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Friday, August 31, 2007

Copra Leisure cafe

31-Aug-2007 Friday - Friday is always our eating out day. James & I observe a place call "COPRA leisure place"near new lane last week. Both of us are doubt that is the place offer any food and is the food great or not. As if u see from outside, it looks just like a entertainment place. first, we're so worry that what if we go into the parking and no food............and we need to pay the parking fees.
Papa say it's ok -lah.......let's try our luck lah. We reach there about 7pm, we were happy seeing there're hawkers food along the place. We got the right place for our dinner........yeah.........we then find a place near the end of the place and sat down. We walk around to place to find out what are the foods available.
Very soon, we finished our dinner and the place start getting crowded near the stage in the other end. and we went to the second floor to take a look of what shops available.

The auto photos and toy vending machines are those that attracted Vernon most.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Play & Relaxing

Friday Night, we're about to go out for dinner. Our Vernon boy went into the bedroom and running along wordrobe, after that he lay down on the carpet.
see............we told him.......Vernon.....we're going out.....want to to go???
he still lying there till we hold him up.


30-Aug-2007 Thurseday - Tonight after dinner I ate an orange, my little Vernon come over and asked for a bite. The orange is so sweet and juicy, our boy ate 2 slices of orange. Therefore, I cut another one for him. However, he turn down me after a slice.
I found that he will eat whenever he saw us eating, if ask him to eat alone......then he will say

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pre-Merdeka Celebration

28-Aug-2007 Wednesday - Tonight when we reached home, we saw bukit Dumbar garden is having some activities going on. We went there to have a look......... there were pre merdeka celebrations going on at the park. People attending the excersing activities & makan makan at the park. M'sia Flag give away......etc. Vernon boy also got a M'sia Flag.....which u can see he is holding on it.
Now, he no longer scared of walking on the grass and the tar road. we walked down the garden, vernon is delighted to see some kids playing kites & kicking balls in the park.
He is now a big boy and know about all these games and want to get involved.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bath with Fish

We bought a swimming fish from Toys'R Us for Vernon.
Vernon love it so much, he will play with the fish for a while everyday. and Everytime b4 he went into the bath tub, he will say ......Fish fish mommy.
Hopefully he won't go & catch his Kuku fish from the fish tang.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Singing Bear

26-Aug-2007 Sunday - When we went to Toy's R Us at Gurney, we saw singing Bear. It is kind of cute, and we tried to show it to Vernon. Vernon saw us pressed the Bear.. bear tummy, he followed us & tried to reach the tummy of the Bear. Although there're some Bear displayed at the lower shelf. However, he still wanted to tip toe and reached the bear at the higher shelf.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Tonight after Vernon read his books on his bed, he told mommy that he want to go out from the room. Therefore, I walked in front of him & ready to open the bedroom door. And usually I will ask Vernon boy to step a side while I open the door. Who knows, my little boy did not follow behind me. He stopped by my dressing table and grabed my lipgross from the table. He took the lipgross and apply on his mouth. I quickly asked Vernon boy to return the lipgross to me. My maid heard what I asked from Vernon and she told me Vernon used to see MIL apply lipsticks at MIL house. This is why he modify his Nai nai..............and I just noticed that he is now reaching the table top easily.
Our kids really love to immitate adult, so we need to make sure that we're good role models to them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Boy

Vernon happily listening to Barney singing and clapping his tiny hands.

Sometime he will dance together with the barney till the song stop.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Funny Piggy Face

20-Aug-2007 monday - Tonight mommy dropped by Ah mah house to pick up dinner. On my way home I picked up Vernon from MIL so that MIL do not need to run in & out again.
After home, as usual we had our dinner & play with Vernon at the living room. When papa went into his studyroom,Vernon follow James and pull his books from the book shelf. Soon, Our little boy was so boring, and nothing to play. He suddenly open the book shelf door and place his face at the glass door of the book shelf. and make his funny piggy face.
when we all laugh at him, make him more excited and repeat his ack again & again.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pre-Merdeka Parade

Yeah........Vernon get ready wih his parade flag for the 31th Aug celebrations. 50th.

