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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Youth park

Sunday morning youth park walk - Vernon no longer scared of sitting on the swing.
he want us to push harder and higher for him to awing higher. After taking the swing he asked us to accompany him to play the slide and he is more independent. He no longer want me to hold him, he just want me to wait for him from the bottom.
when we walk to the exercis area, he want to try on every equipement along the walking path.
the only way I can tell him is this is for big boy and not for small boy like u.
after a while he accept the truth as I let him sit on one of the equipment and his leg cannot reach the peddar.

we discover the new area that just develop for public at the youth park. lots of fruits tree around especially the durian and jack fruits. very nice view and greenery place for kids to have a walk.

Danny & Daddy (Favorite cartoon)

Vernon's another favorite cartoonese - Danny & Daddy
I was unaware of the fun of watching this denny & daddy till one day my maid told me that Vernon's boy favorite cartoon is showing now. call him lah from the bedroom.
I immediately called him :

Mommy : Danny & daddy is here
Vernon : turn his face and immediately come down from the bed and left behind all his books.
He sit on the living room sofa and watch till the show finish. he not only watching but love to guessing what danny is try to test his daddy.

I just wonder what is this cartoon all about and what makes it so attractive to Vernon.
After sitting together and watching together with Vernon boy I truely understand why.
This cartoon is really good as it teach your kids to think and use their imagination on guessing.
if u see how danny test his papa. really artistic in danny's imagination unlike his papa.
Daddy is a more normal thinking person. and it also teach how the relation betweem a father and son works.

highly recommend for parents out there to let their kids watch this.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Ah mah house

21 - 25 Apr 2008 - wk17 I have to send Vernon boy to Ah mah house while nai nai go for holidays in Beijing. Vernon boy so happy when 1st & 2nd day he reached ah mah house. Ah mah & ah kong said he do not want to take any nap at all the whole day. I believed he is too excited with the toys and big space for him to play + his playmate koko Joshua is back from Bali trip on Tuesday.
After work I & James went there to pick him home after dinner everyday.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Song creator

19-Apr-2008 - Saturday morning on our way to Mcdonald's, when papa's car stop at traffic light junction. Vernon boy sing his favorite song - rain rain go away.
He suddenly sang the song : -

Rain rain go away
Baby vernon want to play
come again another day

2nd time -
Papa go away
Baby Vernon want to play

We all thought that we heard the wrong words. then he repeat again again to us.
all of us laugh :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Bye Diapers - Almost

17-Apr-2008 - Thursday, I felt very happy as Vernon boy almost ready to get ride of disposable diapers at night. it's been 3 nights continuously he had dry diapers and ask me to open his diapers in the early morning to go wee wee in toilet.
I asked around friends & family and most of them told me that this is the sign of your baby is ready to get ride of disposable diapers.
Yeah..... I really glad that finally his is close to 100% get ride of disposable diapers. since he started potty train success ed and we only gave him disposable diapers during night time and some long hours shopping trip or out tings.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Development@27 months old

14-Apr-2007 - Vernon is now 27th months old boy.
I can described my Vernon boy as a very active, creative and talkative & smart boy. He will never tired a minutes or second, jumping up & down, in & out every places he go unless he is sleeping.
Why I say he is a creative boy? Let me explain.
On one day out when we were in the car, he suddenly sang us a song by manipulate the lyrics from the "rain rain go away" to "papa go away". this is something really unexpected by us.
He is talkative boy, everyone in Jame's family love to say in malay : "anak merepek"
Vernon can talk to himself and talk non stop from the minutes we picked him up from MIL house till we got home. He can say anything he saw on the way home and follow what his papa said in the car. Therefore, I always told James that we have to be very careful during our conversation especially in front of this little boy. Vernon boy picked up every single words his papa say, he can listen to u quietly and then say the words after u.
Weight : 11kg (as per beginning of Apr visit to Dr. Sim)

height : 84cm (measure by our own at home, as Dr.Sim that he will measure when they reach 3 yrs old)

