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Sunday, September 30, 2007

5 in 1 Jab

30-Sept-2007 Sunday - This is 1st time we brought Vernon went for sunday Jab at GMC. We headed GMC about 10:30am as Vernon slept till 10:15am only he woke up. Around 11am we can see a big group of parents + babies & toddlers waiting outside Dr.sim's clinic.
U can see everyparents were waiting un-patiently with many of the toddlers & kids there are sick and it made me worry that the air might transmit the virus. So we decided to bring Vernon to the other side of the clinic (near the casher counter) in order to isolate from those sick kids while waiting. @1pm finally is Vernon's turn, we went into the clinic...............
the 1st thing Vernon did is call Dr.Sim....."UNCLE"....."UNCLE"
Dr. Sim was so happy seeing Vernon, he always say Vernon make his day as Vernon boy love to smile@ him.
Dr. Sim asked : is Vernon love to brush teeth?
Mommy: Yes, off course........He love it so much till he do not want to return/let go the toothbrush to mommy.
Dr.Sim : Wow, I am a lucky mom as I got a son who love to brush teeth. I should be proud of him. This will ensure that Vernon boy will have a strong & nice teeths.
After that Dr.Sim gave a strawbeery toothpaste for Vernon as a reward.
Today Vernon is going to take his 5 in 1 jab.
Dr.Sim checked on Vernon's ear, eye & so on are all okey..................
but one bad news we take home from Dr. Sim is : He is leaving GMC soon.
He might startup his own clinic privatly or joint other hospital soon.

**too many politics@workplace, I think most of us also encounter this problem. Is how we look at it. However if the situation is too serious and make a person hard to take it anymore.
I believe the choice of leaving the place is good for both party.

Bear bear yo-yo

30-sept-2007 sunday - This is a windy evening where Little Vernon had his nap at about 4:30pm and woke up late too. The maid feed Vernon porridge pretty fast as I planned to bring Vernon to bukit dumbar park b4 our dinner. Around 7pm we go to the park without papa as he is lazy to go walk walkl. He prefered to stay at home watching T.V instead.

Vernon is so energitic, can walk a big round of Bukit Dumbar park and on our way home. Mommy ask : Want mommy bao bao?
Vernon : No.....mommy.
Finally we got home and had our dinner.
afetr dinner. As usual,he study and when he open & read one of his ABC book. he suddently say words "Bear-yo-yo".

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shopping Trip to Tesco

29-Sept-2007 Saturday - Today when we went to grocery at Tesco after our breakfast at genting greenlane. We shopped category by category, and james love to eat tit-bits. So we went into that area. James already got what he want, when we are done for the tit-bits side. Going to move forward to next sections, our little boy follow what his papa did.
How? He started pick his snacks/tit-bits and throw into our shopping cart . We remove out the tit-bits that he just put into our cart. He go back to the shelf and pick the snack and throw into our cart again and again. Till we told him, papa already got 1 for
He look into the cart make sure his snack is inside, then only move forward.

we all laugh none stop.................where he learned all these?
They immitate exactly what we did, we need to have a family rules for them. Else later they will have a perceptions that whatever they request or they want. we as a parents must fulfill them.

1st Wedding Dinner

Tonight 1st time I brough Vernon attending wedding dinner@ komtar Tower.

By the time we reached komtar@ 7:30pm, no shelter carpark available anymore. So papa have to park at the open air carpark. We walked across the road & headed to the tower lift.
While we were in the lift, Vernon kept saying & couting the number show on the lift indicator. though he can't read the 2 digits yet. But he read out the 1st digit correctly and it amaze all the passengers inside the lift. Very soon, we reached 59floor and met the bride (a friend of mommy) and we were be sitted at the corner area together with my colloegues.

Vernon 1st time seeing the big group of people, start crying loud. later I told him, nothing to be scared boy......................and he start getting use to the place & people surrounding.
well, the dinner started and as usual he don't take any of the food and just water. Perhaps he just had his porridge lah.
after a while, a friend sitting next to me offer vernon for a walk-walk.
immediately Vernon jump into her arm and wave bye bye @ me & James.
He is so happy, go with one after another friend and go around a few tables.
Tak peduli of Us anymore........................
Very dangerous boy who don't scare of strangers. so long he likes the person.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Uncle Botak

28-Sept-2007 Friday - Tonight we went to Gurney hawkers center to have our dinner. After we finished our char koay toew and drinks. An old man walk passby, the firsy thing Vernon say is not uncle but...............................
Vernon : Uncle botak.
Papa : no, don't say.....uncle will angry.
I am the one that teached Vernon botak (no hair), he picked up the words pretty fast. just a night, he remembered it so well. and James told me, I'm not suppose to teach our kids those words. He scared that some people might not like us called them this way.
Parents have a big responsibility how what kids say, they won't lie. They 're naive & really straight forward, nothing hide.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Climb high on table

