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Sunday, October 28, 2007

ABC Song

Vernon love all these ABC song that I found in the "YOU TUBE". He love it very much, ask me to repeat & repeat. They're very creative in the way of create all these ABC Song. Therefore, I load this into his blog so that he can view it anytime.
In another way, it also can be share to others.

**ABC Song
ABC Song(a)
**ABC Song (N)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mommy Handsome Boy

Nai Nai took all these photos :

Dinner with Ah Mah & Ah Kong@Tao's Restaurant

Vernon boy enjoy eating his "crab cheese" & fried mon toa

26-Oct-2007 Saturday night we were out dinner together with ah mah & ah kong @ Tao's resturant. Ah Mah & kong kong love Japanese cuisine especially tao's restaurant buffer.
However we make our reservations at the last minutes, so we need to wait till 8:30pm. The table inside the restaurant all fully book, only outside no aircon one available.
I knew kong kong & ah mah don't like hot air, but they prefer to dine in Tao's resturant than other japanes resturant in town. Therefore, Kong kong suggested we went to tesco shopping first. We shop@ tesco about an hour, by the time after shop just nice to have our buffer dinner. When we reach the Tao's resturant, outside & inside were crowded with diners. Can;t believe so many people are japanese cuisine lover in penang. Though the price are not cheap, it charge RM55 per head for dinner buffer. and off course my vernon boy is FOC lah.
but I have to pay the most expensive fried rice for Vernon's kakak. But I think it's worth the price, the fried rice have salmon fish, crab meat, sotong & lots more seafood.
we all enjoyed so much especially the sashimi and the cawanmushi and grill salmon.
Kong Kong walk with Vernon to Tesco.

Toy container

27-Oct-2007 Sunday morning Vernon boy saw mommy kept his toys inside the container mommy bought@parkson. This morning he took the container and play..........he even sit inside & step on top of the container.

Fly Helicopter

26-Oct-2007 Saturday afternoon Mommy brought Vernon boy to go shopping@ Gurney while papa is not around. After shopping@ parkson Gurney, on our way to the car park. We saw the toy city sales people standing outside the shop demonstrate the remote control helicopter.
They control the helicopter fly high in the air. My Vernon boy was so excited seeing doubt boy is still boy. They love all these guy toys, he stood there for about half an hour looking at the helicopter flying up & down. The helicopter finally landing down on the floor, then only he want to go home with us.

Play in Toilet

Recently we found Vernon love to play water in toilet. A few tactics he used in order to get the chances to play water :

a) Go weewee -
Vernon : Mommy want weewee
Mommy : okey, after done he will.................say.
Vernon : wash hand
Mommy : I will hole him near to the washing basin and open the tap for him to wash.
Vernon : Want sabun
Mommy : I have to get some sabun for him else he will make his noise.
Once I open the tab, he will take the opportunity to splash the water everywhere. everytime I have to be very cautions in order not to make me wet.

b) Wash leg - Usually the 1st thing we did after come home is to wash our leg & hand.
this time, our vernon boy will follow behind mommy to the washroom. He knew mommy will help him to wash his leg, but the terrible thing is after washing his leg. He use his hand to play the water that he use to wash his leg. End up we need to wash over his hand again.

c) Toilet bowl - Lately we have to ensure we follow where he go even at home, as he love to snick in to our master bedroom toilet and tried to throw his small toy into the toilet bowl and there're 2 times I caught him want to play the toilet bowl water.
end up we always have to close our washroom door b4 we go to buy the toilet bowl safety lock.

Our tot really unpredictable, they love to play thing that we don't allow.
as a parents, I think we need to do some precautions b4 anything danger happen to them.
Actually, I'm very interested to know is other tot also love to play in toilet.
I knew there's a papa friend's son where we met during U.S Time, his father told us that his son threw his watch into the toilet bowl and flash it. He not only did once, but continueos throwing thing inside the toilet bowl. James's friend warn us that most of tot are about 18 - 24months old. They love to do all I believe what James's friend said.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Diffrent way of saying Moon

26-Oct-2007 Friday night on our way to Gurney plaza, we pass by Gurney tower. Little Vernon Saw a Moon behind us, he pointed at the car's window and say "LUNAR"
His kakak reply to him this is moon-lah, but then he response.........No...."Lunar"
By then We remembered WHY this little boy call moon as Lunar. He used to watch the Big bear in the big blue house. At the end of the show, the big bear always looking for his good friend "Lunar" to sing the good night song with him.

