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Friday, November 30, 2007

ABC Fridge Magnet

23-Nov-2007 Friday - Vernon boy now is an expert of ABC alphabet. He can spell A to Z and he can even read by jumping randomly. He surprised my sister's family the other day when we dropped by her house, they have a floor mate that come in ABC Alphabet character from A - Z. My brother-In law randomly pointed to the alphabet. Vernon can easily read every single alphabet without fail. And last weekend I brought him home to ah mah house, he said out loud from A - Z to ah mah & ah kong. Both of them surprised, same for the whole family included my sis-in law, my brother & koko & che ches.

We thought of he love to read, so we put up the magnet alphabets for him to play around.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kids Sticks

24-Nov-2007 Saturday night when we went to grocery @ Jaya Jusco. I found these kids sticks (cheese sticks) that come in a pack of 6 which pretty fit for Vernon boy. This is a product from Denmark and it contains lots of protein, vitamins in it. I like the packing and it's so easy for kids to take & bite it.
I recommend this to all mothers. next I 'm going to try on another dairy product from New Zealand. looks nice too. will keep u all update

Yakult drink

24-Nov-2007 Saturday night when we grocery@ Jaya Jusco Qbymall. There's a lady promoting the yakult drink, I get a cup for Vernon boy to try on it. The promoter was so nice by giving us a straw so that Vernon can drink it easily. Very soon, Vernon boy finish the whole cup and we walk back again. Since he love it so much so we decided to buy a pack home.
In fact, on sunday 25-Nov afternoon Vernon took one bottle from the fridge and finished it in just a minutes and handle the bottle back to me. When I open the fridge he ask again, and I told him one per day okay. luckily this little boy still accept it and just walk away.

X'mas Tree

25-Nov-2007 Saturday night after we came home from groceries@ Jusco, James finally move the Xmas tree from the store room. He cannot stand me anymore, as I have been grumble him for about a week ago, I told him I wanted Vernon to have his 1st x'mas tree up. Though we can't find the real one here for him.
After deciding where should we put up the tree, I & James decorated the x'mas tree & move around the living room till middle of the night. We wanted to give our boy a morning surprise. Well, Sunday morning as usual he woke up as early as 7:15am. and he always ask to take off his pampers, i think he must be very uncomfortable after the whole night wearing it.
Vernon : Mommy want pencil. ( i knew what he want - his crayon and drawing pad)
Mommy : No till u finish your bath and breakfast okay.
Vernon : Just walk out from our room.
Mommy : Vernon mommy have a surprise for u today, come with mommy. He hold my hand and we walk out to living room together.
Vernon : When we saw the X'mas tree. the 1st word he say is "美美" means Beautiful hoh....hoh
I & james thought that he might detroy the ornaments, out of our expectations. He enver get near to the trees and touch the ornament. He just watch by the side........................................till tonight.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Hair Cut

24-Nov-2007 Saturday morning we decided to bring Vernon boy to have his another hair cut. we went to the nearby India barber shop that we used to go. There's a customer having his hair cut. Vernon boy was looking around the place and still can climb up & down the chair. When he saw the barber put the stool so that Vernon boy can sit on it.
I told the barber to use the number2 so that it won't be too short & too long. Vernon boy start crying non stop till the barber finish his hair cut. I knew it's nothing to do with the hair on his face, he just don't like the India guy to touch him.
See How handsome i am now........and at least I don't felt so warm with my short hair. don't u think so???

Coffee Bean's @ QbyM

24-Nov-2007 - Saturday night after we shopped around the Qbymall, James suddenly say why not we hop in coffee bean for a cup of coffee since we have been some time not enjoy coffee outside our home. I thought it would be a nice treat though. We dropped by the coffee beans at the corner of the mall and ordered a cup of vanilla and a piece of tobelron chocolate cake. The cake taste nice, however it's just a bit harder than we thought. Vernon boy also have a small bite of the cake & taste of the vanilla coffee. He then cannot sit there, want to walk walk outside. Left behind both of us enjoyed.

