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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gerald 4 months old ceremony

Pai pai at Ah mah house-----wishes Gerald boy will grow up smoothly. Gerald's is enjoying his big chicken prepared by ah mah and a big bow of Mee sua, 2 eggs, a big mushroom, a big prawn,

Gerald's so enjoy with his 12pcs biscuit hanging on his neck.

24-Sept-2009 Thurseday : This is a special day where chinese will celebrate their Baby already reach 4 month old. and ready for solid. But I will not start given solid to Baby Gerald till he is 6 months old & ready for it.
The 12pcs of biscuit that Gerald hanging on his neck will give away for each of the family to finish it. so that they will love him forever.
and for the big bowl of mee sua (Me & James) have to finish it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gerald 1st Hair Cut @ barber Shop

Done with my new hair style.

Steady letting the barber cut his hair. never turn & move his head......................

:::::Very Cool Baby........right..............never cry on his 1st hair cut unlike koko Vernon.

19-Sept-2009 Saturday - Next week 24-Sept(Thursday), we are going to have a small Chinese ceremony for Gerald boy. In preparation of the big day, we have to bring Gerald for 1st time Hair cut. This time we decide to have him cut his hair shorter than earlier.

Early in the morning we suppose to bring him to barber, but it was heavy rain. So we wait till after lunch. While Vernon is having his Nap, we brought Gerald to Barber shop else Vernon also want to follow along. He did mention to me that he also want hair cut, but we just brought him there 2 weeks ago. His hair is still very short.................:)

Very lucky when we reach the barber shop, there's only 1 customer. so we wait for while, then is already Gerald's turn. I can say Gerald is very cool & steady baby boy. He never cry & just let the barber cut-his hair till complete. He really looks different after his hair cut, looks like the soldier now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Mickey Mouse

6-Sept-2009 Sunday - This morning Vernon keep asking me & James look at what he had draw. when we go to him, he show us his mickey mouse. Isn't it very cute though is not like the actual mickey mouse but he can draw real good already at his age.
He always ask me to send him to Art class whenever he saw the girl girl and boy boy drawing in the TV. and I have to tell him..............most of the Art class only accept 4 years old boy. so the early he can go to art class is next year. I knew he got this artistic, and I already plan to send him. same for music class as well.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vernon's mini Toys

5-Sept-2009 - Sat. Nowadays Vernon love to hold the above his so call mini toys no matter where he go, including when he go to bed. (8 ball, Tennis racket (Mc D kids meal), eraser, cube, letter C & O, Mosie morrow). We also doubt why he love these so much even just hold on it. every night b4 he sleep he will give it to me and ask me to keep in a safe place for him. and while he woke up in the next morning. He sure look for it and ask me to give it back to him.
there's one afternoon he do not want to take his nap and I took all these. He cry seriously & like we beat him.
I want to blog this as a record so that he can see it when he grew up. hee....eeee