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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chap Goh Mei

27-Feb-2010 Sunday - Chap goh mei is the 15th day of CNY and it is also the last day in our lunar calendar. Same like last year, we will never miss the celebrations in PSC where there's lion dance performances. The celebrations started around 5pm which is a bit earlier than last year. We were a bit late as I don't think it will start sharp, by the time we reach there about 6pm. The performance yet start, so we were sit ted in front of the sea front cafe.
The weather was so warm till we have to use the baby battery operate fan to cool us off.
The kids were so delighted with the lion dance performance as they miss the opportunity of lion dance perform at ah mah house during the 1st day of CNY .
about 8:30pm we headed home as they all very tire due to the warm weather so we did not manage to stay till the following games.

Upon reached home, I purposely get both them change into the same Pyjamas.
Vernon not so like this pyjamas as it got collar where he felt not comfortable. But I love to them wear, they look cute isn't it. ???