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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saying "Alphabet"

27-June-2007 Friday - Finally Vernon start saying alphabet "A", "B", "C", "D", till "E." This is what MIL & kakak hardwork after a week+ of teaching vernon repeatedly daily.
If u say "A", Vernon will follow saying "B", "C", "D", "E" is a bit not clear & same for "F" becoz of the sound with vowel.
Now teaching Vernon is more challenge, as some time he pretend not listening to what u teach and continue doing what he is doing. Like the other day, I tried very hard to ask him follow mommy to say "A,B,C,D & E." In return, he say "book" & insist me to bring the books to him. He is now very briliant in the way of ordering us to bring his book & pretend did not listen to what u want him to do.
They are very clever in the way of using their power of "yelling" or "screaming" which we as a parents normally will try not to make the situation worse. So we normally will give way to them and I found that lately Vernon is starting using his power. James & I was shocked with what Vernon reacked against us & his kakak too. He never do this to us before, I can see when they reach certain age. They change................................

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dim Sum at Bali Hai (Gurney)

24-June-2007 Sunday - This is a windy sunday morning, Vernon woke up very early today. He refused to go back to sleep again. so Papa & I decided to bring Vernon for a morning walk at the botanica garden-lah. We reached the garden about 8am in the morning, we tried to put vernon down to walk by himself. U will never believe this little boy refuse to walk, he kept holding on James leg and insist us 抱抱. No choice lah, James have to hold on him for a distance. We tried to told him all the way.....".see everyone is walking", to see this will influence him or not Well.. all this does not work at all. Till we come to a small garden with a walking path, I told James to put him down to see Vernon want or not. works. from here we knew this little boy love to walk on a clean path and he will walk only when he is confidence the place wouldn't get hurt. He knew walking on the tar road will get hurt if fell down. finally, our little boy have confidence & want to walk by himself on the tar road with holding hand.
9:15am time for breakfast, we went to gurney bali hai dim sum restaurant (open air).
Vernon boy so attracted by the Thailand "fong ling" hanging on the ceiling.
We then orderd our food while vernon had his cereal with milk. We tried to gave him some "siew mai", but his response is .........."tak nak". This little boy totally don't like outside food, he only want to have taste a bit of the food we eat. That's it.
Lately, we observed he prefer watching people than eating the food on the table. totally different from when he is baby.

See.........Vernon is tired and so boared sitting there.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing Bedroom Doors

25-June-2007 Monday - For the past few days, Vernon start playing our bedroom doors. Whenever he came home from MIL house, the first thing he did is he will always go to kitchen to see is his mommy there. After that he will go straight to the our bedroom, and close the door from inside, never scared of dark at all. He usually close our bedroom door first, then go to James study room close that door again. So I, James & our maid will like to pretend don't know that vernon is inside & just wait outside the bedroom. We want to see what is his reaction, wait to see is he calling us for help or not.
Alamak, this little guy never even call for help, he continued playing & look for new thing inside the bedroom. Ended up we are the one that cannot "tahan" and let him out from the room.
As a result, we start using the 'child safety lock' for all the bedroom door hope this will eveentually help to avoid Vernon accidentally hurt his finger or toe when closing the door.
Nowadays, we always have to follow him closely to make sure he did not do anything that is very dangerous at home or outside.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Different way in calling Mama & papa

18-June-2007 Monday - This week Vernon started calling us in different way. He used to call me mama & call James "papa". Now he started to call us mommy & daddy. just like today when he reached home, he will straight go to the kicthen to look for me & call me"mommy......mommy" till u response to him.
Another one thing I am proud of him is whenever he want to go to bed, he will always love to gave us a good night kiss & wave good night to his papa & kakak. I believe he was influence by the "Big Bear in the Big blue house". If u watched this big bear show, u will notice that at the end of each show. The big bear will always sing the good night song together with the lunar and bet u this is the favorite show & song that Vernon likes. if he still not sleep b4 the big bear sing this song,he will stay till the song finish only he go to bed.

