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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gift from Baby Di-di

25-June-2009 Thursday - James forgot to let Vernon open the gift from Gerald Di-di.
though Vernon already received it on the night Gerald was born on 29-May. You can tell from Vernon expression, he love the present although it is just a small gift.
When he opened up and saw it is a word matching games which we bought during our s'pore trip. He immediately want James to help open up and teach him how to play.

Vernon is showing the matching games where it comes with cone for u to match the word and the pictures.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My 2 lovely boys

20-June-2009 Saturday - today Vernon boy is going out with James to attend chor chor's birthday without mommy & Di-di in a Thai food restaurant in burmah road.
I am still on confinement, for a month Chinese are not allow to go out from house except going for check up in hospital.
Since Vernon dress up so nice. i take the opportunity to take a pic of the 2 brothers.
It was so hard to ask Vernon to hold his Di-di's hand.
I can said Vernon already use to alone, so even our family add in small di-di. He also play & watch TV by his own without interference mommy & D-di.