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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Down with Flu & Cough

31-May-2007 thurseday - Today first time Vernon was down with mild flu & cough since he came back from US. Breastfeed Vernon really help boost his antibody all the way, sometime looking back i really wish I can continue breasdfeed him................haa..a :)
MIL send little vernon home much early in the evening today, immediate vernon reach home I gave him his medication that I kept in the fridge. This is becoz I did not have spare medicine at MIL place for cough & flu. looks like I need to plan & have some spare medicine at MIL place just in case.
After 2 days of medication, he still not recovered. At the same time, I just knew that Joshua & jolene also down with flu & cough. Then we started to suspect the flu & cough might be due to we brought vernon to swimming on the last weekend. someone must have the sickness & pass the virus to the our kids.
Papa keep saying all is mommy fault becoz Mommy is the one that brought vernon to swimming. Vernon is so strong all the while, this is why make papa blame mommy of causing vernon down with sick.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pesta Bunga at Penang

30-May-2007 Tuesday - Today Papa call me at the office in the afternoon & told me not to cook dinner tonight. He planned to bring us to Pesta bunga held at the botanical garden. We reached the botanical road about 7:30pm and the Pesta Bunga will be end at 8pm according to the banner along the road. Papa almost want to give up to go there as he said he only have half an hour to see the "bunga". Furthermore, there're lots of cars coming out from that road. looks like there's a traffic jam on the junction. I insisted we take a look at the real situation at the botanical since we already there. When we were in front of the botanical garden, we only seen the booth selling flowers. unlike last year where there're flowers & lighting decorations. pretty dissapointed us, we plan all the way there as want to give Vernon a surprise.
We still go to see the flowers booth by booth. The most attracted me are those 富貴 flowers - u only see the flowers, no leaves at all. When we got close to the flowers on display & took the photos of Vernon together with the flowers, we were so afraid that this little vernon will plug the flowers. Papa say if vernon plug the flowers, he will walk away & pretend don't know us.............ah yah bad papa. let the mommy pay for the flowers.
soon after we walkby all the booth, we were about to walked back to the car. we saw a cat nearby, Vernon just say :MEOW....MEOW...................with her soft voice.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Something about Vernon

today when we review my blog, I only awared that Kelvin's mommy on me to tell something about Vernon.............
Well...let me tell about Vernon in a point form which is simple & easy to understand way since i am not very good in describing in english.

how many teeth Vernon have now at 16 months old?
**4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, + a dracula teeth. total he have 9 teeths.

what words Vernon able to say now?
**Vernon able to say "Papa "papa,mama,kuku,kakak,Ee,ahmah,ahong,uncle,shoes,car,ball,apple,pineapple,na-na(banana香蕉),花,Nan-nan(水),star,Ta-Ta,No-No,Baby.

What is Vernon Favorite Cartoon?
**Almo,Big Bear in the big Blue House,Jojo the circus, Mickey mouse club house,Handy Manny, Little einstein, Spongebob-Square-pants, Jimmy Neutrons, Ole-Pole, Banana in Pyjamas.

What is Vernon Favorite Fruits?
**Apple,Orange,banana,Mango,Dragon fruit.

What he dislike?
**He hate to drink Milk, when seeing his milk come. we need to make sure he is sitting on his high chair & fastern seat belt.
**He do not like to walk at dirty place.

What he do daily :
Just like the other toddler, below is his daily schedule:
Vernon's Daily Schedule :
7:30am - Mommy drive me to Nai Nai House.
7:45am - I sleep back in my Yoa Yoa.
9 am - Wake up and have my warm Bath
9:30am - Breakfast time
Breakfast menu 早餐食譜 {Milk + Cereal or 2 Eggs york(kampung egg) or Oats)
10:30am - Morning Nap
12 pm - wake up
12:30pm - Lunch {Porridge prepared by nai nai}
1:30pm Play time
2:30pm - fruits time
2:45 - 3:30 pm - milk b4 Afternoon Nap start
5 - 5:30pm - wake up & have evening bath
6 pm - Dinner time
7 pm - Nai Nai fetch me home
7:15pm - reach home & walk around the apt.
7:45pm - Eat together with Papa & mommy if mom got cook something that Vernon can eat.
8:30pm - Change Pyjamas after wash again.
9:30pm - drink milk milk.
9:45 - 10pm - Bed time.