27-Sept-2007 Thursday - Tonight our Vernon climb high on to the coffee table.
We tried very hard to stop him, he yelled and scream hard back to us. end up we let him climb and make sure we have someone supervise all the time. We knew he is very active nowadays and love to do the weird things. The only way is we tried to divert his attention to other things in order to prevent him climb up the table & sofa on & off again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moon Cake Festival at PSC

25-Sept-2007 tuesday - This year moon cake festival fall on weekday, most people leaving work place early in order to go home for gathering. For chinese, today is a special day that every members of family must go home for gathering & makan makan. No exceptions for I & james.
This year we had our gathering at PSC.
We left work place about 6pm, the bad things is there's a heavy traffic jam on the coaster highway on our way home. We squeeze in & out all the way, very lucky we still able to get home in half an hour time. About 6:45pm we go to pick up Vernon & maid from MIL house. Today Vernon is wearing a special tiger suite bought by kuku. He is so happy as u can see when we put him on his car seat and then we straight go to PSC to meet ChorChor, E-Po, NaiNai, Kuku, Ah Mah, Kong-Kong, E-e, Jolene & Joshua. By the time we reached there is already 7:10pm, just in time for us to have some appetizer b4 the moon cake festival started at 7:30pm. U know-lah, chinese time is always half an hour late one. So we order some mee mee and fried rice at the captain's restaurant.

about 7:45pm Vernon saw a kids from another table holding his lantern, he also ask for his lantern. First, we gave him his Doraemon and he still go after the boy. Vernon tried to grab the boy's lantern from his hand. We divert his attention by telling him that we 're going to the poolside for the lantern parade. We went to register and then we went to met Ah mah, Kong kong, E-e, Jolene & joshua at Snake temple. We enjoyed mooncake & tea together which prepared by PSC together, not long the organizer announce and asked the kids to gather in front & ready for the lantern parade around the pool. We rushed and q-up in the line, I try to let the rest of the people walked first since Vernon is too small and he will slow down the whole group if he walk in front of the line.
**Vernon & mommy at the register area & foods is just right next to us.
** Kong kong, Vernon & Kokok Joshua at the snake temple.

**Ah Mah, kong kong, Jolene & Joshua together with Vernon & Mommy.
**Ready for the poolside lantern parade.

Middle of the parade at the poolside******
I hold Vernon walk till the middle, and we met baby Kelvin and his mommy & daddy.

**1st, 2nd & 3 rd prize winner of the lantern competitions.

we are the last one in the parade.......................haa.aa.
finally we reach the final point and Vernon saw the moon................He pointed to the moon and say : "moon"..."moon".
we left the place about 9:30pm.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pekaboo book

Nowadays when we shop at Qbm, we won't miss of visiting Borders bookstore. As usual, we will walk into the children section to choose a book for Vernon. Finally, we found a new book -Pekaboo book from borders friday night. We knew our boy love those book having flip pictures, he learn fast with all these. When he pull the book out from his book shelf, he will one by one telling u what is the name of the pictures. ---> "pooh", Ball, tigger.............
look how serious is he when he read his kacau mommy. He usually want me to accompany him and listen to what he read. and I always pointed to the picture, he will tell me the name of the picture one by one.

Pizza Hut

22-Sept-2007 Sat- Today Our little boss looking at the menu again at pizza hut. flipping up & down the menu on the table while I & James were decide what to order for dinner. At the end we ordered 3 set meals in order to have different flavour of pizzas to share. After a while Vernon found boring flipping up & down with the menu std on the table.
Vernon : Mommy walk walk....
Mommy : No, wait.....the food is on the way.
Vernon then sit back on his high chair again after hearing my words.
well,I suddenly think of request a set of plate & spoon from pizza hut for Vernon. Very fast the waiter brought a plate & spoon for little vernon. He happily play his spoon & plate till he saw the rice set for our maid deliver. He keep saying "want....want," So the maid gave vernon some rice on his plate. Vernon start scoop the rice from the plate & feed himself well one after another.

B4 we left the restaurant and James is paying bills at the casher counter. Vernon was
happy playing with the restaurant manager at the entrance. When we ask him to go home, he told us "". The manager say he is a friendly boy.........hee.eee

Hide & seek

22-Sept-2007 Sat- After we came home from dinner, we were ready to change Vernon's pyjamas. We keep calling Vernon ......Where are u? where are u? He sit inside the cupboard quitely and close himself inside.

I really not sure how he come out all this idea of hiding himself. We always need to be very alert where they are even in or out of our home. just a blink of eyes, they can go missing................

