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Sunday, February 24, 2008

4 words

Vernon starting able to say a sentences with 4 words together.
I want to keep a record of his wording development. Let me think what he use to say :

*Papa drive Vernon shopping
*Mommy Sleep with Vernoon
*Vernon want pencil, draw draw

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ah Mah house

Nowadays Vernon favorite going place - Not playground, not shopping, not makan out.
Guess Where?
Yeah......Ah Mah House.
He is now ah mah favorite's grandson as ah mah very proud of Vernon's capability.
U know lah, all the grandparents love to compare with other friend's grandson when come to the topic of how well your grandson doing. So now most of our relatives and ah mah friends knew Vernon knew alphabet A-Z, Shapes, Colors and sing some songs.
Ah mah even send fishes weekly to make sure Vernon get more DHA.................haa.aa. see Ah mah took care of Vernon .
Another thing Vernon love to go Ah mah house is he can go up the stairs without anyone blocking him and jumping up & down ah mah's bed. so many privileged..........................see:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

CNY Celebrations in Downtown

16-Feb-2008 - Saturday evening we wait till Vernon woke up from afternoon nap and prepared to go to downtown to see the CNY celebrations. As Kong kong is one of the representative for the surname "Lim" associations.
It's very hard to find a car park, we turn 2 round and finally we decided to park at illegal place since everyone is doing that. then we walked down 2 block to get to the place. many roads were block from entering and everywhere is jam. when we reached the place, Datuk khor SK is giving his speech. and we easily spot where Kong kong is sitting. He just sit in the first role, I showed Vernon where kong kong is sitting. But he seems no response and happily look around the place as it's crowded with people and performances.
After the ceremony of the grd opening, we walked around the places and see all different things about penang and chinese culturals display along the road. I like the lanterns that hanging along the road and there also have people teach u how to make lantern.

Vernon boy love sitting on my shoulder as he will able to see things clearer as higher.

4th day of CNY

1210-Feb-2008 - 4th day of CNY we had fish head mee hun for breakfast at gurney (public cafe) together with James family b4 2kukong went back to KL.
after breakfast we went to shop at gurney plaza, there's a housing promotion.
and they display a glassfloor with a fish tank. U know lah, kids love the fishes.
1st thing vernon boy did is step on the glass floor and walk right to left and then he started to look at the fishes.

Vernon & mommy posting at gurney plaza (big tang lung) decorations.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dine out at Northam Beach cafe

12-Feb-2008 - after a few days of conitnuing steamboat dinner and lunch. we want to eat something different, so we decided to go to northam beach to get some hawkers food.
We tried the new Muo Chee (in variety flavours - pandan, black sesame, corn and normal) taste not bad but it lack of sugar. so we request the autie to add some sugar for us.
Then we also try the grill BBQ chicken, which taste great and the portion is just nice. not too big and not too little.
When the sky getting dark, they light up the place with colorful lights. Vernon boy love it so much, he told us rainbow lights.

Creative idea

Vernon boy now very creative, whenever he want to get something higher and he can't reach the height. See what he did.......................He will take another box as his stool to make him higher to reach the place or things. if not, he will go & get the stools from behind and reach the place. so now even we put our thing in the higher place he also can reach. as a result, we have to make sure all the scissors, knift are put in the safety place.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Drawing Furniture

11-Feb-2008 - Monday the 5th day of CNY we were at home and resting in the living room.
suddenly we saw there's a crayon mark on the kitchen furniture. We knew this must be our little boy creation. He started to draw on our furniture, same in nai nai house as well.
though nai nai beating him with "rotan" he still did the same thing repeatedly. I told James I do not agree using "rotan" to teach our boy as this is old style of teaching and will not solve the root cause. But it will create more anger in their mind and phychologicaly. I makethe right guest and obeservations, as lately Vernon boy started felt angry with Nai nai and reject to go to nai nai house. He used to greet nai nai"good mroning" in the morning when I drop him b4 went to work. Now, he do not want to look at nai nai anymore. He will walk to find Kuku instead in the morning and greet kuku.
When we asked go to nai nai house? he will replied : No.....No
then he will told us he want to go to ah mah house as he is now ah mah favorite grdson.
he has lots of playmate and can walk up & down the stairs, jumping up & down on ah mah's bed. this is why make him love to go ah mah place. everyday he will ask go "ah mah" house?? whever we went out.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reunion Dinner

: - 2ku kong & family from KL

9-Feb-2008 - 3rd day of CNY papa family usually had a family reunion dinnerat restaurant. No exceptions for this year.
This year we had our dinner at PSC restaurant since Nai nai & E-po likes the food there. We have 2ku-kong & Family from KL, Nainai, E-po, Chor Chor, Suk suk & His indon Girl friend back from Indon (jakarta).
Though Vernon boy seldom meet most of them, he is so friendly with them.
After dinner we had chit chat and coffee in the PSC guest room.

Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY Helper

8-Feb-2008 - 2nd of CNY when we went to nai nai house waiting for the relatives to come to visit. Vernon boy help us to arrange the stools so that the guest have enough place to sit.
He is now very willing to do what ever we ask to do.
isn't he a good helper?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st day of CNY

7-Feb-2008 - Thurseday morning I woke up early in the morning due to have to run some report to support production build. Vernon boy see me not around, he also woke up and walked out from the room finding mommy. I told kakak to get hime ready and change so that we can headed to Ah Mah/Kong house early to catch the lion dance. The lion dance team came sharp @ 8:30am, kids happily wait for the lion dance to start. Vernon boy busy want mommy bring him follow the lion in and out the house. After the lion dance, my brother and James start to light the fire crackers. We started had our "ah mah" tradition breakfast - Mee Sua with Egg. and the Lan chi kang ton suo. Then Vernon boy play in the living room with the big kids since Joshua and jolene back to hometown taiping already. Vernon boy love the chinese tea while Kong kong serving Chinese tea with guest. He also want to join in, kong kong praise him that he is loke kong kong- love chinese tea. next time when Kong kong become older, he can accompany kong kong drink tea together. see. how enjoy Vernon drinking the chinese tea. Afternoon we had our lunch -Steamboat at ah mah place and then had our afternoon nap there. about 4pm only we left for Tua Pak and 5 pak house. We went to Tua pak house a while then left to 5 pak house in butterworth. we went there by penang bridge but then we back to penang by Ferri as penang bridge start congested and we also want to let Vernon boy enjoy the ferri ride.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old Mcdonald Had a Farm

6-Feb-2008 - Vernon always pick books b4 pull my hand and go together with him into the bed room to study. Last night when i asked vernon boy which books he want to read.
He straight away go to the book shelf and picked his "Old Mcdonald had a farm" books that given by Autie joyce & Uncle Pete + Ethan.
he love this book so much, i think the color and he can have a touch of the animals while learning. This week, he started to pick the sound of e-i-e-i-o when I sing together with him.
and yesterday (1st day of CNY) on our way home from 5 pak house in butterworth while we were waiting for the Ferri. He finally sing the song though is not very clear but u can hear the words - Old Mcdonald had a fiiirm , e-i-e-i..........Ooo.......Clack clack here........clackclack.......suppose to be Chick chick here....but he sing on his way. So I let him sing his way first.
I will continue correct him till he can finish all the sound of the animals.
Hopefully he can complete another new song after twinkle twinkle little star......................