Something to Share with u all : VERNON's Favorite Big Bear in the big blue house

2 Words

26-Oct-2007 Friday - The past 2 weeks Vernon boy start form 2 sentences, he started to say 2 words at a time :

1) Good Morning Sun
2) Good Night Moon
3) Greetings - Goog mirning nai-nai, ah mah, chor chor, mommy, daddy & so on.
4) Mommy on TV (at home), Nai nai on TV (at MIL home)
5) Want books
6) Mommy ABC or want ABC
7) Go Tesco
8) birthday party (when he saw a cake with candle)
9) Pergi mana

ELMO's Fan

VERNON BOY IS A BIG ELMO's FAN. He LOVE IT SO MUCH TILL CANNOT EAT Without watching him. So I found this is interesting to post elmo's music movie in his blog to share with others.

Vernon Favorite Song of ELMO : LA-la-la lah ELMO's WORLD

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3 Soup bowls gone

This is what happened when Papa is not around. One evening after we came home from MIL house. Vernon boy ran into my kitchen as usual, he open up the cabinet where I kept all the bowls & plates. He want to pull one bowl and ask for soup from me. however his hand accidentally go and pull the stack of bowls down. Lucky things is I manage to catch 2 of them. and the rest gone into the wind lah. He don't even scared at all, want to go & pick the damage pieces from the floor. I quickly move him out from the kitchen to let kakak clean up the mess.
So now on, I have to use the child lock to lock my cabinet most of the time.
hopefully this can help to prevent this thing happen again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Switch Porridge to Rice

22-Oct-2007 Monday - Start switch porridge to rice for Vernon in the afternoon.
I told kakak to steam the rice, and then cook the soup with the fish, potato and carrot + spinach. At the first time Vernon cry all the way till he finish the rice. I knew it's very hard for him, as he normally don't chew his food. He straight away "telan". In order make him comfortable,we tried to steam the rice with more water so that the rice come out more sticky.
I can say it's a smooth transition for him, he took everything the 2nd day we swtich to rice. Nai Nai was so worried looking at Vernon boy crying non stop on the frist trial. She even told me that why not swicth back to porridge for him first. I told Nai nai then forever he will not grow and take other food besides porridge.

I found that it's a good start for him. At least he ask for food when we go out now.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


One afternoon we went to Subway@ E-Gate to have our lunch. Subway always is papa & mommy flavour sandwiches outlet when we travel in U.S. Now is available in penang, both of us for sure won't miss visiting the outlet.
Vernon love the cheese-cheese, he took the cheese inside mommy sandwiches. see how happy he is playing with the spoon by bitting the spoon using his teeths. and showing off to us.

Home alone with Mommy

20-Oct-2007 - Today early morning I have to drop Vernon & kaka wati to MIL house. I need to drove papa to Airport to catch his early flight to Chengdu, China. Papa will be on business trip to chengdu, china till next weekend.
Mommy thought that it 'll a very boring week, usually papa will bring Vernon shopping & outing during weekend. hmmh......Mommy suddenly have an ideal of inviting ah mah, kong kong and Ee, koko, che che come over to our house to have a afternoon party sunday. I decided to host them with steamboat, easy to prepare dish for me. Somemore, don't need to spend so much time, just go & buy the steamboat stuff and prepare the soup. That's it.
yeah....Sunday is party day for Vernon. He love it so much playing with all the koko & che che @ home. almost forgot of Papa not around though.
Smiley Face

Monday - Friday, I asked MIL don't need to bring Vernon home since my working time is not fix. I will go to her place for dinner and then fetch them home, papa is not around so mommy also felt lazy to cook @ home.
Since papa not around, Vernon is very "Manja" with me. Must see me around him, cannot go to washroom too. Need me to accompany him sitting potty chair, change clothes and eating.
Even sleep time also must have me, kakak wati cannot touch him at all.
Every night, Papa will called home to check is his little monster doing fine or not. At first he heard his father voice at the phone. He just keep quite and do not want to say anything in return at all till the 2nd day his papa call home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Excute Me

Every time we go to Borders Book store, I 'll not miss looking for the author Karen Katz children's book. I found her "lift & flip book" is very effective to get our baby or tot to learn and understand faster. I bought another collection of karen katz the other day for Vernon. and as usual I start reading the books together with him every night after our dinner time. Very fast, Vernon boy pick up the word "Excute Me". His pronounciations still lack of "S", end up he say excuse me as "EXCUTE ME"lah.

