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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Visit to Taiping Zoo

29-Apr-2006 Sunday - 7:45am Papa woke mommy up to had breakfast and get ready to Taiping zoo. Papa is looking for the Taiping Map from the web site, the most rediculous thing is the taiping zoo did not link to the Map at all. I want to make a comment here : - I wonder how foreigner look at "cuti cuti Malaysia" year since there're no proper Map or webpage to tell people on the directions.
at 9:30am we finally out from home, this is first time we bring Vernon travel by car in Malaysia. I am wearing a red t-shirt and Bebe vernon is also wearing Red color Jumper. a matching mother & baby Vernon is so excited in the car although it is time for his morning Nap.
Papa dare not speed on the highway as his little boy is in the car, so lots of car over took him. We took about 1 hour to reach taiping. when we get there, we saw the taiping zoo signboard which was already faded and still nothing was done by the city council. This is why I am saying this year should call : cuti cuti to "holland".
Luckily I asked my sister for direction the night b4 and we did not take very long to reach the zoo front gate. Papa bought the ticket and we headed to the entrance to ask for the Zoo Map. The person handed over the map and we went up to the tram. The gate to the tram is so narrow until our stroller almost cannot get through.........they should design a wider gateway.
We have to occupy 2 rows of the tram due to our bulky stroller. The weather is so nice, not hot at all.......this is a perfect day to visit the zoo.
Vernon is so happy, keep clapping hand while seeing the animals along the side. He even gave friend kisses to those animals...............................
When we reach the last stop, we went down from the tram to take some picture. Who knew, it suddenly started to rain, so we quickly went to the nearest shelter. There were so many there whom cannot go home due to the heavy rain. One thing I wanted to comment : I found that our locals visitors did not care about their chirldren and allowed them to dump rubbish (food wrapers, ice cream sticks, etc...on the floor). The adults even showed bad example by simply damaging the plants by plucking big leafs to use as umbrella, and some ask their children to move benches from one spot to another area :( .
As the rain still did not stop, so we have no choice but to feed vernon there. We then use the stroller rain cover to cover Vernon and walk out to the exit gate. Everyone were looking at us when we use the stroller rain cover which is a very unusual thing in Malaysia.
After calling my sister to ask where is the best place to eat out, we went to Jalan kota to have lunch. I ordered a bowl of Pan yummy. Vernon love it so much, he was asking one spoon full after another. Then we ordered Rojak as appetizer. The food in Taiping is not so bad.
After lunch, we drove around the town before heading back to Penang.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Shopping at Gurney

27-Apr-2007 Friday - After dinner at the Gurney hawker centre, we shopped at the Parkson Gurney. While mommy were buying cosmetic at sheseido counter, little Vernon saw his favorite ELMO display near the infomation counter. The hottest toy in 2006 X'mas "ELMO" DMX is here. He hold on to it & do not want to put it back and even scream & cry when we ask to put the toy back. Papa say he still not able to handle this kind of toy. So we decided to go to Toy R' Us at 3rd floor to find other toy for vernon. finally we found an educated toy which will help vernon in learning.
"Imaginarium" - it come with 5 way Giant Bead Maze (wood xylophone, tracking maze, magnetic white board with 4 wood magnets, abacus & bead maze). He love it so much especialy the xylophone with the 2 wooden stick.
Now, Vernon's Papa is a bit worry as his little boy might misuse the wooden sticks to hit the TV or other fragile stuffs at home. :)

Mini Animal

27-Apr-2007 friday - Mommy went to Batu lanchang market after work. I saw a set of mini animals toy whihc is good for vernon to learn & recognize animals more easily. Now he knew which is Tiger, elephant & monkey and even make the sound of that animals. MIL is the one that teach him during daytime. I am still looking for others animals so that he can knew more animal by the time he turn 2yrs old.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

24-Apr-2007 Tuesday night - Vernon were wondering around the house, out of sudden he saw papa speaker woofer. and he put his hand inside that hole, try to search for something inside. keep going putting his hand on & off inside the speaker woofer.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vernon's New Ball

22-Apr-2007 Sunday - Mommy brought Vernon to downtown to buy red dates & some chinese herb for cooking. we passby a toy shop, vernon saw BALLs hanging on the rack. He say : Ball ball........i saw a ball with blue metalic color was really attracted. and it only cost me RM3 as those ball were written with FY2006 World Cup. no wonder it cost so cheap.......

