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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mini Bicycle

26-Jul-2008 - Chor Chor rewards Vernon with a mini battery operate bicycle last week. Chor chor is a miniture collector, she love to collect cute & mini items. She have thousands of minitures collection from all over the world.
At first,we really worried that Vernon will destroy this mini bicycle within a few days time as this mini bicycle is really mini and fragile. well, after looking at how Vernon took care/play with his mini bicycle. we told Vernon that how precious is this special gift given by chor chor. He has to take good care of it and play it carefully. He knew how to fix the battery and on/off button. and as u can see from the picture above, he even take up his leg high enough to let the bicycle run underneath his leg.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Evening Outing

One Evening we went for an evening walk along the IJM new project near the Sungai pinang.
Many people love to have a rest and playing kite there. while along the roadside there're a pasar evening selling foods and clothing's. One thing I don't like is those motorcyclist was riding their motorbike on the walking pavements which real dangerous to the children.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The All American Boys Chorus

** The American Boys
Local : Little Angels singing group.

22-Jul-2008 - MIL bought 3 tickets to "The American Boy Chorus", she knew Vernon will love it. On that night we left work on time and go to pick up Nai Nai & Vernon. We reached Dewan Sri pinang just in time and we had hard time to find a right place as most of the seats left are 2 or seat.
Very lucky, MIL met her friend whom had VIP seats reserved for them. As a result, we able to sit at the VIP place in the 3 front rows. How nice.......................
Vernon enjoy the song very much, he even clapping hands after every song performed till almost 1 1/2 hours. He suddenly saw the Auntie sitting beside me have black mod on his forehead. and this is what he said :
Vernon : Mommy, what is that black black & big big one???
Mommy : I asked, keep quite and ssshhhhh......try to a void answering him.
After that he keep talking to me very loud. I & James do not know how to keep him quite, luckily i did bring some animal shape biscuits which he love. and he munch it till almost the end of the concert.
I believe it's too long for a kids to continue sitting & watching the concert.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dry Pampers

Vernon already used to wee wee first b4 sleep and calling me for wee wee during the night for about 2 weeks ago. But Yet papa still worried that his little boy still forgot or lazy to woke up in the middle of the night for wee week. as a result, alternate day if I saw him had lots of water during the night time or rainy day I still put pampers on him.

How I did it at the 1st place on the night potty train : I actually use a techniques to train him......................

I told him the story of Pinocchio where he watched together with us some time ago.
He remembered if the Pinocchio tell a lie, his noise will become longer and longer. and I told him if he wee wee on the bed and did not tell us during the night. His Noise will also like Pinocchio, become longer and longer. On 2nd day, he remembered what I told him, and keep holding his nose to ensure his nose still look normal. from that day on.....every night b4 bedtime,he always remember telling us that he need wee wee b4 bed. and he want me to count ....1.2.3 then he will jump out from the bed to toilet.

This is what our conversation :

Vernon : No Wee wee on bed, else will like Pinocchio..............nose long long. then he will hold his nose and see whether his nose got become long long or not.

Mommy : I will then count 1..2..3.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is this?

19-Jul-2008 - We bought a picture dictionary and start to train Vernon as much words as posisble. However, those words that he already knew...........he will ask the question back to us.
Vernon : What is this?
then I purposely gave him the wrong words of the picture that he pointed to.
for exp :
If he pointed to the clock....
Mommy : this is a watch.
Vernon : No.....mommy this is a clock................
then I laugh....laugh......this prove that he is testing us.

**Per Dr. Sim......if a kids know > 300 words by 2 1/2 years old. He can be consider as above average.
I remembered last Saturday, when we make a visit to Dr. Sim for Hepatitis B jab. Vernon saw Dr. Sim wearing the stethoscope, he told Dr. Sim......"stethoscope."
then Dr. Sim asked, can u spell the words : "stethoscope"..............if you (Vernon) can spell out the words.
He will sponsor him scholarship on his eduction. becoz he told us that his son can spell words at Vernon age. and we should start at the most difficult and long words for them instead of those easy one.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cannot see Mommy

Lately Vernon use to say cannot see mommy, Vernon Cry.
especially when he stay at MIL house while James & I away to work.
I can feel the bonding is even closer, sometime Vernon cannot even let me walk away a minutes.
especially I went to washroom for a bath.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy walking the Dog

