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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time for Nursery

Feb 2009 - For the past 3 weeks we went for a few shortlisted nursery to understand the environment and the syllabus that they teach for 3 years old.

I pretty like all of the 3 nurseries that we visited :
Gentle Care
Learning Garden
Little light house

However we have to consider a few things before we send Vernon :
* Distance
* convenience
* fees
* what they cover in their syllabus/during the playschool
* how big is the class

Why we went to gentle care, as this place was highly recommended by a good friend of nai nai and we pretty love the environment & how they teach the kids. In fact we also see the example/result of the kids that with them since 2 years old. The kids were very obediant and follow the teacher instructions and very self independent especially after the bath, lunch and pick up their shoes and wore their shoes.
but when we consider the distance from Nai Nai house to there, we kind of drop this out since it will be very trouble/tire for Nai nai to drop/pick up Vernon from playschool within 3 hours.
for the learning garden, off course we also love the place/environment some more the place is just a block from Ah Mah house. especially the classroom where it has a storytelling corner, math corner. very convenient place for Nai Nai & Ah mah to pick him.
but the fees is way too high just for playschool, which we seem no make sense since we only want to have a playschool for Vernon to go & mix with friends and do some art & craft thing.
as we saw most of the playschool is teaching the alphabet "A-Z" and 1-20" which Vernon already well known.
as a result, we decided to visit the Little light house in Green Lane where close to Nai Nai house and is also the koko che che playschool.
We met the headmaster for almost 2 hours and we walked around the nursery and looking at all the result of the kids arts/craft.
we pretty like it and we will discuss with Nai Nai b4 make the final decision.
as the fees is reasonable and syllabus is making sense though it only concentrate on English till 5 years old.
we decided to send him earlier to playschool right b4 his De-de arrival by June. so that he don't felt that becoz of the arrival of De-de we send him to playshcool.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy's talkative Boy

17-Feb-2009 Tuesday - Last weekend, after we went to Ah Mah house for dinner and so coincident my sister also going home with Joshua & Jolene. We went into our car at the same time as my Sister's. and They left earlier, so out of sudden Vernon can't see their car in front of us. Then He start to post a Q to us................

1st Scenario :
: Where is Ee & Joshua koko?
Mommy : They went home loh
Vernon : Mommy, Where is Ee's me.
Mommy : Can't see from here. wait till next weekend mommy bring you there. Okay!!
Vernon : Okay.
2nd Scenario :
These few days, on our way home.

Vernon start say......this is not my house.....this is not my house till we reach our gate.
then he will say, this is my house.................................................

He did the same in the morning when I drop him in Nai Nai house............he will count/and say this is not nai nai house till we reach in front of Nai Nai house.

3rd scenario :
Some other words that he start using are :

Vernon : My ball maybe inside the cupboard.
Vernon : Walk carefully or No play on the road.....dangerous.

4th scenario :

Vernon : The upside down of M is W

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kek Lok Shi

7-Feb-2009 Saturday - This is the famous place for visitors & local to visit during Chinese New Year as every year it will light up with lots of Lanterns. This year the "Kuan Yin"'s roof is building up and everyone is excited seeing it to be complete.
No exceptions for us to bring our little boy there to make his wish.
when we arrive, there still lots of car park and we go around the place.
We went there early evening in order to avoid the congested traffic up the hill.
upon arrive, he saw the statue of Kuan Yin and ask

Vernon : What is this?

Mommy : This is Kuan Yin.

After a while, I can't walk any longer so I sat down and there's a mother holding her baby on her arms. I told Vernon to
You know what is Vernon's Reaction :
Vernon immediate walk to the front of the baby & mother and said :
Vernon : I am Big koko. The family sat next to us & the mother laugh at him.
However, Vernon can 't wait to go up to see the "Kuan Yin". He kept asking :
Vernon : Are we going to see the statue??
Mommy : okay, we are going up there, wait papa took some photos first.

When we go up to see the "kuan Yin" where the statue located. There's a counter where they still gather people donations for building/complete the roof for the "kuan Yin"
we decided to buy the "wishing Coin" for Vernon to put into each of the wishing bowl around the Kuan YIn. Vernon was not tall enough to reach the bowl, so Papa have to hold on him while I hold on the wishing coin for him to drop into each of the wishing bowl around the "kuan Yin"
after that Papa decided to donate RM5o to buy a piece of Roof tile as a donation for the Good luck for the family.
On our way down the hill, the traffic was very worse. It is bumper to bumper up the hill, but yet the cars still come toward the hill and some people even park their car besides the road.