Baby Book

Thurseday night, I was in the mid of thinking how to arrange the photos for Vernon's baby book. somehow our little boy came from behind and grab the baby book. He say : mommy and flipping the book like the big boy. James was so worry that Vernon will distroy the baby book, where we keep every record of Vernons from baby till now. Our little boy finally gave up & go for other things after all.
Vernon now once he saw anything u hold, and it is attracted & new to him. He will come after u and want the thing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day at Traders hotel

17-June-2007 Sunday - 2 days ago, I was trying to call up Jepanese Restaurant (Miraku) at G hotel to make reservations. However the restaurant was fully book on this saturday & sunday. Luckily my brother know the managment in Traders hotel, he help to arrange the father's day celebration at traders hotel "Shang Palace". Our family is growing, where everyone time we go out for special occassion. we need at least 2 big tables to fit in everyone especailly the small kids.
We pick up papa's car from the machenic place at 4pm & then went to tesco for a quick grocery and rush home to prepare for tonight's dinner.
About 7pm we headed to traders hotel and straight go to the "shang Palace." We were the first family arrived at the restaurant. They arranged 2 tables right at the window side, good view with nice decorations after renovations.

Sooner, kimkim & the kids (michelle, Louisa, calvin & Ken) arrived follow by my sister & family (lucas, Tessa & Megan). Seeing so many people, Vernon is so happy & smile none stop. especailly when Lucas & tessa teasing him while he is having his porridge. Vernon is so outstanding as he wore his red hot chili kongfu suit with a dragon on it.
When he saw Ah Mah & kong kong arrived, he called --> Ah mah...ah mah with his soft & manja voice.

yeah.....the first dish finally deliver after 1/2 hour wait. The first dish was so impress us with the triangle shape of "kow yoke with vege" The cook decorate the "kow Yoke into layer by layer.. nice taste loh. The rest of the dishes were rated very very good taste & unque too.
After some dishes, the kids started to go around the place as they already filled their stomach. our little vernon looked at them, and wish to go down to mix with them. After-all, Kakak brought him to go around & took a group photos till we finished our dissert (mango pudding). I can say Vernon love to play together as he don't feel so lonely.
*This is first father day Vernon spend with his papa, therefore we celebrate this special day together with kong kong & James.

Friday, June 15, 2007

2 Teeths & Saying more words

15-June-2007 friday - Today we found Vernon had his 2 first molar grew exactly at 17months old. for the past 2 week, we already monitoring on the tooth development. and wonder why Vernon keep bitting his bottle nipple.
At the same time, looking at Vernon's speech capabilities. He is now able to say averagely 40 vocabulory by 17 months old.
what are the new words he say? "ok", "Mommy instead of mama he used to call me now. He even can call Aunty & uncle. Nai nai, Chor chor, Mei Mei, baby, keys,butter-fly,close, open........."
I evenheard Nai nai saying that Vernon able to called the doggie's name at chor chor's house - "moh moh....moh moh"
His understanding is pretty strong, He can response to u whenever u calling his name :
Me : Vernon
Vernon : Hmmmh
Even with what Vernon know so far, papa still not satisfy. As he saw a little girl at 2 year old whom also hopitalized at the same time as vernon. She able to say in Malay "satu, dua, tiga till sepuluh." Then I told papa, don't u think your Vernon is pretty clever already, he is capable of saying the words instead of a single Alphabet. U cannot make comparison, each toddler have their own ability stage by stage.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Follow up visit to Dr. Sim

14-June-2007 Thurseday - Today I carpool with James as we need to rush to pick up Vernon from MIL place after work. I left my meeting at 5pm & waited James to pick me, then rush Vernon to GMC for his follow up check up. The Nurse told us not to be late, if cannot make it by 6pm we need to ring her. at 5:45pm I hand vernon appointment card to the receptions as usual and straight go to 2nd floor. There'were already 4 patients waiting outside Dr.sim clinic, I 'm sure these are all Dr. Sim patient since the rest of the PD's clinic already close shop by then.
Wait not very long, the nurse call Vernon's name, we go inside to the clinic.
Dr.Sim say How is everything?I reply Seems okey.
Dr.Sim : Let me check on Vernon's lung? hm.....everything is now ok but I need your to conitnue giving him the inflamine (using the inhaller) at home.
Following, Dr.sim weight Vernon and say Vernon now is 10kg. good progress...........then I ask why Vernon poo poo a lot. He say if the poo poo is not hard, then it is normal. and this is good.
although Vernon look skinny, as long as he is healthy boy.
After that I request Dr. Sim to look at his height, he actually not support to look at Vernon's hieght as he say the height will not be right at this age. Since I requested his help to measure and told me that they will grow even faster when they reach 5 years old & above.