Balloon frame

A weekend ago when we were shopped@Queensbay Mall, there're bank promote for their credit card and they are giving away balloon for kids. I brought Vernon queue up to get one, the lady crown made a heart shape balloon for Vernon. Our Vernon boy used the balloon to be his photo frame. and he then asking me & James to put our face in the center of the balloon as well, same for his kakak..................................he want to see us thru the frame.
isn't it cute......idea.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

PlayHouse@Toy'R Us

18-Nov-2007 Sunday - I don't cook tonight, I & James decided to dine out.................and since we still have 2 parkson department store voucher that we need to spend it right b4 it expire. So we went to Gurney Plaza, After finished our dinner, we pass by Toys'R Us.....and off course Vernon boy won't miss it to pay a visit to his favorite toy store. One thing I am very proud of Vernon boy is he will only play with the toys inside the store and never insisted daddy or mommy's to buy for him. Just like the pic. he was so happy playing inside the playhouse display in the store, keep on saying "hi" with all of us. same for the rest of the toys display. :)

Finger Lickin good

18-Nov-2007 sunday -I don't cook tonight, I & James decided to dine out.................and since we still have 2 parkson department store voucher that we need to spend it right b4 it expire. So we went to Gurney Plaza, we chose to dine in Kim Gary (HK cuisine). We ordered the special toast with peanut butter and our favorite "teh tarik." together with the cheese rice with chicken wings. The waiter was so nice to offer Vernon boy a plastic plate with a tea spoon, he enjoyed mommy's Cheese rice so much. another "finger licking good" sign

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Artistic boy

17-Nov-2007 Saturday - To make Vernon boy fill up his spare time@ home other than playing his toys. I & papa came out an idea, what is the idea??
We bought him the drawing papers from popular and gave him a box of crayon. We transfer the crayon to a box which only contain 6 standard colors. We want him to learn the std color -Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, & white. The 1st time Vernon boy in touch with the crayon, u can see how exciting his face shown. He draw line with crayon freely and he ask me & James to draw some of his favorite cartoon and alphabet as well. U can see the paper was full of words & lines & characters. From day onwards, early in the morning after he woke up. The 1st thing he asked for is pencil & books. He still cannot differentiat pencil & crayon, he thought all can write & draw are call "pencil". and Ee Po gave him a pencil the other day, so whenever Ee po called up, he will told her "pencil" Ee po.......................means he want her to bring him pencil....lah.


17-Nov-2007 - Saturday night after came home from MIL house, we tried to change his pyjamas. He grab one of his handkerchief and ran out from the room and went into papa's study room where we put some of his books & off course his school bus tent. He started clean his school bus with his handkerchief on hand. and then pull me & James into the room, told us...
Vernon : Mommy clean....clean
Mommy : oh.......good boy.....u know how to clean it. but not to use your handkerchief, why not mommy bring u another cloth. U went to change your pyjamas first. okay....
Vernon : No.........Mommy clean...clean.
When James took his camera to capture what he is doing.......
Vernon : Papa Vernon......Vernon
and he pulled papa's leg, insisted want to see is papa have capture his picture.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready to School

14-Nov-2007 thurseday night after Vernon came back from Nai Nai house. He went to grab his "Nick Jr" school bag that papa brought back from U.S for him. He took that and walk towards the main door and told I & James.
>> Want school.....mommy, school mommy.
We told him that u are not ready to school yet,wait till u 3 years old okey.
but he still told us to open the door for him.
As a parents sure pretty happy hearing their kids willing to go to school, hopefully by the time we send him to nursery he is ok to wake up early in the morning and change and ready to school.
have to see in the next 1 years++

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Noodle house@e-gate

10-Nov-2007 Saturday - This is a Saturday night where I usually don't cook at home. The most difficult part lately is I & James have to crack our head to think of where should we go for dinner. We always have difficulty to find a place for food, i think the main reason is sometime we tired of going too far just for food. We prefer to go somewhere near our place and can get home early.
I told papa that there're some brand new restaurant in e-gate where offer varieties of delicious food.
About 6pm we headed to e-gate,we then park our car right in front of the Old Town restaurant. And walked around the place to see which menu we would like to choose. At the end we chose "Noddle House"................
We were sit ted in the 2nd table right in front of the bar and Vernon was place in a high chair while Kakak wati fed him his fish & rice. Off Course we ordered the noodle house specialty "won tan noodle" When my won tan mee is served, Vernon boy insist for the "mee mee" and the crunchy won tan.

My Keyboard

MIL always wish that Vernon boy have an interest in music, she want to train him to be good in singing and dancing. So that Vernon boy can accompany her to go dancing & singing class. She already asked around her friends and singing teacher where can bring Vernon boy to learn singing and dancing a few months back. MIL told mommy that when James was young about Vernon's age, he love to sing@home everyday.

