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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Playing curtain

Vernon love to play with the curtain when the wind blow the curtain high.
Toddler likes to explore & what they do sometime really we can't understand why they likes to play with it.

Little Monster

Out of sudden Vernon is very interested with his bouching chair which he already don't want to sit on it for some time. We still put this bouching chair in our living room due to limited space to keep this chair in our store-room.
Today he climbed up & sat on it, he even turn on the musical button and enjoyed with the lights & music for while since it was a winding day. We were waching TV while supervise him.......Oh my gosh.....who know he suddenly stand up on the chair. and playing with the button.
I asked papa to take a photos of vernon so that we can show it to him in future..............
papa nowdays call his little boy - little monster insead becoz he tends to destroy things and throwing things that not belong to him. If u asked him to pick up & return to u, he will throw it off even further. so nowadays we need to pick up some of his toys block from the balcony everyday.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brushing teeth

Dipping his toothbrush into the cup of water

Mommy...Daddy, I am brushing my teeth.
Friday night - We were grocery at QB Mall, I told James that we should buy Vernon a toothbrush (step 1). I think it is right time for vernon to start learn brushing his teeth.
Becoz everytime I brushing my teeth after dinner, he likes to stand beside & observe me brushing my teeth.
That night after came home from QBM, I open up his new toothbrush & gave it to him. I also prepared a cup of drinking water as I don't buy the toothpaste yet. I will wait till he can handle well on brushing his teeth first.
Well, he enjoy brushing-loh and keep dip his toothbrush into the cup of water.
I can see this is a good start for him to learning brushing his teeth.

Pay a visit to Ah Mah

28-Jul-2007 Saturday - It's been 2 weeks Vernon did not see ah mah & ah kong & his cousins. I decided to bring vernon home after he had his lunch. When we home, kong kong is about to put Joshua to sleep. when joshua see Vernon there, he was so busy bringing toys & books for vernon. Now Vernon can mix with them very well, he is not so scared and cry like last time.
I think I have to let Vernon to mix with them more often so that he can get use to it.
When Jolene came back from ballet class, she offered Vernon her"alphabet" biscuit". Vernon enjoyed eating the biscuit-loh together with Jolene & louisa. While Joshua is having his afternoon nap. About 3pm, I bring vernon home for his afternoon nap too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home made bread

24-Jul-2007 Tuesday - First time I use microwave oven to baked bread as my bread machine is not working well lately. When it's ready, I brought over the bread for Vernon to see. Immediately he told me he "nak...nak".....first, I thought he is just play play with us. Who knows Vernon finish 1 slice of bread and ask for second slice. Ha.....ha Vernon love to eat mommy's home make bread though it is not that nice as outside buy one.
Can;t belive that my boy can take 2 slices of mommy home make bread.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tag : If I have 1 million

20-Jul-2007 - Tagged by Kelvin's Mommy. What I will do if I have 1 million. Wow! lots of thing that I want to do loh, if I have 1 million now.
I believe most of us also have such dream of having 1 million, just the matter of when & how to get 1 million. I never buy lottery or 4D, for sure I won't get the money in the easy way....haa.aa :)
okey, let me tell u how I spend the 1 million If I have One million today :

1)First, I will buy a Bungalow house near to my mom & MIL house in Penang, so that Vernon have more space to play & off course better for his development. On the other hand, easy for me to bring Vernon's to visit his Ah mah, KongKong & Nai Nai.

2)Second, I will invest more into Vernon's education plan that we had for him right now. This is to secure his future education fund, we never known by that time the inflation will cause how much we have to pay for his educations.

3)Third, I will start a bakery or restaurant business.

4)Fouth, I will gave some money for my Parents since they pay for my educations, living since born. Then I will put the balance of my money into a fix deposit account or Amanah saham to get high interest that enough for my monthly expenses & also travel around the world.

