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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dining @ Northam Cafe

18-Apr-2010 - It has been some time we never go to Northam Cafe. When we reach there, the sky is about to rain. We found a table under the shaded area as James & I were afraid of rain coming soon. Very soon after we make our order, the rain started. we start seeing people moving in, and we unable to imagine that the rain is heavy till we also get wet. The kids were uncomfortable, we tried very best to move in our table a bit, close to the cashier counter. But the rain is too heavy till we can't even sit and enjoy our food. Vernon especially start holding my hand and shivering. while the maid is holding the small Gerald boy. So we quickly asking help from the waiter to move our food to upstairs. Finally, we can ate our dinner. unfortunately all the food was cold and not tasty anymore.
Remembered, never go there if raining day..................unless the cafe have done something to protect their customer from this kind of bad weather.
Before we headed home, we took some photos while waiting for papa to get car.