Las Vegas

Remembrance the day at Las Vegas (FY2006)

Shopping trip at NM

Remembrance shopping day at NM back to (FY2006 Sept - Oct)

New Mexico Fair

Remembrance the day at the New Mexico Fair (Oct FY2006)

Friday, May 25, 2007

J Kennedy Space Center (Florida)

Remeberance back to FY2006 Visit

Visit to Albuequeque Creative musuem

Say "Keys"

25-May-2007 Friday - Nai Nai prepared dinner for us tonight, we finished our dinner at MIL house b4 went to SunShine Farlim for our weekly grocery. The time we reach home, I was pulling my keys from my handbag to open the gate. Vernon start saying "Keys-Keys", finger pointing to the keys. finally he say the word after my hardwork of teaching every night right b4 his bed since last one week ago.

Vernon Say No-No

For the Last 3 days, Vernon were not taking his usual afternoon Nap. When he reached home in the evening, he started yelling & screaming if we do not gave him the things he desire. I told papa & kakak, we pretend not hearing him screaming & yelling. Let him cry & scream, eventually he will stop and go for other thing after one minutes and this really works. believe it ??
Like when he grab my handphone, he love to throw it on to the cushion. and when he don't like to play with his toys, he throw way out to the balcony. We will say to him......hoohhhh...."NO"..."NO". He know this is a NO NO action and follow us to say NoNO too. But he still keep repeated except when he is at Nai Nai house. He strictly no throwing & touch the things that Nai Nai told him NoNo, even the TV remote on the coffee table. and he will U-turn when he get to the kitchen entrance. This is Nai Nai wonder people usual say, kids likes to bully their parents-lah.
I believe this is what most parents encounter although they try very hard to control their kids from throwing their temper.

Balloon Fiesta at New Mexico

Rememberance back to the time visit to the balloon Fiesta at New Mexico - November 2006.
This event took once a year in New Mexico due to the location, weather, landscape that most suitable for balloon to fly. Everyyear there'll be hundred & thousand of peoples from all over the world will fly in to New Mexico just to watch the balloon & attend the one week long fiesta.
Papa said this is the right chance to brought us to attend, since we were there and we should not miss the opportunity. and we decide to buy the ticket for the 1st day as they have more participations from over the world on the 1st day.
on that day, we have woke up early in the morning as 4:30am. we need to catch the bus in front of Wal-Mart to get to the place. Driving there will be difficult as we might need to walk some distance to get to the entrance gate.
woooohh........the weather were so cool in that early morning. The sky were so dark, the park full of peoples seating or standing waiting to watch the balloon. There were foods, soveniurs for sales at the side walk.
Intel was once of the company that participate, intel have a total of 3 balloons.
Papa was participate on helping to pull the intel balloon on the 2nd day of the fiesta, so he got the chance to have a free ride on the balloon. To ride the balloon cost about USD 100+ per person. This is really a good experience if got a free ride.
U know, Papa also brought us to attend the last day of the fiesta. The last day was on night time and there'll be fireworks and different shape of Balloon on that night.
Very unfortunately, that night not much balloon fly off becoz of the wind & weather make lots of balloon have to "close down" else the wind will destroyed their balloon.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Morning Walk at Bukit Dumbar

19-May-2007 Saturday - Papa suddenly concern of his health, he decided to woke up early this saturday to go for an exercise. The little Vernon also follow papa woke up early in the morning today. End up I & kakak have to follow papa as well so that we can bring vernon to go to the garden. no choice :)lah.......................

