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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Botak" Boy hair cut day

27 Mar-2010 - Today I brought my boys to barber shop, Gerald started scratching his hair when his hair getting longer. I am sure Vernon want to follow, though he always tell me that he want to keep his hair.
Conversation earlier :
Vernon : No short short hair...mommy. ya.
Mommy : ok
When we at the barber shop
Barber : Boy, what number you want? the number represent how short the hair you want to be.
Vernon : he quickly tell the barber that he want #1.
Mommy : I reconfirm with him, are you sure?
Vernon : Yes.

Happy little botak boy..........he looks more "round" isn;t it with short hair.

I wonder when Penang Toy'R Us will have a kids Barber shop in there where the kids can play while having hair cut. I saw it in S'pore during my visit on 2008 x'mas.

9 months Old Gerald

Feb 2010 - This Picture taken during the Feb month where Gerald is about 9 months old at the time. I did not keep track of his development, i remembered clearly he already able to sit up by him self.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rewards from Teacher

25-Mar-2010 - Thurseday.
Now Vernon is in N2 class and I can see the homework and skills of learning is much different and tougher than last year N1 class. Everyday, the teacher Grace will give them at least 2 pages of home work. They will either ask to write alphabet or letter 1,2, or 3 & so on.
I told my MIL that make sure Vernon done his homework right after school & before he went for afternoon nap. I want to train him to be more proactive in completing his homework.
he is getting lazy & lazy when he got TV, he will totally forget about his homework so every evening when I get home, i have to make sure he finish his homework.
Today, when I arrived at MIL house. MIL told me that Vernon got a chocolate bar & a jelly rewards from Teacher Grace. Vernon gave a very good answer when Teacher ask to spell the words - Zero, one & two. The whole class of 20 unable to spell it out, but he did it.
I am so proud of him. and this definitely will help him on his continue learning.
He is now interested to learn on the vocabulary/spelling of the words that he came across everyday. So every time when we talk a word or he saw something that new to him, he will ask how to spell that word. I think this is where he start learn the words/spelling.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Papa's brithday

Mar-2010 - We celebrated papa birthday with a very simple dinner at a small Nyonya Restaurant @ "Abu Siti Lane." Nai Nai bought a home made cake for papa, while Mommy & his 2 boys gave him a walnut chocolate cake from Secrete Recipe.
The food were mostly hot & spicy though very nice, luckily they do have a dark soy source meat which suitable for Vernon. We enjoy very much of the food and family gatherings. :)

Vernon love to take the lead on blowing candles, i think most of the kids at this age will do so........

My Cute little Gerald, I think he still yet know what is the special occasion of tonight dinner. But he enjoy sitting on his high chair finishing his home cook dinner.

Gerald now is the apple in the eye of the auties, they love to hold him and bring him around.