Weight at 17month - 10kg ; Height at 17 months - 74cm

We left GMC & straight go to Northam Cafe to have our dinner since this is the most nearest place & papa love the food & view there. Right after we park our car, the rain fell. we cannot sit by the seaside, everyone is moving to the shelter area

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Love to eat MeeMee 麵條

12-June-2007 Tuesday - Today Mommy fried mee for dinner, so I thought of giving Vernon to try some fried mee mee. ..........our little vernon love the mee mee & sprouts so much. cooking is not bad-leh at least my little boy like it. He requested 1 after another mee mee, although he already had his porridge at Nai Nai place. I wish he can soon learn to eat most of the food we eat. As lately I found Vernon not very interested in food, even we offer him the ice-cream or food we had at the restaurant. He prefer to play instead of look forward the food we ate.
I continue giving him lysin today, hoping he will have more appetite to food sooner.
I am still looking for any recommedations to improve Vernon's appetite. Any receipt that anyone outthere can share are welcome

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vernon 2nd Hair Cut

10-June-2007 Sunday - Vernon's hair is too long, and sweat a lot lately. I told papa we really need to bring Vernon to have his hair cut today. Papa don't really like vernon look botak head, he prefered Vernon to keep his hair though.
About 9am, we went out & headed to the "Nei Nei" 印度 Salon along the batu lanchang. Ah Yah, the shop still not open at 9:05am. As a result we went to had our breakfast at the nearby Han's cafe at Batu lanchang. so that we don't need to waste our time.
9:30am, the shop finally open. When we went in, there're already have 2 customers. One adult & a toddler, the adult almost done. After the toddler turn, will be Vernon's turn. The toddler I believe is about 2 1/2 years old. He kept turning his head to see Vernon when had his hair cut. This vernon boy keep smiling at him. so we thought that this time he will be much ok for his 2nd hair cut. Who knows when we put him on the chair, he started to close his face with his hand and crying. luckily the salon is so expert & fast handed finish the hair cut. After the hair cut we straight headed home as papa have an appointment to meet a friend. :(
Today is also the 2nd day Jelutong road change from 1 direction to 2 direction since 10 years ago. The road change at Jelutong lately cause us to have a big round, whenever we want to go out & heading home. I'm pretty sure most of the residents in Jelutong here were very frustrated with the change. Most of the people go to jelutong market or bukit Dumbar now is more difficult as they need to go a big round & long way to reach the place they wish to go .

Vernon immediate went for nap after reached home till 12:30pm only work up from his morning nap, had his porridge then headed to Gurney plaza to meet papa there.
First, we undecided where should we had our lunch. we walked into a korean restauran but no place inside, the outside sit have no air con. ended we have to had our lunch at A&W.
emmh, not too bad see how Vernon enjoying wearing the A&W hat.

After our lunch we went to parkson, it's having sales and I saw a pair of jeans that is so fit to Vernon.
The time past so fast, it's time to feed Vernon--4pm. I brought Vernon to parkson mother's room, he lie down & don't want to go out from the room after he finished his milk milk loh.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Attend Chor Chor's 87th Birthday

9-June-2007 Saturday - This morning I went to jelutong market and bought 2 singlet for Vernon. most of his singlet are small & not fit anymore. U Know,the singlet cost me only Rm2:50 compare to buying from the Supermarket Rm8 to 9 per singlet.
Later of the day when I went to lorong kulit to buy some fruits, I grab a disney toy hand phone for vernon, it come with battery & different song for different button. The hand phone is so cheap - RM2. At the same time,I also bought a set of funny blocks for vernon with really cheap price compare to anywhere else. I can't believe I can get such a good deal & there're more choices which cost at RM2 toys out there too. Although the quality is not very good, but I knew my little boy bored with toys very fast & look for new toys nowadays.
Vernon sleep about 3 hours long for the afternoon nap , seems like he knew tonight he is going to attend chor'chor's 87th brithday. After we dressed vernon with his kungfu dress, He told us : "he is Mei Mei 美美 " Am I len chai?? haa...aa

This little Vernon enjoy so much with food at the dinner. He can took 3 big pieces of "keropok" and a bowl of shark fin soup.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pay a visit to Joshua

8-June-2007 Friday - Today MIL prepare dinner for us b4 she went out to attend a wedding dinner. We then had our dinner till 8pm, after that I drove Vernon to Ah mah house since papa say he need to work at home to night to catch up his work.