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Attend Ashley 1st birthday Party

21-Apr-2007 - Early morning b4 Vernon woke up, I went to market to do my usual marketing. When i reach home, vernon & papa still Zz..zzz....z.zz..z.zz in their sweet dream. The whole day I have to make sure Vernon had his usual nap else he will make noise at night. about 6:40pm I got ready and headed to Ashley house. When we reach there, the house were crowded with relatives & a table full with foods.
Vernon had his own (Ta pau - Mooi mooi) from home and enjoining eating there. while I & pap enjoyed eating.
later on Jolene & Joshua, Louisa came and the kids were running up & down non stop.
after a while, Joshua start riding a big motorbike go around the living room. at that moment, the little vernon saw koko riding the bike, and insist koko to give way & let him ride the bike. He start screaming, this is the first time I saw vernon

Friday, April 20, 2007

Vernon Poo Poo

Vernon Poo Poo Time............................................

New Books from E POH

20-Apr-2007 Friday - E Poh Gave Vernon "2 CLifford Books". He keep fliping the very clever to read.

*Vernon is so lucky to have E Poh, Kuku, Nai Nai, Ah Mah, EE Buying foods, books, toys for him.

More Single words Vernon Say

20-Apr-2007 Friday - Today I left office late in the evening since Papa still in Kulim as he is carpooling with his friend. He need to wait his friend whom still in the meeting. 7:30pm papa finally home & we quickly change & headed to pick Vernon.
The first words he say when he saw us there....."Papa..paappa" although say papa, in fact he want mommy to hug him.
MIL say she got cook dinner for us, so we decided to had our dinner there instead of eating out. when we were eating our dinner, this little vernon come and say "pooh" -----"pooh"pointing to the sliding door poohbear sticker.............. MIL then say : u know vernon knew a lots of words. so MIL point to the Pineapple picture hang on the kitchen wall & ask vernon what is this?? Vernon say "" all of us were so surprise & gave him applause. after that he continue say the word again twice. becoz vernon is a boy who like encouragement whenever he did something new to us.
now, when people say Tiger, he will make the sound of tiger "wAORM.....Waormmm"
and when u say Exercise......he will move his both hands back & forward like adult exercising.
another word "STAR STAR" is his favorite becoz we use to turn on his night light with star projected on the ceiling. so he love to say STAR STAR.....when he want us to switch on the night light.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

17-Apr-2007 Wednesday - today MIL send Vernon home & deliver a big plate of Yummy Chicken fried with dried cili. As usual when vernon reach home, he will never want his kakak to "dukung" him. he want to be free to walk around the house. This little boy so busybody to touch the stuff on the kicthen shelf(lower one). especailly when he saw his finger foods (gerber), he will bring the bottle to u and ask .........uhhhhheehhh
if u do not fulfill him, he will use his own words to Score u" Tatatat teh wah."