Teeth : all as above except the second molar yet come out.
Words :
Ability to form sentences with 4 or more words.
Ability to Call **Papa, daddy, mama, mommy, nai nai, kuku, ah mah, ah kong, kakak, che che, koko, kim kim, E-po, chor chor, E-e, autie, uncle etc
Ability to greet : anyone he met with good morning XXX (Autie, uncle etc)
Ability to name :
**Fruits :
**Transportation's :.
**Animals :.
Ability to Spell : Vernon, Tesco

Ability to say the name : papa James, MommyLaysee, Nainai Yin yin, kuku Grace, Ah mahSi Mei, Ah kongChong Yi, E-poSusan, koko Joshua, Cheche Jolene etc.
**Misc : <>Ability to recognize his toy & say : Elmo, barney,, spongbob, bear-bear,pooh, mickey mouse, Thomas the train. Ability to point and say : head, nose, eye, ear, mouth, tongue,teeth, tummy, backside, right & left leg, right & left hand. Ability to greet : good morning, good night & good bye
Ability to count : 1 -40
Ability to say the shapes : Triangle,square, rectangle,Pentagon, octagon,circle,oval,diamond,heart.
Ability to say the alphabet : complete A to Z even randomly ask, he can easily tell u the alphabet
Ability to identify & name colors : Blue, Red, Grey,Yellow, Pink, Black, white, Purple, Orange & Green.
Ability to sing : Rocker bye baby, twinkle twinkle little star & London bridge is falling down,roll-roll your boat, rain-rain go away, 两只老鼠.
Ability to walk up & down the stairs by holding the hand rail without our interference.

Breakfast - Milk, 2 eggs, Baby food or sometime Mee mee/pau/porridge buy from coffee shop. Lunch - Japanese rice + soup of the day + Fish prepare by kakak wati.
tea time - milk & dessert (yogurt or fruits)
dinner - Japanese rice with soup prepare by mommy.
Meals b4 bed - Milk milk
Potty train - Fully capable of telling when want to wee wee & poo poo. Night time in progress of training to get ride of disposable diapers (hoping he able to make it in another 1 to 2 months time then we can totally save $$ on disposable diapers)

Vernon's Soup of the day :
*Seaweed + bak kuh soup
*chicken herbal soup (herbal from Eu yan San)
*Pumpkin soup
*Potato, onion + celery soup
*Mommy's pork tail soup *
*macaroni + Bak kut soup
*spinach soup

Lastly, I am very happy with Vernon boy's development and achievement so far is pretty independent and I think is per the schedule in most of the thing except eating.
he likes to keep his hand behind when come to dinner or lunch time. When he is sitting together with us on the dining table. He just waiting for us to feed him, now I need to think a way how to attract him to have more fun with his food. this is my challenge on the next goal....................

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Favorite Sesame street - Grover

12-Apr-2008 Saturday - Saturday noon after I have cooked the lunch and it's time to feed Vernon as well. So we get ready his chair and place it in front of the TV in living. Vernon boy knew we called him for lunch, and we thought that he still in bedroom playing with his toys.
when I walked out to the living room, i really laugh out loud when I saw him put his grover (one of his sesame street favorites toys) on his chair. U know what he try to do? guess and see?
he tried to lock his grover as what we usually did to him on his chair when breakfast, lunch & dinner time come. He told me grover want lunch as well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Full Names

8-Apr-2008 - wk15 of Apr Vernon boy not only able to spell his own names but able to say our parents names. Actually we have a mix feeling b4 started taught him our parents name as we also do not want him to mis-use. however, we still taught him as we thought back what if the teacher ask him in school, at least he still able to tell them when he go to school, right?

:- honestly he did misuse his papa's name when he call his papa to get him something, if 2nd time did not response, he will call : PapaJames !!!!.............till his father response him.