Vernon first reach ah mah house & start look not familiar on his face again. he's been 2 weeks not going back to ah mah house. He is like the Koala Bear keep clueing on me, wherever I go, he follow behind me. So I brought him to ah mah'room while I chatting with ah mah & ah kong. after a while I went to take his water bottle for him and he played with Joshua & jolene at ah mah & kongkong' room happily. out of sudden, he found that I walked out from the room & turn his head to look for me. Not seeing me around, he then cry like people beating him loh.
poor this little manja lately.
Ah mah immediate ask me to brought him home, becoz she thought that Vernon may be too tired already. I insisted not to, I want him to get use to different environment instead of keep dependent on me.
I hope he will soon be more independent when time pastby & grew older.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Little Bunny at Toy'R Us (Gurney Plaza)

7-June-2007 Thurseday - Vernon is getting recover after discharged from the hopital wednesday. We need to go out for dinner this whole week since I did not went to market for last weekend. After fetched Vernon from MIL house we headed to Gurney & had our quick dinner at the foodcourt. This is becoz we plan to go to Toy'R Us after dinner to find a keyboard for Vernon.
I & Vernon's kakak were finish the our noodles first, we brought Vernon to the plaground nearby to have the ride on the moveable BEAR. I go to the counter to pay - the ride cost RM3 for every ride (5 minutes). He enjoyed the ride by holding the balloon stick. At the end of the ride, Vernon is entitle to take home the balloon. not too bad ah...........ride with free balloon & only cost RM3.
About 8:30pm we went to Toy'R Us, Vernon start want to walk alone freely. He saw toys display all over the place. That day Toy' R Us was still having special promotion for their card member. We spot a Buzz Light Year on the discount cart, we thought of buying it for vernon. Howvere seeing the descriptions, it only suitable for children 3yrs+. alright alright......we go to the back sections. Finally Vernon saw a musical toy,he's so enjoy playing it. I told him this is not suitable for u anymore as this is only for baby. So I brought him to the keyboard session where we spot a key board which really fit Vernon to play for some time. Vernon insist want to hold the keyboard himself, we let him hold with our support since it's too bulkey.
On our way to the $ counter, kakak brought Vernon to the soft toy session behind the counter. Vernon'skakak found a bunny hairbend, she immediate put it on Vernon.............Papa & I found it so cute looking at Vernon. so we took his picture down. hope this can be share with the rest.............................................what a cute mommy baby.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


2-June-2007 Saturday - Mommy told papa that we need to bring vernon to consult Dr. Sim today. however understand from Joshua mommy, Dr.Sim was on vacation leave for a weeks long. I doubted is Dr.Sim back yet, so I called up GMC early morning around 8:30am. The receptions told mommy that Dr.Sim is coming today but only from 11 - 1pm only. we no need to make any appointment as long as we reached GMC around 10am.
After gave Vernon breaskfast, i quickly gave him a morning Nap. about 10:15am vernon woke up, by then we already ready to go to GMC.
When we were at GMC, there're already a few parents with their baby & toddlers waiting outside the clinic. 5 minutes past 11am, Dr.Sim walk in with his casual wear. Dr.Sim told us that he thought that today will be an easy day for him. Becoz he promised for his patient to see them when he is back. who knows out of sudden so many patient walk in today including our Baby vernon.....haa.aa
Today, Dr.Sim handle all the task himself including calling his patient waiting outside. After 1/2 hours later, it is our turn and we brough vernon go into Dr. Sim Clinic. The first thing Dr.Sim ask : "what is happening to Vernon?"........then we told him he were down with flu & cough for the past 2 days.
Dr.Sim know very well of all of my nieces & nephews. He say, is Vernon got the infection from the rest of them??? We reply "NO", he went to swimming last weekend. Then he told us not to bring Vernon's to swimming in the next 3 weeks time. This is becoz now is the time where the "Hand, Foot & mouth" disease were very active. This is known season for this kind of disease to attack children,especailly those went to Nursery is even easier to get infected. Dr.Sim listen to Vernon's lung and hear some wizze sound. He even ask papa & mommy to hear what had happend to Vernon's lung. Following, Dr.Sim say.: too bad Vernon have to stay at GMC tonight to had the nabulizer till the lung is clear. After done the registration for the admission, we went home to get all Vernon's stuff and let him took his afternoon nap at home since the Registra office say they only have a room for Vernon after 2pm.
The first time, Vernon had his nabulizer, he keep on crying none stop evethough we try to
soothing him with his favorite toys or Cartoon networks. see the pictures Papa took.............
In fact, there's only cool air when nabulizer. not sure why he cry till like this.

Vernon love to go to the playroom when he were in the hospital. He likes the playhouse there, open the window, close the window. And playing hide & seek with me when I was outside the playhouse.