Friday, September 21, 2007

Riding Car at Toy'R Us

21-Sept-2007 Friday - Tonight we went to Toy'R Us to find another swimming fish for Vernon. As the fish that bought last time left in MIL house. I decided to buy another so that we don;t need to bring it back & forth everyweekend. Now we can left 1 at home, and another fish at MIL house. Vernon enjoy play with the swimming fish during he takes his bath.

When we reach inside of the store, Vernon spy a toy car which was pulling out fromt the shelf earlier. He went up and happily ride on it...... we have to use other thing to divert him, so that he willing to go home with us.

Today we brought along the child safety string to QBM, lately we found very hard to control Vernon movement. If u noticed the doggy backpack that Vernon is wearing on in the above photos. Sometime he don't follow us, once we put him down for walk walk. He will run out of our sight, hard to chase after him. To be safe I started to use it during shopping, this is 1st time I use and it make us look like alien. U know lah, asian parents seldom use these on their kids. There're 2 shops lady walk out from their shop and look at Vernon, they laugh & laugh. Not just this, a bumi family of 4 saw it and the son told his mom to look at Vernon too. To be honest this is really effective way to control Vernon and ensure that our kids are safe from bad people.........since now & then there're so many baby, toddlers case. It really make me nervous and always make sure Vernon is beside me whenever we go.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Climbing high

Tonight Vernon told us that he want to get his clock, we thought that he usually will pull his clock & put it on the coffee table to play. However, tonight he did something different from the other day. He climbed up on top of the box and jump.....jump.....jump.
He is now love to try and explore himself to everything. no matter high or low, he will try and observe how we do it. He then will follow what we did. Same for the words what we say. The words we say now, he will then follow exactly the words after u.
He is now moving forward into his own world,learning to be independent.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My 1st Lantern - part 1

17-Sept-2007 Monday - Moon cake festival is approaching and last year we did not buy any lantern for Vernon since he is still too young to handle and hold on the lantern.
This year we bought him 2 lanterns - a modern lantern (Doremon) with battery operated and the other one is an original type light up with candle one. Why we bought 2? one is to replace for last year and one for this year-lah. He is now a big boy and able to undertand what is it, appreciate and hold on lantern by himself. At first, I thought of going back to Air Itam night market to get one for him. well, Past 2 weeks ago when we went to downtown to buy some chinese herbs. I saw "Tai Tong" restaurant already start selling moon cake & lanterns. We dropped by the stall in front of the restaurant and try to look for one. Our first choice is a "Chic" as Vernon is born on Chinese year of Chic. However is chic shape don't look like the chic, it looks more like duck and is a bit bigger for small size of Vernon boy. So we finally bought Vernon an original "fish" shape lantern. And It cost only about RM8, but it comes with 3 boxes of candles.............really a good deal ah......
He happily holding on the stick hanging on the lantern, but on & off his fish lantern go unbalance since it just the string tie to it. He will then say......

Vernon : Mommy tewa (baby words of dropping)
Mommy : okey, mommy fix for u.

My 1st Lantern -part 2

we bought a Doremon battery operated lantern for Vernon from Tesco. The music is a loud, so how papa fix it for Vernon. He use the tape to cover the speaker of the lantern, it works and luckily out little boy didn't notice that at all.

tonight, it's fun looking at what he did to his Doremon lantern. Actually he is exploring the light come out from the lantern. When his lantern lie closer to the wall or door, there's a shadow of lights. and this little boy is trying to explore where it come from and how it can be like that..........I found it very interesting and want to have a remembrance of this for him.
Kids really a good explorer and they love to explore.

Well, we planned to bring Vernon to attend the Moon cake festival organize by greenlane residensial area on this coming tuesday(25-Sept-07) night. Hope he love it when seeing a big group of kids walking along together with their colorful lantern. and we tends to cancelled our
Initial plan of joining the celebrations organized by PSC.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Food Chooser

Vernon is our big boss at the dining table, he always want to take a look at the menu whenever we were out for dinner at any restaurant.
When the food is serve, he will only ask for Chips or Keropok kind of stuff.
The rest of food is not interested at all. He not even want to try on it especially he just finish his poridges.
I tried many ways to see his appetite can be improve.
However seeing not much improve in his appetite at all.
Luckily he is a healthy far so good heee.eee

Happy Ride

Last weekend when we were at ah mah house, joshua koko was out.
The little Vernon was so happy pulling joshua koko super bicycle from the stall room and ride it around the living room. He used to watch how joshua koko handle this with fast & fusion.
so here he come but with mommy help on pushing it all the way.

Dining out

we were dining at "Bull Cafe" in QBM.

Vernon say nose and pointing on my nose.

