONGE BOB balloon, immediately I bought it as I knew my Vernon boy sure love it.
We actually hide it behind the sofa, we plan to give him a surprise after he came back from Nai Nai house in the evening.
But Vernon's Eye was so sharp, upon he step into house. He saw the Sponge bob Balloon stand behind the Sofa and saying "SPONGE BOB."

Monday, December 8, 2008


8-Dec-2008 Thursday - The other day one of my friend gave me a pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate as a Xmas gift. I brought it home and Vernon boy saw it and he kept saying to me Vernon : "I want...! I want....! mommy...mommy."
Mommy: okay....okay, mommy give but you only can take one.

Very fast he finish the 1pcs of Ferrero Rocher, but he did not like to lick his finger. So he showed us and asking me to wash his hand fast.

Like Father like son ...................He had a good habit as his daddy where cannot tolerance with dirty hand or dirty shirt at all.

OREO Cookies

One night papa was sitting enjoying his OREO cookies while watching his History Channel.
Vernon just finished reading his favorite dictionary together with me. Just in time when he walked out from the study room, the TV was advertising the OREO Cookies advertisement where the kids eat together with their OREO cookies by dipping into the a glass of milk milk.
a minutes later, He request kakak wati to gave his his milk in his cup.

Vernon : Mommy I want to eat OREO with Milk Milk.
Upon kakak given him a cup of milk & a piece of OREO cookies. He enjoying dipping his OREO cookies into his cup of milk and finished it very fast. He asked for 2nd piece, we told him......this is the final one you can get as it will be too hot tie for you to take too much cookies.
He agreed with and quickly grab his 2nd cookies.

Finally I see my boy request food from us.............haa...aa