Papa bought a Malaysia flag on his way home today. Little Vernon saw the flag on the TV when he came home from MIL house. So we teached him to waive his flag while parade from bedroom to livingroom.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Play on Mommy's Rocking Chair

14-Aug-2007 Tuesday - This rocking chair was brought home from U.S as this chair is special designed for Breastfeed mom. Well, the chair is no longer use since after I stopped Breastfeed Vernon. On tuesday night after dinner, we saw Vernon climbing up on the rocking chair with his ball. He not even afraided of rocking while climbing up and happily play his ball on the chair while the chair rock forward & backward.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eating out at Laksa Shack & shopping at Gurney

17-Jul-2007 Friday - friday night we went to have our dinner at laksa shack at gurney plaza. I ordered a glass of air bandung with cinca. When the waiter served me the air bandung, Vernon say nak...nak.... This is the 1st time I saw Vernon requested something from us when we eating out. He sipped his 1st taste and continued his 2nd and continued asking for it. I believed the sweetness of air bandung and the softness of cinca make him continue asking for it.
Not long the rice & dishes also served and Vernon love to eat the plain rice. I tried to give him some omlette, but he pick it up with his tiny hand and return it to me.
I knew he only want his plain rice.
About half way we were eating, a group of teenages came in and sat besides us. Vernon kept watching at the teenages girl and calling them che che & koko......
teenages : what is his name?

me : his name is Vernon.

teenages : Vernon........u're so cute.
After dinner, we headed to parkson. Vernon saw a school bag at parkson, he insisted want to try on it. I said it's too big for bebe, he then started to cry. luckily there's a promoter able to persuade u . put down the school bag & ask mommy to bring u to the other side. To look at a smaller bag for u.


Today when we reach at chor chor house to pick up Vernon boy. He wore Ee po's slipper at home, off course the size is way larger than his leg size. however, he knew how to control his step by moving right & then left. He move step by step so smoothly.

He is now so playful, anything he can try on......he will play with it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Power of Praise (POP)

12-Aug-2007 Sunday - James & I together with my sisters were attending the seminar given by Dr.Sim at Penyayang Complexs hall @ 2pm - 5pm. The seminar was overwhelming and the hall were crowded with Parents. We reached there 10min b4 2pm, and the parking already full with cars. The organizer (Dumex company) also have some activites for those parents that bring along their kids. So that parents can concentrate on the seminar while their kids also can enjoy doing some fun activities.

The seminar delay about 1/2 hour, waiting for the Y.B. Dato Lee Kah Choon. At 3:30pm, Dr. Sim started given his talk. The first slide he post is about picture of little girl Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying. Why? Shearway is one of Dr.Sim patient last 3 months ago at the ward, she is a cute girl in the eye of all the Nurses & also Dr.Sim. Some of the nurse even have her picture keep in their handphone. Dr.Sim told all the parents that Sherwey case is related to how metal health & human socio emotional development play an important role in parenting.

The main topic : Metal health needs of children.
Different Stages of Human socio emotional development.
  • 1st year of life (basic trust vs mistrust) - bonding with our baby is the most important thing. This is why when the baby is born, immediately hospital encourage to breastfeed and put them with mommy.
  • Satges of 1 to 3 years of life (autonomy vs shame & doubt) - i) the child acquire confidence in his own ability as opposet to self doubt. ii) Balancing one's own wishes vs those of others.
  • Stages 3 to 5 year of life (initiatives vs guilt) - acquires more skills and assume greater responsibility.
  • Stage 5 to 11 years (industry vs inferiority) - achieve certain goals.
  • Stage 11 years and above (identity vs confusion) - i) Who he is ? ii) What he want from life? iii) Where he is going?