From this book, he also know how to say "please" & "thank you" It's pretty good for them to learn the good manner of saying and request thing they want. Now, whenever he want to watch TV.

Vernon : Mommy, On TV pls............

Mommy : Okey wait a minutes pls.

Vernon : On TV please.....................

Sun Yet Sen Museum 孫中山

We went for dinner at the downtown a weekend prior to the moon cake festival. So coincidence that we passby the macalister road, seeing many people inside a mansion next to a primary shcool.
After the dinner at the nearby hawkers center, we walked down the street to take a look at the mansion. By then we found that actually it's a
SUN YET SEN MUSUEM. I believe it did some publications in the newspaper. We didn't notice that..... Papa love historical things and very interested to see all these. He decided to go inside the mansion and take a look since it's an opening day somemore. We walk around the house, looking at the display history of Sun Yet Sen. It tells about what he did during that time when he is in Penang island too. For me, it's just a historical famous man unlike papa. He read the history of this man, so for him.... This is something/place that we should not be miss to visit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mommy's Macaroni Soup

Tonight mommy plan to prepare macaroni soup for Vernon boy to try.
He love mommy's soup, everyday he will come into my kitchen and open up my cabinet where i keep all the bowls and plate. He usually open the cabinet door and pull one of the bowl and bring to me.
Then he will say : mommy soup.....mommy soup.
Mommy's Macaroni Soup Recipes : Ikan bilis, Bak kut, Macaroni & onion

Yummy...........he is going to show the Good Sign.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Go Dim Sum

Today is the raya replacement holidays, papa & mommy is off from work........yeah....we don;t need to rush for work early morning. We decided to go dim sum since it's been some time we didn't had dim sum, as papa said dim sum is too oily for mommy...........haa.aa u know what he mean lah.
We love to go to 點 心 zei 家 dim sum restaurant located directly opposite KDU along Anson Road. Though the place is not as nice as hotel or other dim sum restaurant, but so long the food is good and the price is reasonable. we are we're not very picky eater.
After Vernon woke up, kakak gave him milk milk, 2 eggs & a bottle of gerber baby food b4 we go Dim Sum@ 點 心 zei 家. When we reached the Dim Sum place, it was so crowded with cars & peoples. how lucky we are that we easily get a table which is just nice for 4 of us in the middle of the dim sum house.
Mommy quickly go to see any dim sum hot from the mommy get some seow mai & ha Kao. and some egg tarts fresh from oven for Vernon boy to try.
Finally he took some of the ha kao (little white dumping with shrimp inside). He love the skin of the ha kao so much till he can finished 2 of those ha kao.
can't believe it.
B4 we go, I ta pao 2 char seow pao for Chor chor.

block Nose

I had a minor running nose for the past few days after came back from swimming@PSC.
same as little Vernon. I shouldn't have brought Vernon to swimming on last Wednesday after 5:30pm in the evening. This time is really all mommy's fault for not listening to papa advice. Papa did called mommy on that day from his office, he told mommy that we just go to had dinner@PSC. Don't need to swim today since the weather is a bit cooler today.
When I touch the pool water, I knew the water is too cold for Tot. But Vernon saw the pool, he is so excited to jump into the pool immediately. I don't want to make Vernon disappointed by telling him"no" swimming today. So I thought it'll be OK to let him swim about 20 Min's.
Who knows this 20 Min's is enough to get us sick.
first, Vernon is just had a minor running nose like me. I immediately gave him some piriton, his running nose become block nose and become serious during night time. I can't wait any longer to bring him to consult Dr. Sim the next morning. As can't seeing him suffering from not able to breath. It's a public holidays, Dr. Sim do not have the normal clinic, lucky I get hold of him.
Dr. Sim was so happy seeing Vernon, He always say Vernon boy always make his day happy. He even took a picture of Vernon this time with his digital camera. Dr.Sim did check thru Vernon's throat and everything. Looks good except he need to continue his piriton till he fully recoverd. I felt a bit relieve after knew that Vernon don't have throat infection or cough like me & kakak wati had. So papa took care of Vernon for the next whole day since I & kakak already felt sick.

