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Friday, August 29, 2008

Dibo the gift dragon

Last 2 weeks, Vernon keep telling me about Dibo how................
so I just listen to him very patiently till last Friday when we were at nai nai place after work.
I & James sat down and watch this Dibo the gift dragon cartoon together with Vernon. This cartoon really cute and our boy love it so much.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is Mine

lately Vernon love to use the words --> "THIS IS MINE."
Whatever he have in his hand......fruits,food or books or the TV cartoon he is watching is all belong to him. and he will response to u.......this is mine.

I am not sure where he pick up all this words and we just worried that he had the mind-set of not sharing. why i said this is, i saw an incident...........just a week ago.
-->last week when we were at the Popular book fair in One-Stop. Vernon was standing & watching in front of a TV that promote the story books with the reading pen for kids. Initially he was alone watching and later on there's 2 kids joining in. And Vernon aware that they are watching the TV, he is pushing them away and told them......."this is Mine".
I immediately told TV is share share not belong to Vernon.
however he still keep telling the other kids, the TV is his one.
Alamak........................I really have no idea how to pull this boy out. this only way is I told him there's more books at the back room, let's go together with Mommy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leg Marking

Today We start giving Vernon to write & draw with the erasable marker pen.
Early early morning, Vernon woke up and told me that he wanted to bring along his marker pen and ABC/123 exercise book to Nai nai house today. I just follow his request and bring it along for him. So I left for work for the day.
When we back to Nai nai house in the evening, we found he use the marker pen to draw poker dot on his leg. He told us....................
**Vernon : Mommy mosquito bite Vernon's leg.
the lucky thing is he only mark the dot on his leg, not the other part of his body.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sustagen 100% Nutritionland

9-Aug-2008 - Saturday we were shopping @ Queensbay Mall in the evening, when we came across the centre of the mall. MeadJohson was having promotion of the Sustagen 100% nutrition land activity for kids. We went to the main entrance of the activity land and the lady from Meadjohnson seeing Vernon is too small to qualify for the activities. as a result, she did not recommend us, except allow us to watch & tasting of the products.
However, when we walked closer to the 1st look & match game which Vernon already trained and expert now. We tried to avoid him from disturbing the rest to play the game, but he keep walking towards the stairs to walk up to participate. what we did is bring him away, he finally cried as loud as he can till the lady came over and asked why???
I told the lady that he want to participate in the games, end up the lady gave us the activity point cumulative score card. without this score card, the kids are not allow to participate.
When Vernon saw me holding the card, he knew he can participate and very happy queuing up to wait for his turn for the games.
Here his turn, and he really able to take over the items and stick to the right place.
exp...bread, rice bowl and mee mee.................he stick to the right position till some of the parents waiting there also praise his capabilities.
: - 2nd game - picking the vege from the tunnels. Vernon happily craw thru the tunnels, picking the vege pretty fast and put into his basket.

3rd game - Picking fished from the pin balls pool
4th game - look and found the right body parts

5th game - spin & guess where u spin what is the game that u will need to play.

Vernon got the sound game. Vernon able to differentiate the sound of Drum and cymbals. and within a minutes time he said to the guy that the sound is come from drum.
Upon complete all the 5 games, Vernon will entitle to get the free gift of swimming floating set.
It's pretty fun and Vernon also enjoy very much during the games.

Fully Self Potty

9-Aug-2008 Saturday - Starting this week 32, Vernon able to take off his pants and go to toilet by his own. according to Kakak Wati, he actually started this about a week already especially in Nai Nai house.
Nowadays,he always stand outside the shower box & wee wee or he will pull the small stools that we put next to the sink to stand up to reach the toilet bowl.

**Remembered on this Tuesday night 5-Aug, b4 bed Vernon told me that he want "put-put". So I accompanied him out from our bed- room. and he kept pushing me away and told me :

Vernon : Mommy go watching TV together with Papa.
Mommy : Are u sure u able to potty by your own?
Vernon : Mommy ......"no"..................Vernon go potty.

As a result, James & I hiding behind the cupboard next to the toilet & watching what he did?
Vernon went to pull out his potty chair and sit down by his own. as usual, he love to singing while potty. after finished, he called me in to wash his backside.

His is .........independence on potty and pretty much on learning things as well.
He make me feel like his is mommy's big boy now. and no longer a baby.............
however, in my heart......he is still a baby to me......haa.aaaaa

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kiddy Ride

3-Aug-2008 - Last Sunday when we were at Tesco for grocery, Vernon saw the house kids ride outside the Mc'D and he insisted want to have a ride. This time I change a token for him to ride and he was so happy that he never tried before. As all the while we do not want to pampered him and pay any ride for him though it's only a RM1. and it's really works, he never asked or yelling for any request whenever he saw all this. What he want is just sitting on and ride on it without the things moving.
With this exceptions given by me.........this is his 1st time Vernon ride with the thing moving up & down, he was very excited and happy and keep smiling at us.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Instruments Set

1-Aug-2008 - I & James took a day off yesterday to celebrate my birthday, dining out, having movie with popcorn and while we went for shopping at the Gurney plaza Toys R' Us. We saw an instrument set which Vernon will for sure love it. He now already recognized most of the instruments name, so we would think that he should own a set of those instruments.

Among the instruments : Drum, Drum stick, Trumpet, shakers, Tambourine, Cymbols & castanets. He love the Drum & drum stick the most, and he found very challenge to blow the trumpet. So everytime he will come to me and ask me to blow while he press the trumpet's key.
Another instrument he love is the cymbols....................................
He was so happy with big Eye open last night while I took out the set & put infront of him after he finished his milk milk.