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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping Day

30-Apr-2009 Friday - It was a crazy Sales at Jusco Penang & Work book day.
James & I left work early and fetch Vernon early from Nai Nai place so that we can went to the Sales at Jusco & Borders book store.
On our way to Queens bay, the traffic were so bad as you can see those car were Q up till in front of Tesco & e-gate. The lucky things is, the left lane to Bayan Lepas was not block. So we sneak out from the bad traffic by using the lane. and we reached Queensbay pretty early at 7pm.
We first thought of having our lunch at Kim Gary, unfortunately there'll so many people still Q up for the table. As a result, we change our dinner place to Old Town.
We ordered rice & noodles + the special brown bread with butter. However, Vernon boy love so much my lime juice. He can finish half cup of it and left another half for me.
James said I always encourage Vernon eating or drinking something not healthy.
I just smile back and did what I want for my boy. So that he can get use to the outside food.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Virus Infections

26-Apr-2009 - It was a Sunday morning we went grocery in Tesco. And James met a old high school friend and they had chit chat while I am still doing my shopping at the "non-Halal" food.
When I met up with them, out of sudden the friend's daughter vomit. We didn't know that his daughter was sick and Vernon was sitting on the shopping cart which is very near to the friend's daughter.

The night we went home, Vernon start had a high fever and the night mare start..............................

The next day he start vomiting and had a heavy diarrhea non stop. I brought him to see Dr. Sim the 1st thing in the morning. The moment Dr. Sim saw Vernon sad face, he knew something not right with him. So I told him about meeting the friend's daughter in Tesco, as Dr. Sim already suspect someone had the virus and spread over to Vernon.
Dr. Sim gave Vernon an injection to stop vomit but the diarrhea will continue for the next few days. and Dr. Sim also use the ultrasound to scan and see Vernon's tummy, the scan seems okay at Vernon tummy.
Then we went home, I was so upset seeing him suffering and Vernon keep telling me:

Vernon : tummy pain pain.

I took about a week off from work and took care of him every minutes of the whole night till he recovered for the following a week. and we paid a few visit back to Dr. Sim's clinic as Vernon kept telling he is not well and had stomach pain every-night.
After Dr. Sim prescribe more medicine to him to stop Vernon's tummy pain.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sharing Coconut drink with Mommy

25-Apr-2009 Saturday - Left Dr. Gan clinic and it was late noon, we decided to have our lunch at New World park since it was too late to cook.
Papa park his car and we get down and walked towards the food court. We then find a table and sited in the center of the new world park food court and then ordered our food. I ordered Teriyaki Eel set (Japanese food) & share with Vernon as I knew he won't be able to finish by his own. and off course ordered my favorite coconut drink.
Lately I love to drink lots of coconut as my body is getting warm and it help me to relieve from the warm weather. One thing you won't believe is that,Vernon is also a coconut drink lover too, he sometimes can finish half of a big coconut. so if I bought the "pandan" favour coconut (smaller in size) I have to ordered 2, else he will just finished it himself.

Papa ordered a plate of Penang favorite Dessert "ROJAK" (a types of mix fruits with prawn gravy) after done his lunch. Vernon asking James what is that? we told him this very hot & spicy else Vernon will not so easy to let go and will continue ask.

Many many Q.......from this Boy and he will not easily let go if he found not satisfy with the answer.

Pay a visit to Dr. Gan's clinic together with Mommy

25-Apr-2009 Saturday - James & I decided to bring along Vernon when I went for my checkup this week. As lately when I told Vernon that De-de will sleep in his baby cot while he will sleep with mommy on the bed. His 1st reaction to me is :

Vernon : No.....mommy, de-de cannot sleep in the baby cot nor bed.....De-de sleep on the floor.

Mommy : Alamak, I almost want to "pengsan". and every time I asked the same Q, he will replied me the same answer. In order to let him slowly accept his de-de on the way. we finally make the decision to bring along him when I went for next checkup to see any changes (as recommend by most of friends).
Ah......It really works!!

On the Saturday morning, I told him that let's have your breakfast then we go to Dr. Gan's clinic. Vernon was so happy and keep telling us that Dr.Gan will use the computer and show him De-de that swimming in mommy's tummy.
He was so good boy sitting/waiting outside Dr.Gan's clinic. Suddenly we meet one of James's friend walking passby and we say "hello" to him. Vernon saw him holding a bag and keep asking "Uncle, What is inside the bag?" then we told him......we not suppose to askwhat is inside ppl's bag. Then the friend replied him, will tell you later Okay...............
The friend told us........what a smart boy........lots of Q ah...
when the Nurse called my name, I brought along Vernon & went into the consultation room, then he was so talkative to the nurse while the nurse is checking on my blood pressure.
He told the nurse that Dr Gan is going to show him De-de inside mommy's tummy. then the nurse askes him what is his name & how old are you.
Vernon : My name is Vernon and I am 3 years old.
The nurse was so impressed that he can talk so well.
After a while, Dr Gan came in........Vernon look at her and call her "Auntie"
I think he didn't expect the Dr.Gan is a lady. and talk so soft.
after that Dr.Gan Showed him the Ultrasound : De-de face, nose, ears.......and de-de is kicking.
Vernon was so happy that he finally can see de-de. and kept telling ppl how de-de looks like, when he went back to Ah mah's house.