Development@20th months old

14-Sept-2007 friday - Today Vernon is reaching 20th months old.
Sometimes, I always remembered back to the day where I hold Vernon and breastfeed him in the hospital when he was born. The time we went through no matter sweet or sour.
He is now a 20th months old toddler..................time past so fast. They grow so fast and papa always say he is now able to reach the table. make sure u keep the dangerous thing out of Vernon's sight. we need more caution and always take care of Vernon's safety.
He is so active and not even a minutes he can stop for doing nothing.

Weight : 10.3kg (as per Aug visit to Dr. Sim)
height : Unknown (do not need to measure till 3 years old later)
Teeth : see above chart...................
wording :
Ability to Call -->Papa, daddy, mama, mommy, nai nai, kuku, ah mah, ah kong, kakak, che che, koko, kim kim, E-po, chor chor, E-e, autie, uncle.
Ability to name-->apple, orange, pineapple, car, butterfly, pillow, egg, frog, shoes, fish, bird, soup, nana, papaya, clock,bus, tree, water, tiger sound, door, bicsuit, bear-bear, star, moon, sun, wee-wee, juice-juice, botak, walk-walk(when he want to come down from bed or high chair) , sudah-okey.
Ability to recognize toy & say --> Almo, barney, dog, meow meow, fish, spougbob, bear-bear,pooh
Ability to point and say --eye, nose, ear, mouth, tummy, leg, hand and hair.
Ability to greet - Good morning & good night.
Ability to count --> 1 to 10 very clear, 11 to 20 in progress.
Ability to say the alphabet - complete A to Z, except Q.

Breakfast - Milk, 2 eggs & baby food.
Lunch - special poridges prepare by kakak wati.
tea time - milk & dessert (yogurt or fruits)
dinner - poridges and rice with soup prepare by mommy.
Meals b4 bed - Milk milk

Potty train - Able to tell wee-wee but not poo poo yet.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nice Matters Award

14-Sept-2007 Friday - I received my very 1st blog award from Kelvin's Mommy today
Thanks for granding me this award and it really make me so proud to be part of the blogger.

To know more about this award, find out here
"This award will be awarded to those nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Dear all : - Here, I'd like to thanks all the Breastfeeding mommy in my workplace(Agilent) whom encourage me from the 1st day I join and become part of blogger.

Baby's Changing Room

We used to visit the baby's changing room at parkson lately whenever we go shopping at Gurney plaza.
Our little Vernon's need to have his diapers change else it will not able to "tahan"till we go home.
After we finished changing, he will stand up and tried to reach the flower lights on the changing room wall. It is so pretty and attrack him most.
If he decline to come down, what I did is.......close the light. off course no one is there lah.

Mommy : dark dark.....vernon....see.see
Vernon will immediately say mommy.....mommy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My garfield Slipper

Tonight Vernon went into our bedroom right after he finished his dinner with us. and when come out, we heard slipper sound. I & James went to see what is that sound come from. we then found our little boy wearing papa garfield slipper walk out from our bedroom, and then go into papa study room and out in the corridor.
They love to wear what not fit to them and play whatever we don't allow them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Home cook dinner

13-Sept-2007 Wednesday - Weekday we usually cook & eat @ home.
As Vernon's Papa love home cook food and at the same time it also train me up my cooking skills. Nowadays, i will ensure I have soups for little vernon everyday too. He always go to kitchen and say .....mommy soup....mommy soup.
Papa took a snapshot of the 4 dishes & soup that mommy prepare for the day.
Oops.....the soup is not in the picture.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

E-Po Birthday

8-Sept-2007 Saturday - After Vernon had his dessert -" apple" in the afternoon at 3:30pm. We brought him out to buy fruits at lorong kulit though it's raining heavily. I quickly ran down to the stall and get some kiwis & apples, our vernon's favorite fruits and headed home.
By the time we reach home, vernon look sleepy and very soon he fall into sleep.
He woke up about 6:45pm, and it's about time to get ready for E-Po birthday dinner at "Seasons Restaurant. "
We're the 1st one reached the restaurant, and the restaurant manager there brought us go around the place and try to promote their restaurant. The place is very nice & new and it's all equip with KTV. They have different sizes of room for different needs. Every customer have their own room, very privacy indeed. Not long after we waited, the host is also there and the most impress me is the 1st dishes : see below.............very delicious dish leh. we thought that we can keep the Su Mo Kong, but the waiter say that it's not allowed.

we can have our dinner while karaoke, 3 kids then walk around the room. The 2 bigger kids play the 2-2-train, so as vernon. He followed the big ko-ko go around the room and even play in front of karaoke control system.

At the end of the dinner, Vernon follow ah kong & ah mah to their car. We thought that he will come back to us once ah kong make a U-turn of his car. who knows, he cried out loud when I told him that let's follow mommy go home. he don't even border and keep turning the button at ah kong's car ..................I insist to hold & carry him out from ah kong's car.