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Friday, October 31, 2008

Vernon's Piggy bank

31-Oct-2008 Friday - Vernon start to pick up the value of money and concept of savings lately.
Whenever he saw we left our coins on the table, he will collect the coins and pull my hand to follow him to the room and pointed to where his piggy bank is and he want to keep or "tong-tong" into his piggy bank.
In fact, the coins is too dirty for kids to hold. As a result, we always have to make sure that we wash his hand after he kept all his coins into the piggy bank.
just like last week when we reached nai nai house late evening to pick him up. The 1st thing Vernon look for will be my handbag. He will open my purse to see any coins left for him to "tong-tong" into his piggy bank. He will very happy if i have some coins left in my purse. He will collect it and put on the floor and start counting coin by coin. So that he can "tong-tong" again. But then kuku grace tried to tease Vernon boy, and gave him RM1. His response to kuku is no RM1, Vernon don't want RM1. He then asked grace to keep the RM1.

This is so call Kids mind..................we all laugh at him. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

客人來 Song

14-Oct-2008 - Beginning of this month, James & I start planning to teach and play Chinese song to Vernon. We want to prepared him for multi language capability, especially now people are looking at east. We as a Chinese must at least know Chinese as our mother language, this is what I think of.

Well, we bought some Chinese children song books which come together with CD. and I think it works very well for Vernon. After a few play of those songs, he began to pick up a few song. He picked up 客人來 , 三輪車, 大公雞 & 小毛驢 etc.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Words : "Stupid"

The other day when we were shopping@ Island plaza, and Vernon saw other kids running around the shopping place touching the display things @ the kids corner.
our of sudden, he shouted at the 2 girls about age 4 to 5 ........

Vernon : U.....Stupid girl.
Mommy : I almost want to go hide myself and immediately close his mouth.
Vernon : Again, U.....stupid no touch.
Mommy : No.....Vernon they are not stupid. stop saying that words.
as I saw the girls mommy is around there and I was very embarrassed how this boy warn the girl with such words. A minutes later, remind me that he pick up the words from his daddy.................James use to score those people driving too slow or too fast....."stupids." and here he pick up the words.

Same for another incident where we were dining at PSC, Vernon saw the kids in the next table running up & down around the place. He score the kids - "stupid" as well.
We have to correct him as this is not call "stupid" but "naughty".
The kids are just like a blank sheet of paper or copy cat. They will copy whatever good or bad we did. As a parents, we have to be cautions on every words we say and in our daily conversations.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mommy's boy

4-Oct-2008 - It was a sunny afternoon, we had a shopping trip to Gurney plaza and so as taken our lunch there. We never tried Winter warmers restaurant b4, this is the 1st time we tried and we all love the food with very warm decorations although it's a very small place. The sandwiches and the bakes cheese seafood were so good, one thing we should have tried is the dessert. I saw many peoples going there just for their tea time (some cakes & a cup of coffee)
U know, that day I have to fed Vernon while taken mine lunch at the same time. and this Vernon boy was so understanding and after one feed for him, he will then told me to eat. He want to make sure I also eat my lunch and not wait till he finish his. I always share one portion of food with him, else he will not able to finish and it will be a waste for paying additional plate of food.
Our Conversations..: -
Vernon : mommy
Mommy : OK.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brithday Party

2-Oct-2008 Thursday - It was Raya holidays, early in the morning I have told Vernon that tonight we are going to attend Ko ko Bryan's birthday party. I told him u have to take your nap so that u can go to the birthday party. Right after we came back from Tesco grocery's trip, the little boy keep telling me, tonight go ko ko's birthday party.
Vernon behave good boy, he took his nap till 6pm. Immediate he woke up we prepared to go to the party. When we reached there, we were just in time to sing the birthday song for the birthday boy. The birthday boy have his favorite cartoon "BEN 10" on his cake, he told everyone cannot cut his cake with the ben 10 on it. Every one laugh at him....................................and really have fun time of eating as most of the food is home cook food and taste so delicious.
When come open present time, all the kids were sitting surround the birthday boy to see what he had for his birthday. He had a big present from his uncle which is the mini fuzzball table.

All kids were so excited & can't wait to play. Once the table set up, all of them find their own place, and get ready to kick the ball. They all have a good time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fully potty accomplishment

1-Oct-2008 Wednesday - Vernon's Kakak wati went back to Indonesia to celebrate Raya with her family for 2 weeks and will only be back after 8-Oct. I remembered the 1st day I send Vernon to Nai nai house, as Nai nai now become the full time Vernon's babysitter. The 1st few days Nai Nai is totally not use to the time table of Vernon and she was upside down and busy for whole day just to bath, preparing meals & let Vernon sleep. MIL told me that she had hard time the whole day until she have to had her breakfast @ 11am daily after wati left home.
nai nai was counting down when kakak wati is coming back..........haa...aa : )
the luckiest thing is Vernon is now fully potty train. At least nai nai don't need to worry of big & small business.

Since Kakak Wati left home for Raya, Vernon never wee wee on the bed......this is what I & James observed. 2 weeks right b4 wati went home, it was a raining day. so sometime at night Vernon drink too much water he will wee wee on the bed and Kakak wati is the one that have to do more cleaning work especially the bed sheet & the mattress protector.
From the day kakak wati left home Vernon started able to wait till morning only go to wee wee. But we were so worry that is there any impact to his bladder.
So I & James think of a better way to ease us & help Vernon, we prepare a cup for him beside the bed. We told him, if he want wee wee.......he just told either one of us during night time. He only need to wee wee into the cup, no need to go to toilet.
But so far, Vernon only use it for not more than 3 times.
Because most of the time, Vernon will say..............

Vernon : No Mommy......i want to sleep. no kacau (disturb in Malay).