13-Jul-2008 Sunday evening after went to penang bird park, we decided to go to sunway canival mall for dinner then only back to penang. We very lucky get a parking lot in front of the mall, all of us were hungry by the time we reach the mall. We went to a small restaurant where it serve rice & herbal mee suah. This is the only place where I don't worry that my picky eater Vernon won't like the food.
After dinner, we went for window shopping. A minutes later we came across a young little girl running a cat balloon on the central of the mall.
I saw it and found that pretty fun looks like the little girl really walking the real cat.
Vernon also love it so much and he follow the little girl go to a stall where the little girl parents are selling the balloons.
Vernon immediate hold on one of the Dog. after all, he look at me................and I pay for it though James don't agree to buy as it's consider expensive as he knew it won't last long.
very soon, Vernon happy walking the Dog and ran round & round the central space of the mall.
Passby parents & kids seeing that and most of them also buy the same balloon to their kids.
Indirectly Vernon is promoting the balloons for them and he really helps them sold most of the balloons.
Happy day out for Little Vernon boy by bringing home a balloon dog.

A day trip to Penang Bird Park

13-Jul-2008 Sunday - It was a long weekend holidays, and Vernon just started learning and recognize the name of all the birds. I told James why not we bring Vernon to Penang Bird park at seberang prai since we had long weekend. We then took this opportunity to help Vernon to be more familiar with all the bird species that he had learnt.
When we reached the bird park entrance in the afternoon, the thing surprise me is the entrance ticket price. I didn't know that the price gone up to Rm15 per person (adult) since the last time i went there a few years back. really inflation....haa...aa
We went into the bird park though it have lots of birds but the environment is not per what I expected per the price paid. however this is really worth to pay a visit together with our kids.
They can learn and see the real birds (toucan, eagle,ostrich, stork owl....etc) that they see in the books.
Well, Vernon love it after seeing the birds that he learnt & come across in his book now he can see in real and he able to name most of the birds.
Till today, He still remember the color of the parrot that make the loud noise when we go near the cage.
He always mention the green color parrot make the loud noise one loh.
and saying the owl is the one that sleeping.

Mommy : Owl is sleeping......

He name the bird on the right photo as Monster bird as he saw the hand of the bird very long and this is rare species.
After an hour visit to the park, this little Vernon tire and told us very hot and want us to hold him. Just on our way walk towards the exit entrance, Vernon saw an Arab lady with her face covered with a black cloth and wearing black suites. He said............
Vernon : Mommy see......
and he said Eeee.eee...............Monster. See 2 eyes only.
At that time I was holding him and luckily the Arab lady already walk by us and a distance away from us.
else I will felt embarrassed loh.
Kids always talk from their heart, and never say a lie.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fall down from Bed

12-Jul-2008 Saturday morning - I was sleep together with Vernon on the bed, and unawared that he already roll over and slept on the pillow that I used to block him from fell down.

a minutes later, I heard a big drop sound and Vernon's crying. immediately I woke up and found him facing down on the floor. Pitty little Vernon where must be still in his sweet dream till when he hit his face down on the floor. He usually doesn't cry non stop after fell down. however, this time he cried non stop, and we tried very hard ask and apply "Zam-Buk" on him. he still point his finger on his little cheeks and said "pain pain" mommy...........................................

after a while, his cheeks become black blue and if we ask about it. It remind him again, he will cry again. very manja.....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Koko Gary's Birthday

5-Jul-2008 - Saturday evening we were attending Kuku's step son Gary's birthday.
Gary came back from U.S for his summer holidays in penang every year and this is the 1st time Vernon met and saw him at MIL house. Both of them click very well, and little Vernon speak English all the day with this big koko from U.S.
Nai Nai also told me that she surprised that Vernon talk so much English the day Gary's is here.

Vernon really had a great time with the kids during the party. one funny things is Vernon met an English man (one of the guest) with Tattoo on his hand in the party. He stared at his hand very long and smile, then the man asked do u like it and want to have it on your hand. He said out loud.....No......I don't want and quickly ran back to me. Everyone laugh at him with his reaction. About 7pm we left the party and went home together with nai nai.