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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vernon's Concert

**Sleepy look before the concert.

22-Nov-2009 Sunday - This afternoon Vernon is going to perform at the Komtar Performing Hall @ 3pm. In preparation of the concern, we have to let Vernon took a early nap so that he won't feel tire. However, he not used to taking his nap too early as 1pm. No choice we let him be and at 3pm we get him change and drop Gerald at Nai Nai house.
Vernon's dance performance is the 2nd on the agenda, upon arrival at the komtar Performance Hall we received a door gift from the Teacher. We then seated per the ticket number given.
The concert start with the principal "Linda" introduction follow by the graduation of the K2 class students received their cert and dance. After that will be Vernon's class "紅紅的太陽".
Their teacher bring them to the stage, when the song starting play. some of them start nervous when seeing so many people including Vernon. some even cry out loud on the stage and the teacher have to take care of them. But Vernon & the 2 girls pick up the song/dance very quickly. At the end of the concert, they also have a finale where all of the performer go to the stage and sing together. It is a good experience for the kids to get used to the stage perform. though Vernon did told us that he is afraid when he home. I told him, u can dance very well and nothing to worry Okay. Next year, try again and do it better. :)

Finale together with Cousin (Ashley & Megan)..............

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vernon's latest Drawing

Vernon's drawing is getting better & better, every time you see him draw. He will show you what is in his drawing, just like the one above. He is telling us that he draw lots of houses where there's a Sun but out of sudden the sky become dark and raining. and got a strong wind too.
doesn't he is good in drawing? he even able to color within the line and very nice now. Sometime he can;t get the color like "gray", he then will tell us to buy him a color pencil got gray color one.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nickelodeon Road Show in Gurney (Dora)

The Nickelodoen Photograher is taking photos for us (family) Vernon was proundly showing his Spongebob Tattoo to James.

Parents & Kids gather for the coloring session
Vernon just got his favorite Dora coloring paper, is about to sit down & start coloring.

14-Nov-2009 - Saturday : James watch the advertisement in "Nick" Channel saying they are going to have a DORA & KaiLan Road Show in Gurney Mall Penang.
We knew these 2 characters are Vernon's favorite cartoon, he used to watch the show every weekend or weekday.
Saturday Early mroning I rush to market to get some next week food, then back home & helping Kakak to get the 2 kids ready. As we plan to depart around 10:30am.
Papa drop me & Vernon in the main gate, while they go to park the car. I brought Vernon to go to the main stage, seeing no related road show. So I guess it must be in the new wing, I quickly walk over there. Oh, luckily it haven't started. They were just setting up, and let the kids do the coloring and helping tatooing the kids hand with Spongebob sticker.

Games for the kids, Vernon want to try on this. I felt proud as he is very brave of going into the box and try to catch as many ticket as he could. NO CRY at all. as most of the kids go in & cry and the rewards for the kids are the sticker from Nickelodoen.

Lunch time, so we went to Swensen and Vernon want to eat burger so we ordered him a Kids meal which come with Corn (his favorite), 2 mini burgers & some Alphabet nuggets. pretty cool !!
Well, for mommy off course mommy need to breastfeed Baby De-de. Fish is the best food for mommy.

And Chicket for Papa.......................After taken lunch and we went back to the Nickelodoen for the 1pm meet the DORA session. The crowed were gathered and they have games & learning session for the kids and give a warm welcome to DORA. We went there too late and did not get any ticket for the 1 to 1 photos session. Vernon very upset with that and we are about to leave the place. waiting for Papa to pay the ticket. So I tried to talk to the sponsor head who is taking care of the people going up to the stage for photo with DORA. Then she agreed to give a few kids for a chance. So I finally grab that chance for Vernon, he finally turn his face to a smiling and happy boy.

Vernon finally get to meet DORA on Stage and take personal picture with her. Free Photos from the Nickelodoen. Thank You and I wish to have more this Nickelodoen Cartoon (Characters) come to Penang & meet up with the kids.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Baby Gerald watching TV

Vernon is watching his favortiteCartoon - Dora the explorer in the living room and the de-de also want to watch after listen to the sound of the cartoon. this is what I mean he will trun his head position & watch.

I am sure he (gerald boy) is another Dora (cartoon) supporter.

16-Nov-2009 - since ever Baby Gerald knew how to roll over, we observe that he love to watch TV whatever TV show his Koko is watching.
Every weekend morning right after they took their morning bath, Vernon will usually have his breakfast while watching cartoon--Dora or Tek. and we usually put Gerald beside him while I am preparing lunch. It happened that we see this little baby turn his head to watch the TV again though we tried to change the position of his rocking chair.
As I have to protect his little eye from damage. I never had experience seeing baby watching TV, Vernon never did so during his baby time. May be I did not put him next to the TV or so.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gerald Roll around on Bed

This is how Gerald sleep position when we see him in the morning. We put him on the horizontal position, but he love to turn around.

Baby Gerald's on Walker

This is the 1st time I gave Gerald to Sit on the Walker at home, some people not recommend baby to sit. Well, I think not long hour sitting on it and so long we keep on eye on our baby. It should be ok. See I put on his pillow as a support on the back & front of him. In order to prevent his mouth knock on the walker.
He is very happy as he has been long time lying on the rocker.
Vernon even go into the walker when his De-de do not sit on it. sometime it is fun looking at both of them.

J Co Donuts

Koko Vernon can't wait to taste his Chocolate chips & Oreo Donuts.

Vernon is counting how many donuts in the box
2-Nov-2009 Friday - After Q end I went to Queen bays Mall with friend to had lunch. On our way back to office one of my friend said she want to buy J Co Donuts. They told me the donuts is very nice and better than the one in Gurney plaza.
After looking at the Donuts display with many flavours, I also bought a box as I knew my little boy (Vernon) love to eat Donuts very much.
I recommended this DOnuts

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gerald roll over

This is what he use to when I put him on the bed.

Gerald & Vernon (brothers) lie on the bed.........this is the most difficult post to take as u hardly catch both of them together.
Gerald 1st lie on mommy's Boppy pillow.

1-Nov-2009 Saturday - Times fly pretty fast, my Gerald boy is 5 months + now.

I first put him on my Boppy pillow to see his head is firm enough or not. and he able to do so when he is 4 month & 1 weeks old. He started to roll over @ 4 month+, then every time I feed him at night and want to put him back to his baby cort. I have to make sure he is not awake else he will roll over, my worried is he will close his face down especially when he first know how to roll over. Now he is getting expert to control himself and move in the circle after roll over.