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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's Learn Together

We bought this sesame street "Let's Learn Together" at Kinokuniya Book store in KL CC during our trip to KL sometime ago.
This book comes with a remote control for kids to play while learning. The key learning things in this book is teaching kids on "colors, Shapes & math". It also comes with some song & video of actual life animals to introduce to the kids. I found it very worth, especially Vernon is the Elmo's fan, furthermore he also interested with the features inside.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice

It's been some time we never go for fatty loh chicken rice.
The place was changing a lot, now it was facilitate with full air con for people to dine in.
But I still felt the place is too crowded & narrow. As people are keep coming in during lunch time and they force to open & squeeze in more table into the place instead of keep their customer waiting for the rest to finish.
The chicken rice still is the best and the price is reasonable.

On our way to pick up our car, we saw the big chicken outside the shop and we took a photo for Vernon since he is born in year of Rooster.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dish Washing set

21-Nov-2008 - We saw the dish set during our grocery trip at Tesco. We knew Vernon will love it since he used to ask for spoon & plates from me and pretend he is washing for me.
It also come with 2 types of fruits (banana & watermelon) together with the copping board where they can cut it into 2 sides. This is what Vernon did when we opened up the set for him.

Hopefully he can be my future kitchen helper.

Dr. Who

21-Nov-2008 Friday - Vernon is capable to tell who see which Doctor especially James, I & himself.

We love to ask him :
Mommy : Papa see which Doctor?
Vernon : Papa see Dr. Wong

Mommy : Mommy see which Doctor?
Vernon : Mommy see Dr. Gan

Mommy : Vernon see which Doctor?
Vernon : Vernon see Dr. Sim.

Evertime when I went for checkup, He will told his nai nai.....mommy go to see Dr. Gan.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dinner together with Ah Kong & Ah Mah

15-Nov-2008 Saturday - We had a good family time together at EQ hotel Coffee Garden though there's not much choices food on that day. Vernon was so happy when he saw the waitress deliver his dinner set (spoon, cup & bowl). He excited playing the water by scooping from the cup to the bowl. Ah Mah keep asking Vernon to take some food, instead of playing. But he still ignore what we said to him.

After we finished our dinner, we walked to the fish pond outside the coffee garden. Ah mah tried to tease the fishes in the fish pond. The fishes really looks hungry and attracted to you whenever they saw people walk near them. We asked Vernon, want to put your hand inside........his reaction is.....'NO" "NO"

Ah Kong is the babysitter for the night, go after Vernon when he run up & down the place. We pretty worried that he love to walk near the swimming pool.

Vernon happy running all around the big space.