When we reached the garden, there were pupils & teachers from the nearby school at the center portion of the garden. They were organizing "sports day" at the garden,seeing some troufy line up on the table as a rewards to those first, second & third runner up runner. no longer the childern were all queuing up according to their color group ready to set "GO".
Parents waiting at the side walk for their kids who participate.
after long wait for the "peeping sound" for the run race at the garden. finally u heard the sound & all the kids were running at the same directions.
Vernon were so excited and he even want to walk along with them

we didn't wait till the event finish, we headed home for breakfast. papa is hungry.........after a good exercise....haa.aa

Friday, May 18, 2007

Grocery at Tesco

18-May-2007 friday - Like the other friday we fetched Vernon from MIL house after work. When we reached MIL house, this little poor guy were in the play-pan watching his favorite TV show. while Nai Nai & kakak is doing cooking at the kitchen.

Vernon were very happy when seeing us coming as he knew mommy will release him from the play-pan. The first thing he did after come out from the play pan is go straight to the basket where we use to carry his food supply daily to MIL house. seems like telling us that he is ready to go home now..........................

What for dinner ??? Hmmhmm....Nai nai recommended us to go to have Fish head Mee hoon at Greenlane hieght market. The place has been renovated and pretty clean now, not so many people going yet. I think lack of publicity....................
Papa & kakak try the fish head mee hoon, I took the Osytel Mee..........hmmh yummy.......Vernon love it so much. But he is too busy looking at people & kids surrouding us.
so end up not much interesting in eating the mee.

After dinner, we went to Tesco for our weekly marketing. we walk & walk & come to the frozen drinks area. There's a promoter promote of the latest "Marigold" yogurt drink, so we took a cup of strawberry yogurt drink for Vernon. suprisingly this little boy finish the whole cup & ask for more. I ask papa "patah balik" to request another cup for Vernon & in the meantime take a bottle as well . too bad the promoter already "tutup Kedai" and papa do not allow to open the yogurt drink & Porled the yogurt drink into Vernon's bottlr at the spot. Vernon were yelled at the papa for a while till we divert his attention to other things.

As a parents I felt that we really need to know how to control our kids, what to give and when to give. else they will control us back. :)

Vernon Development at 15month

Teeth - additional 2 bottom central incisor teeth. add up he had a total of 8 teeths & an dracula teeth now.
language - more words he is saying : ball, cars, no-no, shoes, ta-ta (when doing things that not suppose to do).
Motor - walk faster & independently. holding mommy & pap hands only when go shopping.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saying "uncle"

9-May-2007 - He learned the words "uncle" today and start using it whenever he saw a guy that meet outside. The most amused me * papa are he saw the statue of Beethoven on top of Papa's piano at home also call "uncle". Which is not wrong at all, beethoven is also a guy. and we cannot tell him don't call him "uncle."

Celebrate Mother's day with Ah Mah at FoodLoft

13-May-2007 Sunday - Vernon woke up as early as 7:30am today, just like yesterday gave him early bath & breakfast. Then he had his morning nap about 2 hours till 11:30am. By the time we are preparing to go to Gurney plaza. When we reach in front of Foodloft restaurant (4th floor) gurney plaza, people were waiting outside for seat. luckily we had reservation make earlier, see we had a long table as we had the most big size family on that day..........24pax.
15 minutes later, my parents, brother & sisters & the kids arrived. the kids love to play with Vernon.
we tried some vietnamese & thai food, while the kids had western food. We share our food so that we can have the taste of the different food available at this restaurant.
Today the restaurant had a special photo session for their customers. we took our family photos right after the lunch.
** Kong Kong & Ee sponsor Vernon for an elephant & bear ride. ask Vernon going home, he say tak nak..........................everone laugh

Celebrate mother's day with Nai Nai & chor Chor

12-May-2007 Saturday - This morning Vernon woke up at 7am and decline to go back to bed, so he had his bath a bit early today. This Little boy went back to bed after he had his early breakfast and woke up at 11am. which is the right time for us to go out to meet Chor Chor & Nai Nai for today makan makan at a Japanese Restaurant "Nippon Yatai Mura" at Pulau Tikus. Papa drop us at Chor Chor house first as he want to go to his friend at Island Hospital. about 11:40am we went to the reaturant.