What is the Mental health Needs of childern : Not only nutrition, clothing & .....

  • Unconditional love from Family.
  • Self confidence & Self esteem.
  • Safe & secure surrounding.
  • Appropriate guidance & instructive discipline.
  • Play time.

Say "ABC to P"

10-Aug-2007 - WW32 Our Vernon boy now not only can count "one - ten", he is now also capable to say Alphabet from "A,B,C,D,E,?,G -> P." If u noticed that there's one alphabet letter that I put a "?" too. Why? Vernon is not able to say "F" yet, i believe this is due to the vowel is too difficult. The next difficult alphabet that I forseen Vernon likes to skip is the letter "S".
As I continue teaching him from letter "P" and I found that he love to skip "S" too.

**I bought some ABC biscuits for him, he is saying the alphabet while counting it. **
.............It's so lovely seeing him doing that.
There're few ways that I found effective on helping Vernon's learning :

a) Books - Small alphabet books with one page one words help a lots on Vernon's learning.
b) Parents - I spend time with Vernon & teaching him everynight. Repeating the words to him whenever we are. for me, I always repeat saying the words to him, encourage him to follow me the words even on our way to shopping or eating out too.
c) Learning habits - Vernon boy usually will sit & read his books properly. though he will pick on the books that he want to read everytime. As I knew some kids, they don't like to sit down & read the books properly.
d) Cartoon - Disney channel that Vernon use to watch "JoJo Circus, Big bear in the big blue house, little Einsteins, make way for noddy, mickey mouse clubhouse, Elmo's world, Handy Manny are all good cartoons that help him. what we need is ensure limit him on watching too long cartton per day.

**Hope the spirit of learning for Vernon continues.

Say 12345678910

10-Aug-2007 - WW32 Vernon boy finally can say his first "1,2,3,4,5,6,?,8,9,10." in english. Why i put a "?" for number "7"........Let me tell u the reason. Our little boy still not able to say "seven" so whenever he count starting from "one---->six" then he will skip "seven" and straight away say eight, nine & ten.
Papa is so happy that his boy now can count "one - ten" except "seven." He has always hope for that day.......when he heard a little girl almost the same age as vernon can count one till ten at GMC hospital.

Animal Toothbrush holder

10-Aug-2007 friday - When we shoped at Jusco at Qbm, I finally found a cute toothbrush holder for Vernon. It was so hard for us to decide which animal should we buy, then we thought of our vernon boy love to make his tiger sound. Therefore, we decided to buy him "Tiger" toothbrush holder.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dinner at PSC

11-Aug-2007 Saturday - Tonight we had dinner togerther with Nainai, kuku, Chorchor & 2E at PSC. Due to today the club is having a special Karaoke dinner at the club house captain restaurant. The club decide to open only half of the resturant to club members and no reservation can be make upfront. it's on First come First serve basis.
**Vernon looking at the pool, say.......nak...nak......he loves swimming so much.
We reached there about 7pm and the resturant was fully book, we 're at the waiting list.
we waited there about 1/2 hours, and only have a table which fit for 4 person. so have to wait for another table to combine it so that it fit for everyone for dinner. Well, about 7:45pm we finally got our table and everyone is so happy to sit down and starting making their orders. while our little boy starting her dinner too.

**Mommy, I have done my dinner and see how happy our Vernon boy. Getting attention from everyone with his cute action.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Too Bored to Play Napkin

10-Aug-2007 Friday - Friday night is our dining out day. Tonight we plan to use the KFC voucher, so we plan to go to KFC at Qbm since we never been to the KFC there. And at the same time can bring our little boy shopping there.
Vernon loves to go up & down the escalator. He first insisted to go up using the escalator again, but then we ask him to see......."uncle, Uncle" Immediately it catch his attention and he ran over in front of the KFC "Old Man Signboard." We found a good place to sit, but James lose his hand holding the little boy. He ran out and go straight to the signboard again. Nowadays very hard to get him follow us & sit diam diam. We end up have to give him a straw to play while papa queing up to order the foods. During queing up, Vernon met a little girl (19months old) and both of them say hi to each other and shake hand. The girl mother told me that her daughter's too active to handle. I think most of toddlers are same, they are hyper active. Not too sure is it cause by the diet & formula we gave.