Friday, April 13, 2007

New words "shoes"

13-Apr-2007 friday - We went to pick up Vernon from MIL house. when we reached there, the first thing he always say "paPa.....Papa..........."
B4 we left, he pointing to the door "shoes...........Shoes.....shhoes...." This is the new words my MIL teach him...and recent i just knew that he already know how to "pai pai" the kuang Yin at home.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter day

Sunday 8-Apr-07 - I & James were undecided where should we go for this easter early this week. So I called up a couple hotels to check out the price & menu for the easter buffer. After a couple calls, I finally decided to go to "Golden Sands Resort" Buffer lunch on sunday.
On sunday, as usual Vernon woke up about 9am and had his breakfast. then follow by his morning nap.
about 11:30am, while this little boy still having his sweet dream. due to we already make appointment with Nai Nai, Kuku, E Po & ChorChor to go for the buffer. No choice we have to woke up this poor little boy so that we won't be too late to meet them.
when we reached there, the coffee garden were decorated with balloon & u can felt the easter atmosphere.
they also serve the easter Egg with more verity of foods then usual day`. we gave 2 Easter Eggs to Vernon and he kept saying it is "ball"...."ball" He thought all the round thing is call """BALL".
after a while, EASTER BUNNY came to the floor. so many kids were follow the bunny go around the place. Vernon look at the Bunny and continue to play with his balloon "dogging shape" again. No excited at all........maybe he already see too many mascot during his visit to Disney World in Florida.

towards the end of the buffer, the waiter brought the balloon and gave to Vernon. I tried to tie the balloon to his hand, he is so angry. and make his sound that " mommy remove it from me" I want to hold on it lah.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

ABC Block

We gave Vernon the Alphabet blocks, he is so excited to play the block, although he do not know all the alphabets. and pulling the cart go around the living room. suddenly there's one block roll underneath the cushion. he looked for it and found it is under the cushion. He lied down & try to get it. after he got the block, he found it so interesting to play with by throwing the block under the cushion & try to get it. he repeat again & again couple times as he never play this kind of games b4. :)

Visit to Botanical Garden

8am in the morning we finally make it to brought Vernon to Botanical Garden. we first put him in the stroller as vernon just started walking. he met a 2 yrs old indo chinese boy and the boy kept saying "shoes" becoz he found vernon shoes so cute ...sound "yey yey yey...........
and the little vernon so friendly....keep waiving his hand & gave his mom & autie Friend-kiss..........while walking along the pathment.
near the lily pound, he saw there're ants along the pathment. vernon say : Eeerr...eeerrr......eerrr and stop there till cannot keep walking.
so lucky that day we saw a group of monkeys around there, so we push his stroller closer so that he can see the monkeys.

Friday, April 6, 2007

First visit to Youth Park Penang

This is first time we brought Vernon to Youth park. he is so excited when we reach the park. As usual, the park is crowded with people going for evening walk, exercise, family outing...etc
the park has been renovated and it looks so much clearner and nicer then last time. At least u can see the penang council finally doing some improvement on those public places. especially the children playground, adding more things for kids to play around.
i wish one day, they can even setup a baby care center with full facilities like U.S : baby changing place, baby feeding & mother's room in this kind of public places.


Having FUN

a b cd
Vernon wondering around the house after he start his new journey of "walking"
after he capable to walk wihout support, he start to explore around the house from kicthen to living room and then the bedroom. now, we found that his favorite place is to open his toy cupboard. he knew his toy kept inside that cabinet in the dining room.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Halloween Costume

Vernon in his halloween costume, we saw it in the party store. so we thought this is good to have one for vernon since he is spending his halloween 31-Oct-2006 in U.S. However, we miss the "trick & treat" in the Albuequerque mall that they had as we're on our way to Las Vegas.

Portrait Taken in Alburquerque (New Mexico-U.S)

Papa help mommy to recapture the photos that taken during you were in Alburquerque. Mommy saw the voucher to have discount on portrait taken in JC Penny & War-Mart. James & I went to both places to have a look & enquiry. Their system is totally different, they have charges for "sitting fees" which means they charge for how many people in the photo.
and there'll be different charges for tourch up & paper use to print.
the first photo is taken in JC Penny studio, where we chose X'mas as background since X'mas is coming soon, and we sure we won't be able to get this kind of backgroud in penang.
2nd & 3rd photos were from Wal-Mart.