These are the plan that I have in mind at the moment lah.
However with the living std & inflation, seriuosly 1 million is not enough at all to let me have all the above plan loh. A luxury Condo in Penang already can reach 1m+ nowdays, same as to own a luxury bungalow.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Fever

19-Jul-2007 Thurseday - On wednesday evening, Vernon suddenly came down with high fever (38'c). I felt so sorry becoz I am the one that past the virus to him. Immediately after his dinner I gave him the paracetamol and the fever gone down, however after 3 hours close to 4 hours, his fever came back.
On Wednesday night, Vernon was so tired lying on the bed and his fever still at 38 -39'c range. So I tried to adjust the time 1/2 hour early to gave him the paracetamol in order to make sure his fever is under control.
I continue gave him the medicine till thurseday afternoon. About 3 :30pm his fever did not go down though after an hour I gave him the medicine. I felt something not right so Immeditely I called up Dr. sim & rush him to consult Dr.sim. When he reach GMC, his fever is about 39'c, and Dr.sim immediately let us go in. He took his temparture and look at Vernon throat & ear. He told us Vernon had just a minor virus infection which mommy past to him. Not a big deal, but need to take cough, cold & fever medicine. So we went home with 3 types of medicine, poor vernon have to take so much medicines.
The next day, Vernon almost recovered and u can see him walking actively like normal again.
playing his toys, walk in & out the bedroom non stop.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eating at Johnny's Steamboat

Vernon grab his own bowl & spoon prepare for his dinner, his favorite is soup & Japanese Tofu.

The food is served & he can't wait to get his food while we were at Johnny's steamboat restaurant (QbM)

After dinner, we were shop around Queensbay mall. Vernon keep saying"uncle...uncle", then James curious where got old guy around. We finally spot the KFC sign board, no wonder our little boy stand in front & point to the KFC old man said "UNCLE....UNCLE"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Reading habits

13-Jul-2007 friday - These 2 weeks, everynight after we finished our dinner around 8:30pm. Vernon will come to me and say "nak-nak book". He then will pull my hand & direct me to walk him to the bedroom, he knew all of his favorite books are on my dressing chair.
But he's afraid of dark, this is why he want me to accompany him and switch on the light for him. Then he will go to dressing table where the books are stack on.
I usually will ask him to sit on the bed first,while I brought his favorite books for him. In order to prevent him from falling down from the bed, I will place all the pillows around him and tell him to sit properly if not will fall down - "pong pong" and pain pain oh...
he will wait for me till I place all his books on the bed for him. Vernon will then must first read his one of the favorite book - "Grandma & me". He actually learn to say "ah mah" from this book. This is about grandma coming for a very special visit! Peek under the big, easy to lift flaps to see all of grandma's surprises!
till he finished read & flipping all his books, some of the books he might skip. depends on what book he prefer to read on that day.
James & I hope that he have this kind of reading habits when he grew up too.
but off course we have to make sure he read book with adequate lighting.

Say AlMO

14-Jul-2007 - Sat morning, Vernon say "ALMO......ALMO"
Yeah, Vernon boy finally can say his favorite cartoon character "Almo"

Vernon want Almo to give him a Lovely Kiss...............................

Fun with Touchlight

12-Jul-2007 - Thurseday night,James came to room while Vernon was reading his book. After a while James seeing vernon up & down the bed none stop. In order to entertain his little boy, he suddenly took a touchlight and flash it on the bed. So I pretend to catch the light by my hand, my action of catching make our little vernon laugh none stop. Papa flash the light much faster than I can catch, this is the time where Vernon is so amused.
Finally Vernon tried to catch the light by himself, he miss the catch & he is having great fun of catching the light.
I can see toddler are good explorer and they learn by observed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tag : Do U Need To Lose Weight

Your Weight is Ideal

Your BMI is 24.4 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25

Congratulations, you are the perfect weight for your height.
Even though you may not be entirely happy with your weight, you are healthy.
So gain or lose a few pounds if you want, but don't go too crazy!

Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!
Do u need to lose weight?

11-Jul-2007 - Tagged by Kelvin's Mommy whether DO I Need to Lose Weight???
Based on the BMI calculation, I am happy that I still at the perfect weight.
However, I still not satisfy with Whom am I right now. Why?? This is becoz I still cannot reduce my post pregnancy weight. Most people told me that if u breastfeed, your weight will gone down very soon. I agreed with this point and I did see many of the breastfeed mother did it. But not me......I still have 5kg to go till now, maybe I did not control my diet after stop breastfeed. Too happy that I am freedom to eat whatever junk food that I like. As I really control my diet during breastfeed time. I ensure no hot/spicy food, no rojak, and no laksa.
Nowadays, James always call me "Tua pui" as he saw me like double my previous size.
and everytime I told him which blouse or pants still not able to fit in yet. He will say "eat somemore lah" u will look like piggy.
Lately I started to control my diet, at least I don't eat so much rice during lunch & no rice during my dinner.
and off course need to start go back swimming again. as nowadays I don't need to do much of the housework except cooking. This is the reason behind that I can think of why I can't lose my weight.
hopefully sooner I can reduce back my weight & able to wear my old clothing again.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dinner at PSC

Waiting for Chor Chor & nai nai at PSC captain restaurant.

