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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gerald's development

30 Jul-2010 - I have long did not update Gerald's development. Hope this is still not too late to update it..........haa

He is now 14 months and able to walk very steady and even run around the house now.

Language - say papa, dark-dark (when I off the light in the room).

Teeth - 4 central incisor (2 up, 2 bottom), 2 lateral incisor.

Motor Skills - able to pick up anything very well. climb up stairs case, sometime he even intend to climb up on the table. this is what his koko never did.

Food - his daily main dish is porridge (potato, beans, broccoli, carrot & fish, etc) for lunch + dinner, cereal + EBM for morning.

Fruits - kiwi, dragon fruits is his favorite. orange & Apply when mommy did not buy his favorite's fruit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vernon almost donw with Hand foot mouth disease

26-Jul-2010 - about 4:30am early in the morning Vernon suddenly vomit non stop, I knew something wrong with him. I gave him some stomach aid and paracetamol to relief his pain. but he have no appetite to eat & drink anything. I plan to bring him to consult Dr. Sim in the morning, Confirm by Dr. he is down with some virus attack, so Dr. Sim have him a jab which to stop him from vomiting. we have to take care of his diet ( no oily) food at all, include milk as well. So we stop giving him milk 1 whole day. he just took the 100 plus & bread bread.
In the evening, he finally able to sit up and eat. He felt tire and just want to sleep the whole day, on Tuesday morning. the virus finally go away and I thought everything going fine with him. Never know that it came back on the 3rd day when I came back from work. Nai nai told me that Vernon look tire and no active like normal. something really wrong with him and his fever came back immediate that night. I called up Dr. Sim, he ask me to gave medicine and monitor a night. The next day due to I can't on leave so I asked Nai nai to bring him to consult Dr. Sim again. This time Dr.Sim saw his throat got something similar to hand foot mouth disease. but he said is very initial stage, just need to give medicine and rest at home will do but make sure we watch out our cleanliness and don't let him mix with his brother Gerald.
I decide to take a day off to take good care of him, but only one night. He looks ok and very active the next day (Friday morning). So I finally relief a bit and not so tense and worried, and with his 2nd follow. Dr. Sim confirm he recovered, just to continue giving him the probiotix will do.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Singing Chinese Song

Jul-2010 : I just realized that Vernon pick up Chinese Song though he not really know every single words of the song. But when u see the Karaoke, he really follow the timing and words by words sing.