This little boy was so happy flipping the menu, the color of the food on the menu were so attracted. he do not want to let the waitres to collect the menu.

see a table full of food becoz the table is too small.....haaa.a:)

Mother's Day Gift

11-May-2007 Friday - I drop by my sister house to get something b4 we went to pick up Vernon from MIL house. Papa & mommy not too sure where should we go for dinner tonight. Papa just drove his car headed Gurney side, mommy suddenly thought of eating Nando's chicken. So we decided to go to Gurney plaza directly since we need to go for last minutes shopping for mother's day gift for Ah Mah, NaiNai & Chor chor.
We got a nice place at Nando's and ordered our food immediately. Mommy had the normal 1/4 chicken with 2 sides where I chose old style fries, I knew Vernon love the fries if I order the peri fries, vernon can't eat as it has some chili on top.
When the food arrived, Vernon just can;t wait to have some fries. I knew the fries will be too hot inside for Vernon, so he start yell at me for the fries. One thing good is Vernon will never want our drink, he only want his Nan-nan (water).......although we keep offering to him. he will say "tak nak"......
while waiting for papa to finish his food, vernon is saying hi......& gave friend kiss to the waiter & waiters there.
After we done our dinner, we walk around the shops to look for gifts. finally we found very unique pearl jewelry for mother's day gift for ah mah & Nai nai. for chor chor, we knew she love broche so we found a crystal broche for her. hope she like it when we receive.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nursery Rhymes

6-May-2007 Sunday - We do not have any plan so we were at home the whole day, as usual Vernon have his long naps today to recharge his battery. Today is a bit unusual where he make lots of dream & yelling on & off although still at Z...zz.z.z.z.z..................I need to go into the room say : "good boy......sleep...... mommy is here......okok" to soothing him. finally he go back to his sweet dream.
Mommy did not cook dinner tonight,so we went out for dinner about 6pm at a nearby kopi tiam. when we reach home after dinner, Vernon kakak will usually clean & change pyjamas for vernon. I try to sing & entertain him with his favorite song "the wheel on the bus go round & round...round & round" suddenly this little boy walk out from the room & go straight to the DVD player insist his papa to play that song . His papa hold him & brought him back to the room, he keep crying & yelling. so I brought him back to the DVD player, and play the music. he dance his way till that song finish then only willing to go back to change.
This little boy now learn how to demand, papa always say mommy is the one that create this...............................................

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Visit to Butterfly Farm (penang)

1-May-2007 Tuesday - Papa & mommy were off from work, we don't have any plan to go anywhere today. My phone's Sei she ask want to go to butterfly farm or not this afternoon. so mommy say ok....since no where to go today. after lunch we get ready & call sei who know it is joshua nap time. so she decide not to go, but papa & mommy still decided to bring vernon to visit the butterfly farm.
the weather is so nice..............vernon so enjoy seeing those butterflies. he not even scare to touch it.

Shopping at Qbay

28-Apr-2007 Sat - we went to Queensbay Mall early morning to avoid crowded in the afternoon. we first went to "Borders Book Store", papa favotire's place. while papa looking for his book, I brought vernon to the children session to see any books that can buy for vernon. I am surprising that the tables in the children session were full of books, very messy.......hard to find a book by categories though. By then I saw a "carboard clock" next to the info counter very suitable to teach toddler. and it's only RM7 after discount.'s lunch time, we went to makan at "laksa Shark". Papa & mommy sharing a bowl of Laksa melaka & a plate of yummy nasi goreng special. while vernon having his poriadge, he want to go walk walk after he finish his food. no choice we had to finish out lunch quickly & continue our shopping. after a while we met a crown at the promotion area, and he is giving balloon to kids. so I brought vernon to queau up for the balloon, little vernon got a blue baby dog shape balloon. so cute.............
we went to have some groceries shopping b4 we headed home.