Yeah....yeah Kuku gave me one cherry, and mommy gave me another cherry.

Family dinner at PSC captain restaurant, everyone were delighted by Vernon. He is now the apple of everyone's eye. Especailly Chor Chor, he can call 'Chor Chor" so clearly and Chor chor were so happy hearing him calling her.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby Driver

See lah...... this little Vernon is turning on the radio & change the radio channel

......My Little driver happy pusing the car steerling wheel with one hand and the other hand push the gear.

Oh.... yeah.........sit properly I will be driving mommy & kakak to go kai kai...

Vernon love to become our driver whenever we were waiting for papa in the car while papa go to buy something. When he saw papa left the car, he will call "mommy...mommy in his very sweet voice and say pointing to the steerling wheel of the car. I knew what he want, he want to move to the front seat of the car and holding the steerling wheel, pushing the gear & turn the sterling wheel. really like his is a good driver. When papa come, he automatically give way & go back to the backseat.

Baby Ching Ern's 1st Birthday Party

Above : Wei Xuan, Ethan, Vernon & Hin Lerk at the birthday party.........................
It was a challenge for us to snap picture all of them. hurray......we make it.

7-Jul-2007 Saturday - This is a raining morning, mommy rush to market to do the weekly marketing. By the time I reached home is almost 10am, Vernon just finish his breakfast & doing his big business. Papa plan to brought Vernon out to pick up his register mail, then went to buy some bread from continental bakery and Mommy poko from Giant. We were stuck at the traffic jam during our way home. Poor out little vernon boy, he was so hungry and tired after a long journey of traffic jam. He felt asleep in the car, when we reached home and thought of Vernon might need some milk to filled his stomach. So I prepare milk and tried to feed him, he were so angry and woke up from sleep. As a result, we feed him first then let him continue to go back to his dreamland. Vernon took a long afternoon nap and woke up about 6pm.
6:45pm we headed to baby Ching Ern's 1st birthday party. It's was so easy to recognized Ching Ern's house as there're party tent with party decorations. I first brought Vernon to meet baby Ching Ern, then follow by Ethan & Hin Lerk. However,Vernon hold me like a koala bear, this is all becoz he seldom mix with other kids. The only kids he mix & use to are his cousin (Joshua, Jolene, Ashley, brandon & deren).
Yeah..................Aunty Wooi Sin gave us chocolate bar.
This is the first time he met Ethan, Hin Lerk & Baby Ching Ern. Vernon missed the play group organized by Charlotte's mommy since the play group started.
At first, i thought I want to let him play with Ethan since their age are more closer perhaps they can communicate better. However our Vernon seems unfamilia with new places. and It takes him a while to warm up himself & get use b4 he started moving by himself at the party.
Vernon love the blue football shape whistle in the birthday party bag. He wear it along till he went to bed at that night.
see........Vernon, Ethan & Hin Lerk were busy with Ching Ern's new Toy's car.
It has an alarm in front where the toddlers are pointing at.
Continue explore the car to see any new
Photos of 3 little cute boy, ah yah........we miss out the birthday girl.

The only photo - Vernon with birthday girl.

Friday, July 6, 2007


6-Jul-2007 Friday - mommy is being tagged by baby Kelvin's mommy on a new topic - choice of being a "Stay at home mom" vs "part time working mom."
Hmmmh.........I am sure many mommy have the mix thought of both choices. Choosing one an another have their own benefits, and off course before we make our choices many things we need to take into considerations. First Let me tell u what is Vernon's mommy choice :) To be honest, my choice is "stay at home mom" this is becoz :