When we start eating, i try to feed him some mashpotatos & wedges with bun. He tried some and say tak nak..................then Vernon's kakak gave him the napkin to play with. He opened up the napkin and start tear off the napkin into small pieces. He then threw off the pieces to the floor. We told him not to do so......he even found interested and threw even more big pieces.

Mommy say : the house keeping people will complaint

He do not want to look at us and face to the other side & smile at the 2 che-che's sitting at the other side.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nak Gigi & Soup

9-Aug-2007 - Thurseday usual I cooked dinner tonight. What's for dinner tonight : Japanese tofu with cauliflowers + mushroom and sweet & sour shrimps and fried fish. I do not need to prepare soup as MIL already prepared "black beans with pork tails soup" for us.
Now, Vernon can't wait to eat dinner with us. Once he saw me bring over the soups & all the dishes to the dining table. He will say "soup.....soup.....soup", he love mommy's soup very much. Like tonight, he can finished 2 big slices of japanese tofu together with a bowl of soup though he already had his porridge at 6pm.
After dinner, I asked want to brush teeth together with mommy?? Vernon suddenly say Nak GiGi........I thought I heard the wrong word what Vernon say. I repeat my Q again, Vernon clearly reply to me "Nak Gigi.....nak gigi", his kakak also heard the same words as me.
wow, amazing Vernon can form 2 words & reply to me. Although he is saying malay words, I am still ok as eventually he also need to learn malay when he go to school in the next few years time.

Smiley Face

Mommy : No Pants

9-Aug-2007 Thurseday - Today when we were watching TV at the living room. The maid just finished feeding our little boy kiwi fruit. Vernon eat till his pants also kena kiwi, so his kakak ask him to change pants. Our little Vernon pull down his pants himself and wait for kakak to wear pants for him. James & I saw that, we delighted with what our boy have done. I asked my maid when Vernon knew about pull down his pants. She told me it is about a few days ago...........I really happy seeing our Vernon start learning to be independent.

Hope sooner he know how to wear by himself too. :)
Smiley Face

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August Calendar

Tag : Me-me-and-me

31-Jul-2007 Tuesday - Being Tagged by Kelvin's mommy to tell about myself.
This is the time My mommy have to recall what I have done for the past 18 months as I just knew ABC alphabet and not able to form sentences yet.

四個 jobs I have had in my life :
1)Eat mooi mooi, soup & Mee mee cook by mommy
2)Sleep twice a day
3)Play & Learn together with mommy,daddy,Nai nai,Ah mah,kongkong,EEs,CheChe & koko.
4)Wee wee & poo poo in my potty.

四個 places I have lived :
1)Nai Nai house during my 1st months old @ Greenlane taking care by confinment lady
2)Ah mah house from 2nd months - 6th months old @ York Road taking care by Indo Kakak Riyah.
3)Ee house from 6th months - 12th months old @ Ait itam taking care by Auntie.
4)My home sweet home - 13th months old @ Bukit Dumbar taking care by Indo Kakak Wati.

四個 places I have been for vacations :
1)KL & Taiping
2)New Mexico(U.S)
3)Las Vegas (Nevada,U.S)
4)Disney World @ Florida & Miami beach (U.S)

四種最喜歡的食物 :
1)Fruits - Banana,Apple,Orange,Kiwi,Strawberry etc
2)Gerber baby food.
3)Boil egg & baby cereal.
4)Mommy's special soup & fried meemee.

