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Monday, January 18, 2010

Gerald's 1st Word

18-Jan-2010 - Monday mark the week that Gerald start to speak his 1st word.
No body really able to guess his 1st word as his 1st word is not papa, not mommy nor nen nen or mum mum. His 1st word = "APA" probably this is the word that he pick up from his kakak. So everyday he woke up and will say "apa" to me, and hopefully sooner he will able to say papa and other word.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2 brothers

I love to take picture both of them, but it is very hard to get them together.
that night I asked Vernon to sit beside Gerald for mommy to take a nice picture both of them.
He is so coorperation and finally I able to get these 3 nice shot.

What a lively brotherhood pic. looks like both of them are talking

What a happy brothers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vernon's 4th Birthday

14-Jan-2010 Fridays - James & I decided to let Vernon celebrate his 4th birthday at his nursery school. This is his 1st time he celebrate with so many friends and in his school. I planned 2 weeks ahead go to ordered him a sponge bob cake and buy some of the party pack for him & his friends. I called up his principle - Mrs Ang to see how many classmate he have this year as now Vernon is in N2 (nursery 2nd year). and I was surprising hear that he have 20 friends. really a big class this year compare to last year 2009. James & I take off day on that day and we went together with him to school.

Mrs Ang ask all his friends gather in their dining place, some of his friend were having their breakfast. Just in time to fill their tummy with cake. .....Joshua Koko was also joining

After having our family photos, the friends sing birthday song to him and we had cake cutting. his friends can't wait to taste his sponge bob cake. some of them request to eat which part of the cake. Luckily teacher grace help me to cut, she knew the pupils wants & preferences.

I did prepared some small pack of Party pack for all of them include his N1 girlfriend (Megan) & all the teachers. (In side the party pack - So ya drink, Peanut biscuit, small piece chocolate, jelly, crackers) I make sure all of the food are healthily food for the kids.