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Friday, October 9, 2009

Class Picture of Vernon (N1)

9-Oct-2009 - Friday : When I drop Vernon to school this morning, I ask whether their Class group picture is ready. Oh.....Teacher Lou told me that is ready and u may get it when u come to fetch him in the afternoon.
After Bring Gerald boy for 4 months old Jab (Rota virus & Prevana) I straight go to fetch Vernon from School.
The teacher told me the picture is in his bag. I open the envelope and so glad to see my boy 1st picture together with his classmate. He posted so nice and furthermore is sitting in the front row. The little girl on the right corner (Megan) is Vernon's small girlfriend. They always say goodbye to each other when I fetch Vernon. what a little cutie.

Vernon's Astronault

9-Oct-2009 - Friday This morning I drove Vernon to School as I am on FTO
He saw many uncles wearing their motorcycle Helmet with the mask cover their face. He told me :
Vernon : Mommy u see, so many astronauts.
Mommy: Where got?
Vernon : see......they are outside our car.
Mommy : I only aware that he though they are astronaut just becoz they wearing the helmet looks like astronaut.