This is why MIL always wish that Vernon boy follow his papa foot step. Well, we found that Vernon really have some of papa 遺傳that he love music so much. Whenever he hear music, he will start dancing and lately he start to follow MIL to sing. Off course not the whole song but a few words from the song. MIL was so happy seeing her grandson capabilities and friends of her always 讚美 Vernon's is a smart boy. When we were at home, Vernon will follow the cartoonese dancing or playing his keyboard. He can play the keyboard by pressing on/off button & the different sound button so well wihout our help.


Lately James & I wondered where Vernon boy learn to sit like a Big Boss. He love to put his right leg up on the other. We cannot move his leg down, he will scream at us if we try to do so. Not only this....... if his kakak around or feeding him, what he likes to do is......he will put both of his leg on his kakak's leg. We tried to tell him not to do so, even though his kakak don't mind to. We knew our boy want something to support on him and I think he just want to have some fun with it.
Smiley Face

Fish head Mee Hun@Gurney

10-Nov-2007 Saturday - Vernon woke up early this morning about 7 :20am. I immediately called up Chor chor to see she would like to joy us to eat fish head mee hun@ gurney early this morning. We appointment with chor chor at 9am to pick her up and then only to gurney. Quickly gave bath to Vernon boy and change, straight away we headed to chor chor house. She already dress up and waiting for us outside the door. Sooner we arrived @ the kopitiam that selling famous fish head mee hun. The table all taken except one that behind the hokkien mee stall and there's water all the around the floor which I found not very good place for us. since we have a senior & Tot, luckily there's another table just free up, we quickly book that table. when the bowls and chopstick deliver to us. We used the tea to wash it since we're not too sure how clean it is. I see this is normally how people wash it, just follow it lah.
Chor chor met lots of her old friend there, many of them say that long time didn't met her.
She used to come to eat at this place after she went to excercise. Some of them even praise her for good taking care, her face don't look like 86++ old isn't it??
Very soon, the dishes and fish head mee hun deliver to us. Really fresh fish head and yummy soup, vernon boy just can't wait for his soup and mee hun. He enjoy so much and repeat his order 2nd round..............suprising leh.
The big claypot fish head mee hun just nice for 4 adults and 1 tot. By the time we finish is already almost 11am and is time Vernon to take his morning nap. He look sleepy by the time we went into our car. He slept all the way home.

Chicken Rice lover

10-Nov-2007 Saturday afternoon we went to genting kopitiam and as usual we ordered our food. Today I ordered chicken rice for kakak wati, when the chicken rice delivered to our table. Vernon boy saw that yummy chicken rice and insisted mommy that he wanted chicken rice. Kakak is very nice to share some rice to Vernon boy, we requested the seller to provide us a small bowl together with a spoon. Kakak thought that he want to feed Vernon boy b4 she took his lunch. However this vernon boy want to eat by himself, I am very happy to hear that as lately Vernon boy pick up to eat by himself pretty well and at least when we went out for lunch or dinner. He will ask some food from us unlike last time. His favorite now is chicken rice or plain rice will do for him. He will enjoy himself very much by himeslef alone. and we can enjoy ours till finish our meal, he don't make any noise and sit on his high chair quitely.
Isn't it good??
I remembered there're a few kopitiam helper told us that Vernon boy is good boy ah....he can sit there till we finish our meal. These words make us feel good with the well table train.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Down with Mild Fever

9-Nov-2007 thurseday - Tonight MIL send Vernon home, as usual I cook dinner at home while James playing with Vernon boy in the living room. After Prepared the dinner, I went to take my hot bath. and b4 we started our dinner, I will usually ask Vernon boy whether he would like to join us for dinner. I went to the living room and hold on Vernon boy, I felt his forehead and body was a bit warmer than usual. I told James he might have mild fever, didn't u felt that since just now. Papa say "no".................immediately I took the thermometer to measure Vernon boy. Oh gosh!! Vernon boy had a mild fever@ 37.3'C but he still Ack actively like normal. So I am not so worry, just gave him the paracetamol that I kept in the freight will do.
The fever was gone 1 hour after taking the medicine, so I thought it's ok not to give anymore during the midnight. However, the fever came back soon after 6 hours (it's about 3pm middler of the night). I hold his body and felt warm again, I quckily gave him the paracetmol without given him any food. I am so worry will it cause his stomach anything or not. Since his stomach was empty. I was not able to sleep well the whole hight, too worry on him so wait till 5pm. I quickly gave him some milk milk as very soon I need to gave him another medications.
Come to morning about 11am, he took his medication and went to have his morning nap. about 1pm. His fever totally gone but I still given him the medication worried that the fever will come back again.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Block Nose