Mommy : what is Nai nai (乃乃)'s 名字 in mandarin?
Vernon : Nainai YinYin

Mommy : What is Papa's 名字?
Vernon : PapaJames

Mommy : what is Mommy's 名字?
Vernon : MommyLaysee

Mommy : What is Kuku's 名字?
Vernon : KukuGrace.

Mommy : What is Ah Mah 名字?
Vernon : Ah mahsi mei.

Mommy : What is Kongkong's 名字?
Vernon : Kongkong chongYi.

Mommy : What is E-Po's 名字?
Vernon : E-Po Susan.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Bugs

7-Apr -2007 - Monday night after dinner, there's about 2 big bugs came from the nearby park fly into our living room. Vernon boy ran to us and told us, big 蟲蟲 with his finger pointed to the living directions. He then want to pick up the 蟲蟲 with his tiny hand, we afraid that the 蟲蟲 might have some poison or hurt him. So James get the 蟲蟲 and want to release it back to the park. b4 releasing it, he make a comparison with a 10 sen coin on a white paper. Vernon boy also want to take part, he can go so near to the 蟲蟲 and take a close look. (on pic).

Sunday, April 6, 2008


6-Apr-2008 - He started understand the words "together" and how to use it.
the 1st time he use is when he talked to me :

1st time
Vernon : Mommy sleep together with Vernon

2nd time
Vernon : Mommy Papa sit together with Vernon

3rd time
Vernon : Vernon go shopping together with Papa mommy.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jab - "Influenza"

5-Apr-2008 Saturday - This is the 3rd visits to Dr. Sim after Dr. Sim moved to SRIGIM hospital since Jan 08. Today Vernon will had his "Influenza" jab which is to prevent from the flu and it's newly introduce as I see was not in the original jabs plan.
as usual, I dropped Vernon medical card to get a number on my way to buy fruits at the lorong kulit. When I reached home, Vernon boy still watching TV but can see he is very tired and sleepy, he woke up too early this morning. About 10:30am, he went to had his morning nap.
we waited till he woke up about 12pm then only get ready to go to Dr.Sim clinic.
we reached there within 10 min time since the distance is shorter compare to GMC.
There were 3 kids still waiting for their turn together with their parents. Very soon, the nurse called up Vernon to had his weight.
I am very relief after hearing that Vernon finally gain a little bit weight.

**Weight on 5-Apr - 11kg.
After complete measure his weight, Vernon walked out from the room sit on the kids chair in the center of the lobby outside the Dr. Sim's clinic. later, there's a little girl walk in together with her kakak. I don't see the little girl mom and not too sure why some parents can let their maid to fully handle their kids.
alright..................the little girl just right in the opposite of Vernon and push the table towards Vernon. Immediately Vernon turn his head and complaint to me......

Vernon : Mommy.................push table.
Mommy : Never mind, u told her "please, do not push the table"
This Vernon boy was so humble, he dare not say any words to the girl and just keep complaining. Then the girl walk away.......later on I just knew that Vernon and the little girl are at the same age. From here, we need to train Vernon boy to be brave to say out when he got bully by others.
a few minutes later, Vernon was called into Dr. Sim clinic. He no longer smile this time, i think when they grew up and they understand more. They can expecting what will happened to them. He can now say Dr.Sim "cucuk, cucuk" leg.
Dr. Sim have to use the sticker book to temporary cool down him and stopped him from crying b4 gave him the jab. After the jab, Dr. Sim asked about whether did we gave Vernon any deworm medicine and our reply is not yet.
So Dr. Sim prescribed a deworm medicine for Vernon- Vermox (chocolate flavour)
On our way to have our lunch together with Nai nai, e-po & Chor chor at PSC. Vernon keep complaint to us :

Vernon : Dr. Sim no good, inject vernon 痛 痛.

He repeated twice and even told all of the family members about it.

In the evening, we gave him the Deworm medicine. Vernon love it so much and very lucky we don't see any worm the next day or even the following day when he had his big business.