4 places I would rather be right now :
1)My dreamland with my cham cham and air-con.
2)Together with Mommy, Daddy, Nai Nai, Kuku, Ah mah, Kongkong, Cheche & koko.
3)Go Swimming with Ee, cheches & kokos.
4)Go Shopping so that I can go up & down the escalator.

Let me double check is my mommy write the correct things or not....hmmh let me see....
ok..ok.lah :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mommy's birthday - Eating out at Chilis (Gurney)

1-Aug-2007 Wednesday - Today is mommy's birthday and I told James that let's celebrate together with little Vernon on the coming weekend. As it's too rush to go out to celebrate after work during weekday.
I received wishes from family members and also a nice & delicious carrot cake delivered to MIL house in the afternoon. After dinner at MIL house that night, I happily brought home the cake. This year I only received a cake, know why? James did not buy me any cake nor flowers at all lor. This is the difference between before & after having a baby-lah.
However, I still felt happy that I can celebrate my birthday with my little boy and wish him grow up fast & be a good man.
That night after the cake cutting,when I brought little Vernon to bed, I surprisingly saw a present from James & little Vernon on the bed. I then gave Papa & Vernon a kiss as an appreciation..........then opened up the present and saw a nice brown color checker purse which I have been looking for sometime. thanks to papa & our little boy here...................

We celebrate on 4-Aug-2007 saturday night at Chilis restaurant at Gurney.
The queue is so long and I can say the service is so.... so only compare to U.S Chilis.
One thing I am pretty sure is the waiter & waitress there look down on my maid. Why I said so, as I ordered a cup of coffee for my maid, they suppose to bring along the sugar & milk. The waitress & waiter not even borther on her request. So I ask the waitress again, where is her sugar & milk angrily. I think they sense that I am not happy, the milk & sugar immediately delivered.
Our little boy finished his porridge there, we gave him some chips. He only ate some and want walk walk...................................He screamed screamed till the whole resturant can shake loh. U can felt many eyes are looking at u becoz of your little monster screaming.

I am halfway enjoying my "Fajita", have to put down my everything. Bring my boy walked along the side walk, he insist to go out from the restaurant. As a parents, we were try to fulfill our little one request. When I walked out, I saw a kids drawing paper & some crayon they prepared on the table for dinner to pick up for their kids while waiting for their food. Just like the U.S style.
With the paper & crayon, finally I can "tipu" Vernon & bring him back to seat down with us. and I can continue my food.
**Vernon happily sit on the chair, drawing on the paper with his crayons.

JE Jab

1-Aug-2007 - Wednesday MIL will bring Vernon togerther with Ashley(cousin sister) to have the JE Jab at GMC 2:30pm today.
This is a special arrangement with Dr Sim, as toddlers under 2 years old only need 1/2 of the dosage of the JE medicine. In order not to waste & pay for another 1/2 of the medicine, we request Dr. Sim to have this arrangement for us. Some of people might find that very troublesome to share as we can't predict both kids will be ok by the time of the JE Jab schedule. For me, though JE jab was first postponed due to Ashley's down with fever, then follow by Vernon. i found that it's still worth, time is not a problem & can save some $$ mah......haa.a
My sister help me to drop Vernon & Ashley's appointment card at GMC prior to the appointment time.
Around 3:30pm they reached GMC & waiting outside the clinic. After 2 patients, the nurse called up both kids. They happily went into Dr. Sim Clinic, Vernon was still happy letting Dr. Sim to checked and weight him. However, Ashley start crying when Dr. Sim check on her & weight her. come back to Vernon's turn to have the JE jab, the nurse put him lying down on the bed. He realized that sometime not right...........his radio start >>>>>
Finally they done the Jab pretty fast and went home happily.
That night when I ask where is Dr Sim gave u the jab, he will pull up his pants and show u where the plaster is. Do u believed, yesterday (5-Aug) when my elder sister asked Vernon where u had your jab, still remember loh and show his E-E where is it.