8-Nov-2007 Wednesday night Vernon had a seriuos block nose. He woke up every 2 hours during the midnight, he can't breath and make him difficult to sleep well. I tried to gave him the "iliadin drop" that prescribe by Dr. Sim earlier.
Then he went back to sleep till early morning. I told kakak wati not to gave him bath early in the morning, afraid he might get a cold again. As this will make his block nose even worse.
Actually for the last 2 days, he already make lots of noise/dream during the middle of the night. I got that kind of sense that he might be sick soon. After observing It's been 2 times right b4 Vernon down with fever or block nose. He would have a sign of making nose and dream a lots few nights b4 he sick.
That day Kakak wati laugh and told mommy that Vernon boy alway sick whenever mommy & daddy having a long holidays. I look back, pretty true too.
Last raya holidays, he also down with fever. and this time is deepavali holidays.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


This morning when kakak wati want to bath Vernon, he ran around the house. Both I and Kakak chased after him and tried to catch this little boy for bath. Finally we got him and wrap him with tower. He happily want me to snap a photo of him and share the pic. with him. I am in my bath tub now.


Backyardigan was the favorite cartton of Vernon boy since he is 7 months old. The 1st time he knew this character is when we were in New mexico, U.S. Every morning the Disney channel will release this show for about an hour and he will love to watch it till he had his morning nap. The 4 little backyardigan "Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone,and Tasha are the little cutties.
We found this book is very useful as help tot to look & find. It help Tot to develop their right brain.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Backyardigan Fan

Vernon boy is a big fan of "BACKYARDIGAN." He love to dance together when he heard the Uniqua, Tasha,Tyrone & Pablo start sing and dance at the begining of the show.


Ever since Vernon learnt how to speak the words -"On TV". Everytime he is having his meal no matter....breakfast, lunch or dinner, he will demanding me to on TV. and he will specify what program he want to watch. No doubt, he will demand me to switch to Disney channel and look for "Elmo world" if it's noon time, else we have to on the DVD player.
Sometime I felt that he is too pampet by me now...........I fulfilled whatever he want if I posisble. He now using his power to overcome us.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Climb high off playpan

2-Nov-2007 friday night when we go to picked up Vernon from MIL house. MIL told mommy that now it's very dangerous to keep Vernon boy in the playpan alone anymore. He is now able to climbed out from the playpan as easy as only 3 steps. We can't believe that so I & James tried to put Vernon back to the playpan again. We want to see how this little guy climbed out and here u go................................
He don't even need anything to support him to climb from inside out.
Vernon's kakak wati told mommy that she now put Vernon boy sit beside the kitchen door while she is doing some household works@ kitchen and washing. She no longer left Vernon boy alone in the playpan since then.
Everyone in the family were so worried of his safety, but Tot at this age will normally love to do all sort of dangerous thing. All they want is our attention.............................

Wong Kok Char chan teng@perangin mall

2-Nov-2007 Saturday - Today Sister Leng called up and told me that her FIL prepared some Seremban sepecialty satay for us. I told her we will drop by her house to pick so that she don't need to take a big round to delivered. We went to sis. house about noon, Vernon is the most happiest boy to go there. Not sure he still remembered that he was stay there for a few months b4 we move back home during papa in U.S time. My sis & brother in law together with the kids were so happy seeing little vernon arrival. They came out to welcome us, off course we went into the house and have some chit chat b4 left for perangin mall. Too bad her FIL & MIL were having their afternoon rest. so I have no chance to say "thank you" to their preparation of the specialty satays.

Not long, we left air itam and headed to perangin mall directions. We usual, we park our car in the underground carpark as I don't like to go round & round for the multi storey car park. Supprisingly the mall were so crowded with shoppers and there're still so many shops around. By the time we were so hungry for food as it's already 1pm. Papa decided to have our lunch@ the Wong kok char chan teng. We were sitted at the corner near the escalator, good place for us and vernon. He can see people walking up & down, not so boring for him. This time he saw a little girl next to our table standing up. He kept smiling at her, see lah small small already want to find girl friend. We then order our food..........very fast the waitress deliver kakak wati's rice. Our vernon boy was so hungry and ask for rice from kakak. She gave him some in his bowl so that this little guy can have some. He happily finish all and sat at his high chair till we finish out lunch.

What a happy big boy now.....................................especially weekend as this is the only day we went out for shopping and dining.