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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recognize - SHAPES

27-Jan-2008 - Vernon boy now able to recognize and tell u all the name of the shapes.

I didn't know that 2 weeks ago, papa already started training vernon on shapes.
and we continue buying him 3 books for shapes. it really help and he personally also love the books and always ask for the books. He love to show off too, when we tell u the name of the shapes we always praise him by giving him a big clap and also tell u "clever boy" then he will jump and clapping as well. I think "praise" really help a lot for toddler learning development as what I found out so far. I start apply what Dr. Sim parenting class talk about "praise" to our kids.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hepertitis A Jab

26-Jan-2008 - Saturday noon. This is the 1st time visited Dr.Sim after he moved to Sirgim women & children hospital. We left home about 11:40am as Vernon slept till 11:20am only woke up. Kakak wati prepared Vernon boy's lunch so that she can feed him while waiting. as we knew that it will be crowded just like what we used to do.
We walked into the hospital and go to registration desk to register. The front desk nurse was very helpful and friendly though, she is malay but speak chinese very well. We can easily see Dr. Sim clinic from the front desk.
One new thing is there's a queuing number display outside with a big LCD screen that specially setup for Dr.Sim. This is good for his patient waiting outside, at leadt can estimate how long to be their turn and no more knocking door asking when will be our turn. Then I brougth Vernon to the waiting area. many kids playing and running all the place, so like last time in GMC.
We waited for an hour, Vernon's name was calling by the nurse. We walked into Dr. Sim Clinic, as usual Dr.sim always say the same old words : "This boy always make his day."
One good things are both of his Nurse also follow him. so we use to then and they also known us very well.
as Vernon love to smile at Dr.Sim. Dr. Sim keep all his patient record, so he easily refer back what jab require now.
Today is his Hepatitis Jab..........................this time no lie down required. As it will pock into their Arm instead. this time Vernon cry for a while and then stop.....................
After that Dr.sim gave Vernon a CNY card for greetings and he say it's too early to give angpow. and he did mention about the Srigim is going to have a big renovation and change of management as well. The hospital name will change later as well.
Honestly, I like the service of this hospital compare to GMC. The nurses are so friendly especially the front desk.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ah Mah Birthday

20-Jan-2007 Sunday - This year we decided to celebrate Ah mah's birthday @ Tao's Restaurant in Auto city. This is the 1st time we went to auto city, there're so many restaurants.
We don't know where exactly the Tao's restaurant, therefore my brother waited for us outside the restaurant and we walked in together. same as penang's Tao's restaurant, it's all u can eat buffer. We sit and start eat, while Vernon is jumping all around the place. He not interested at the food at all. I tried to fed him the cod fish, cawan mushi and the cheese in the crab. He all say -----no no.............................luckily I brought along wati to take care of Vernon. as he is very highper active. run all around the place non stop. maybe he got his gang - Joshua and jolene.

we ate till the close of buffer lunch time and left to shopping....................

we were discuess where to shop.......................big family gathering :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Speak More Words

friday evening - as usual we will picked up Vernon from MIL house after work. Tonight Nai nai already cook dinner for us so we took our dinner at home. Kakak wati told me that Vernon started to say more words. She said Vernon normally will sit on the "bang ku" and watching her wash clothes and cooking in the kitchen. This morning he told kakak :

Vernon : Nai nai go shopping
Mommy go work
Kakak wash clothes
kakak cook rice

After dinner when we went to Queensbay mall, he saw a father shop with a baby in the stroller.
Guess what Vernon Boy say : papa push baby.

my family all very proud of his progress in speaking and learning.......... especially his nai nai and ah mah. Who always praise him.
James and I knew that we cannot stop from providing him learning and teaching/guidance him.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Celebrate Vernon Birth-day

**CNY just around the corner, all the mall are decorated with Red tung lung and flowers14-Jan-2008 Monday - Today is the real Vernon birth date, papa told mommy don't need to cook tonight. We went out for dinner and then brought Vernon to somewhere. Papa drove while mommy think where to go? at the end we decided to go to gurney plaza so that we can bring Vernon go to Toy'R Us to play & also there's a small indoor playground on the 4th floor. Vernon can also play for a while since he love there so much during our last visit.
We reached gurney plaza about 7pm, and walked along the restaurants located beside the G hotel to see what we want for dinner. We saw a new korean BBQ chicken restaurant which we have not tried b4. alright.........tonight we're going to have chicken for dinner. one of the specialty is the korean ginseng fried chicken, so we ordered that and it come with 2 side dishes serving for 2 person. pretty big portion though the price is expensive if compare to KFC.
As usual, when we brought Vernon boy went into Toy'R Us. He love to go to the back sections and play with those display toys. He do not want to leave the place till we told him that we go play Jom Jom.....want? then only he follow us and straight go to 4th floor indoor playground. He really enjoyed and had a happy delighted day. I want to blog it so that he can read and see it when he grow up how Mommy & daddy pampered

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy swimming

13-Jan-2008 Sunday - It's warm sunny Sunday, Vernon had a good afternoon nap. We decided to bring him to go swimming at the PSC. He is the most happy boy today, he love water and by seeing the pool, can't wait to jump in without mommy. I told him mommy have to wash b4 go into the pool.
Vernon : mommy..........swimming.
Mommy : Wait.......mommy have to wash wash first.
Kakak have to hold on Vernon boy till I get ready else he want to walk into the baby pool by himself. One thing we forgot to bring this time is Vernon's float.
no choice, I have to hold on him all the time to ensure he don't get drown.
He is so happy swimming since it's been sometime he don't go swimming. As earlier, always raining so no chance to go swimming at all.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

2nd Birthday

12-Jan-2008 saturday - Time fly very fast, Vernon boy turn "2" years old on 14-Jan-2008 follow the lunar calendar. This year we decided to celebrate Vernon's 2nd birthday 2 days earlier than his real birth date. As his real birth date 14-Jan is fall on Monday, we thought that weekend will be the best time for relative to attend.
We ordered an Elmo's cake for Vernon since Elmo's is Vernon most favorable character. we also bought him an Elmo's T-shirt that come in pair with papa. The T-shirt saying "Daddy & Me". Let's show u later.
**Daddy & Me waering the same Elmo's T-Shirt
The food preparations for the birthday - we decided to cater from outside. One thing is I do not want ah mah to be too tired to prepare food, the other thing is I also unable to prepared so many food in my apt myself. Mommy got help from friends & nai nai who provided catering contact. however many of caterer unable to make it on that day for me as their schedule already full earlier. As a result, mommy have to ask the PSC restaurant whether able for catering out on that day. luckily, they can make it but I have to pick up my food from CSC.
These are the food that ordered for this special day for my boy.
8 dishes :
1. Belacan Chicken, 2. Kam Heong Prawns, 3. shark fin with eggs, 4. Sweet & sour fish, 5. Perking duck, 6. PSC Special spring roll, 7. Special fried mee, 8. Broccoli with mushroom.
On top of these food, Ah mah also prepared 白果糖水, fruits & Yam cake as dessert.