1) I can see how my baby grow up day by day and have more time to teach them.
and remembered back to the 2 months off that I spend with Vernon & James in U.S. This is the time where I really enjoyed being a good mom & wife. I could take care from head to tails for Vernon while prepared breakfast, lunch & dinner for James. and also doing the household choas.
2) I can ensure no body can hurt my baby, why I have this kind of thinking becoz I had a bad experience during my confinement, where the confinement lady hurt Vernon till he had to hospitalize for almost 2 weeks time to get heel.
3) I can knew what I feed my baby. If we let people taking care of them what we knew is from what the person told us. How truth, we totally doubted.. just like currently everyday when Vernon home from MIL house I will always ask the maid what he did there. Did he eat properly, sleep well and poo poo today. We are totally depends on what she tell, if they want to lie to us. we also have no choice.
4) We can ensure he have a good environment, why I say like this is becoz I knew some of the Nanny watch lots of Hongkong & violent movie during day & night. and eventually our baby will pickup some by following what the movie show. Unlike at home, James & I will ensure we don't let Vernon watch the violent & hk movie. So we only subscript to certain channel & to let Vernon learn more english than other language.
5) I don't need to rush home to cook, can go shopping anytime we want and don't need to limit ourself that we must complete the task during weekend.
6) I love cooking & baking at home although sometime I bake a very bad taste cake.
Well.....all the above is just what I dream of becoz Papa told mommy that his is not afford financially to let mommy to stay at home. As u all know the standard living is now getting higher & higher, but our salary is only rise just a bit everyyear. Unless u are having your own business out there.
To build a small family and to ensure our kids have a good education & better life. We as a parents must work very hard to safe some money for their future.
To be a Part time working mom, for sure bit by bit will at least help to release the burden of papa. Although being PTWM is not my first choice.
I knew being PTWM, we at least :
1) Won't think too much & create some bad between a couple.
2) Learn something everyday in order not to go far behind. unless u still keep in touch with a big group of friends and updated yourself. People like to say "Yellow face lady"
3) Do not need to ask money from hubby 丈夫. We can buy nice clothes and cosmetics as we want. Can have our own secret piggy bank for our old times.............haa...aa
I can say I end up with a PTWM rather than follow my choice, and I am very lucky enough to have my MIL & Mom help all the while to being able to stay on as a PTWM.
They took care of my little boy (Vernon) daytme and help me to buy the neccessry food for vernon while I am working.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Choosy Boy

5-Jul-2007 friday - Today when I want to get change for Vernon, i just learned that he is so particular that he don't want me to help him wearing his pants. He run around the house naked, and keep saying Daddy.....daddy. Then I knew he want his daddy to help him to change. So I past over vernon shirt & jeans to papa, immediately daddy help Vernon to change and he did it.

Actually Vernon's kakak did told me about this a couple days ago. I did not take it seriuosly till I came across this incident by myself.

My toddler are really learn to independent gradually, he at least start to chose what he want instead of follow as what we did for him like a baby.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

MY Feelings

1-Jul-2007 Sunday - Papa bought a set of book name "MY Feelings" for vernon when he was in New Mexico. For the last 2 weeks, I started reviewed all the books papa buy that put in our book shelf to see which are the one that suitable for vernon now. I retrieved out this book which i think is suitable for Vernon to start learninig about human feeling & letting vernon read whenever he is at home with James & I.
The book come in 4 different "feelings" - Angry, Happy, Excited & Scared.
The first thing Vernon pick up from these "feeling" book is ----"Angry" feeling. This is becoz I show him what people will ack when angry by putting both of my hand on my side waist and do my angry sound as well. Very fast this little boy found my ack is interesting and immitate mommy's "angry" feelings right a way.
now, so if u would ask Vernon about "angry" he will immediately put his both hand on his waist & make the angry sound at u.
the second feelings Vernon learn is "scared", I teached him scared by covering his mouth by both of his hand & make a "O" shape mouth. very soon he able to express the feelings - scared.
The happy & Excited are a bit harder for me to teach Vernon to differentiate. although he knew how to show happy feelings by now. however he still not able to show his excited feelinds yet.
both are almost the same types of feelings, this is why I am kind difficult to explain & show how to express in a different way.
James thought that I should have teached Vernon the happy & excited feelings first. Becoz Vernon sometime missuse the Angry feelings towards James or his kakak whenever they can't fulfill his needs.
See.........hmmh, they are really a fast learner & really able to express it perfectly in the perfect way for their needs.