Riding bicycle

Lately Vernon go up & down his bicycle@ home himself. The way he climbed up is not like us from one side with one leg. look at him how he go up scary. We were so worried that he might fall down if not stable. He don't take our advice, and want to do his way. If any of us interrupt him, he will give up and walk away.

Dining out @New world park

New world park now open everyday & night, and many restaurants & shops are open for people to shopping b4 & after dinning. Real good place to go.
We walked around the place happily as there're many stalls with handicraft items, T-shirt & plants for sell along the corridor. Our Vernon saw a stall selling Balloons -
He kept saying : Mommy!!..... want balloon.....Mommy.......want balloon......pls
As a parents, hearing our sweetheard request, off course tak boleh tahan lah.
immediate I bought him a green color balloon to fulfill him...............see lah........this is so call mommy.
After that we walked to the dancing water fountain in front of the place. Vernon was exciting with the dancing fountain. He walk forward the fountain, we scared of him getting wet so I hold him on my arm. time for dinner. We walk back, and decided to have our dinner at the "Passions of the Kerala. " The Restaurant were full house, luckily we still manage to get a table very soon.

Vernon boy is tasting the fried egg.

Chor chor house

Today is a Raya replacment holidays, we are off from work........yeah...yippy.
Papa & Mommy decided to go for DIM SUM for breakfast. Since Papa need to go to chor chor house to fix the telephone line for chor chor.
After the Dim sum @ "點 心 zei 家" we ta pau 2 big "pau" for chor chor.
When we reached chor chor house, she is just finished her daily exercise @ the balcony. We thought this is so great and nice place to have some pictures taken for Vernon boy as a memory.


Vernon Boy very exciting with new thing he understand & learn everyday Lately he picked up what is "SHADOW". He knew what is shadow very well and how to get shadow. Papa only thought this little boy twice last week and he can pick up immediately.
Now everynight right b4 he went to bed he will request me to flash the night light, so that he can play around with his shadow reflect on the wall.
Even day time, he will say shadow when he saw his shadow reflect under the sunlight.
Above : Papa & Vernon shadow outside ah mah house.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


For the past few days nai nai happily told mommy that Vernon boy finally knew how to show "good" sign with his thumb nail. MIL efford of teaching Vernon finally pay-off with the result. As Vernon boy used to show "good" sign with his index finger no matter how hard we teach him.
Now, he can even show GOOD with both hands.................

Baby Kelvin 1st birthday party

7-Oct-2007 Sunday - This morning I told kakak wati that we're going to attend baby Kelvin birthday party in the afternoon. Ensure little Vernon got enough morning nap & get ready for the party. We headed to the party around 12pm, however we missed the 1st turn to the gelugor junction. luckily we able to make another turn and it is easy to find Kevin's Ah mah & kongkong house with the map & direction given by Kelvin's mommy earlier.

i) Cake cutting & group photos for the toddlers and Mommies.
ii) Colorful cup cake which is so attractive where Vernon also bring 1 with Alphabet "V "home with him.
iii) Plenty of foods and fruits.

At first, Vernon boy was almost cry when go into the house seeing Evan & Kevin playing.
for a while, after he warm he come & join the group playing. The most embarassed mommy is Vernon boy snap other's toy while they're playing.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

School BUS@home

Papa bought this mini schoold bus tent@U.S. Vernon boy love it at the 1st sight, he went into the schoole bus, holding the wheel and waive Bye Bye to both of us. Later on, he invite his papa to be his passenger of his bus. and move around the bus from the back to the front.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Form Sentences

Now I starting to teach Vernonboy to learn how to form sentence. The 1st sentence that I teach is telling people : My Name is Vernon.
He is now able to say the words, but we need to guide him along.
Another words that I am teaching him is : I am a boy.

Hope to hear these 2 words from Vernono soon without mommy's guidance. :)