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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vernon performance in his school Year End Concert in Wawasan University Penang

21-Nov-2010 - Sunday.
This Year Vernon's school concert fall on Sunday evening. I have invited Chor Chor & Kuku to attend his concert since Nai Nai & 2E unable to attend. On the day, I forced Vernon to go to the bedroom to has a quick nap. Seems like he is too excited and unable to close his eye & take a rest at first. fortunately very soon after Gerald sleep, he also get into his sweet dreamland.
about 3:45pm I get prepared his water bottle and costume. and only woke him up.
He ask me many WHY.
Vernon : Why I have to change clothes?
Me : you have School concert today
Vernon : what time is the concert?
Me : 4:30pm
Vernon : why I need to make up.
Me : Teacher want mommy to make up for you so that when U dance on the stage, everyone can see u loh.
Actually the teacher ask to be there by 4pm especially for those performers. We are late about half an hour. So lucky the Wawasan University security guide allow us to go into the in door car park after the open air car park is full. We just park our car right in front of the lift. so convenient then the early bird. haaa...aaaa.
Upon arrival, the teacher gave door gift and they immediately brought Vernon go to Backstage to get ready. and we are seated on the front row due to we told the school that we need front seat for chor chor. to make the old chor chor more convenient to walk and seated.

Very Soon, the graduate students of K2 walk out and to the stage.
and they have graduation appreciation and parents & graduate photo sessions.....etc
follow by the dance by N1, then here N2................My Vernon boy perform his Bon Bon dance.
he dance better than last year. actually he suppose to be in the Indian dance group, due to he reluctant to move faster step. His teacher moved him to this Bon Bon Dance.
Gerald also love to dance together when ever he heard the music in front of our seat.
The concert ended by 6:45pm, just nice to go for our dinner. at Gurney drive.