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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner @ Gurney Manhattan Fish Market

AUg 2009 - Most of weekend we will bring Vernon went shopping & dine out since I am on long leave. Usually we will having dinner first b4 bring him to Toys'R Us and bookstore. These are the 2 place he lookign forward to.

When we reache Gurney, we undecided what for dinner. So I and James look around the restaurant and their menu to see which one best for Vernon and me. While we were looking at the menu at the Manhattan Fish Market. Vernon pick the Balloon from the tray, I told papa looks like we have to go in now.

Well, The waiter also headach to find a place for us as we have a stroller. finally they found a good place just right behind the bar.

Vernon love his kids meal especially the chips........................

see the kids meal also very big in portion.

This is what I ordered for the day, it have 2 prawns, fish, rice & Chips...............very nice and worth to eat.

Funny post of Koko Vernon

18-Aug-09 Wednesday - These day if we were to ask Vernon to post & took picture together with his di-di. He sure will do all kind of funny post and very difficult to take a good pic for both of them. As you can see from the pic.............................below. this is what I mean.....haa.aa

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gerald @ 2 month + 3 wks old

Very fast..............Gerald Boy is now 2 months + 3 wks old.
Gerald's weight during the 9th Aug Visit to Dr. Sim Clinic :
Weight : 6kg

I have about a week & will back to work on 24-Aug. I really wish I can with both my boys Gerald & Vernon at home longer. I have been bringing Vernon to School everyday since Jul which is about 2 months. I sure will miss all these mother & son happy time. same with my little Gerald boy whom I have with at home together since he was born (almost 3 month liao)
This week, i found Gerald boy a bit fussy. May be he can sense mommy is going back to work very soon. Start last week I tried to pump out my milk to let kakak to feed him in the morning & afternoon time. He sometimes hungry while still want to sleep and cry non stop so I told Kakak to put him down on the bouncing chair. and feed him. hope Nai Nai & kakak wati able to take care of him well next week when I am at work.
James & I start seeing jealous on Vernon. He will not let his De-de to sleep on his baby pillow, whenever he saw that he will pull away not matter his de-de is still sleeping or not.
and he will make noises purposely wake his de-de up especially you mention and asked him to keep voice low.