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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Year 2010 Mother's day

May -2010 - This is the 2nd year I got a hand made craft from Vernon. He made a pretty paper doll for me. When I reach Nai nai house that day, he wish me Happy mother;s day and hand over this pretty paper doll to me. He told me this mommy and "I LOVE U".
Time flies pretty fast, I just aware that this is the 2nd year Vernon in Nursery (Little light house). Beside the Paper foll, he also make a green turtles where they are doing something green to environment where he told me we need to protect the turtles. haa.aaaa

Mommy & Vernon happily posted together their dinner.

Papre Hot pot - 1st time taste it though use to see the TV recommend it.

This year we (brothers & sisters) decided to celebrate our mother's day @ Miraku Japanese Restaurant in G Hotel Penang. A very nice restaurant, the food presentations was great and the portion is just nice. But the price is a bit expensive compare to other Japanese restaurant out there. But we do enjoy as we tried few new things that can't find in other Japanese restaurant like the Paper hot pot. The paper really heating the food and keep it hot.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Baby

May -2010 - On Mar I decided to send in Gerald's Photo to enter his birthday photo contest in
媽媽 & 寶貝 magazine. I was so excited to know the result, when I received my May magazine. The 1st thing I want to see is the birthday contest page. Finally i saw Gerald's face on the page. I show it to Papa & Vernon. Vernon ask me why my photo is not in there. I reply and told him I will enter his photo next year. I knew I have miss so many years for him.
this is something that I have been wishing to do though the rewards is small. I also promise Vernon that I will enter his photo into Disney channel birthday book as well.
I called up the sponsor to get the voucher of "Mom's Care" RM50.
2 days later we got the voucher and we spend it by buying Gerald as nice baby gear's attire.

Drink by himself

It has been few weeks back ever since he started able to drink by himself when we gave him his milk or water bottle. after finishing, he will hand over the bottle to his caregiver. On top of this, he also able to walk 3 to 4 steps without holding hand. When we ask him where is the Fan he will look up the ceiling at the fan and if we ask Baby tire? He will pretend himself very tire and lying down on his chair or pillow. I think his understanding and motor skill is faster than compare to his koko. till now, Gerald only able to call "papa" the only person and ask "apa" whenever he saw something new to him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning Spelling, Chinese & Math

May -2010 : Vernon starting to learn spelling. Let me tell u how he learn spelling, Chinese & math , he learn the words by asking us and watching the Astro learning channel. No doubt after Gerald born, the time I spend with him is lesser than before. Every evening when I gave him bath, he usually will ask me a words or 2, and he want me to spell the words for him. After he had his bath, he will ask for a paper and repeat writing out the words his knew.
and arrange the words out by using his magnet alphabet. sometime he will ask me why his magnet alphabet have only 1 "C". Not enough to put up a word - Chocolate.
like just now, he ask me how to spell BOUNCE. usually I will ask him back what is that means? he then will show me with his ball. he told me when u drop the ball, the ball will bounce loh.
This proof to me that he is learning the words & understand the meaning as well.
Every Sunday, he love to watch the TVIQ where they will have a simple math (+/-) for the kids to learn. so he learn lots of simple 1+1 = 2, 2+3 = 5 and 5 -1 = 4 from there. Starting he use to count by his finger. now he is getting better with his brain.