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Friday, May 30, 2008

Evening Outing at the beach

A windy evening Papa decided to bring Vernon to the beach together with me.
I was very sad & deeply depressed for the past weekend due to some unfortunately thing happened to me. At least I have been recovered after a long week rest and talk to my friends and family.
Vernon boy not use to go to the beach as he dare to step on the sands. He felt dirty and keep asking us to blow the sand away from his feet even though he got wearing sandal.
Then I told him doesn't matter, we can wash it after play. He listened to us and continue playing and "korak" the sand. I took some of the sea shell to show it to him as he only see it in his book but never saw the real one. as I think this is a good opportunity for him to see & learn.
we were there till the sun gone down and the sky getting dark then we headed to ah mah house for dinner.

Satay lover

Papa knew that mommy has been looking forward eating satay and he went to buy 10 from a mamak stall nearby Jelutong after dinner time. While we were eating, Vernon quickly finished his milk and walk towards us in the living room. He said he want some satay too.
though i told him - Hot hot (spicy-oh) and he kept say I want.........mommy
OK, we just passed 1 stick of satay to him and he love to dip the satay into the satay source. he dip and dip and sip the source repeatedly.
wow, it's amazing that he can take hot & spicy food nowadays, like father like son. love spicy food.
my maid also saw that and she told me that actually Vernon want tasty & spicy food as she did tried to gave him some mild hot spicy fish at MIL house. he do take.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wesak Day

19-May-2008 Monday - This morning Vernon woke up early and we decided to bring him along to go pai pai at a temple which located next to Hang Chian High school (Buddha). James, me & sister in law together with Vernon boy went there. It's so hard to have a parking space, we just park outside of a vacant house and walk to the temple. This year not so crowded compared to the previous year. I believe long weekend and many people already went for pai pai early early to prevent traffic jam. After bought some flowers, we straight go into the main hall. I can't believed my Vernon boy can pray in front of the buddha and if u observed how he sit. It's amazing that he sit there with this posistion for about 10 min without moving and just pray and look up & down fromt the roof to the side wall. James take this opportunity to took his pic.
After praying we headed to Vernon's grdfather temper for pray and then only go home for rest.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse Club house

17-May-2008 - saturday Vernon woke up early in the morning @ 7am. The 1st thing he thought of is watching mickeymouse clubhouse. He can pronouce and told u that he wanted to watch mickeymouse clubhouse. He knew all the characters'name in the mickeymouse clubhouse and love to dance the HOT DOG dance like them especially at the begining portion. Love to see him dancing like them.

He can name each of them when they start saying Meeska Mooska Mickey mouse and introducing each of them :
* Mickey mouse
* Mini mouse
* Daisy
* Donald duck
* Goffy
* Pluto

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Traffic Lights

15-May-2008 - Tuesday
Vernon boy very alert and likes to keep track of every traffic lights that we passby on our way home or when we going out. He normally will tell us :

Vernon : Papa Green go, Red stop !!

whenever we stop at a junctions ready to go or ready to stop.
I found it interested to note down so that I can knew when he started to understand the indication of traffic lights.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pao Yu

9-May-2008 - Friday night as usual we went to MIL house for dinner and fetch Vernon boy. Before we want to leave MIL house Vernon normally will pray and gave nainai a good night hug. No exceptions for that night but Nai nai asked me & James to watch what Vernon will do during praying. Vernon knell in front of the god and he suddenly say some words :
佛保佑Vernon chua 平安 and 快高长大.

I & James almost can't believe that he can pray 佛 with those words.
I asked nai nai how can he remembered all these words, she told us that Vernon boy everyday stand besides her while she is praying and nai nai thought him the words every day. I think this has been a few weeks ago and it really works.
teaching kids especially language is not a day or 2 can be done. we need to be patience and spend time together. this is what I learnt from the parenting class that conducted by Dr. Sim.

Disposable diapers (good Progress)

9-May-2008 friday - no disposable diapers during nightime still in progress as there's 2 times where he drink too much waters and wee wee on the bed. so still have to keep monitoring and encouraging him to go toiletb4 bed & during the middle of the night. this is the hardest part I can say............becoz sometime I myself too tire to ask him during the middle of the night.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's day celebrations with Ah Mah

3-May-2008 - Saturday night we celebrate mother's day together with Ah mah @ PSC snake temple. We went together with ah mah & Ah kong as my brother and his kids are on another car. while Joshua & Jolene have to wait for his papa. We all met at the restaurant except my elder sister and family becoz Lucas was having some minor food poisoning.
This place is serving German cuisine and we never tried it b4 though we always went to psc for dinner. The portion of the food is really big enough for 2 person. and I love the food especially
the salad and the soup. really look good & taste good.

specialty pork chop & mix grill

I was asking Vernon what he want as I want to train him to eat out together with us.
He chose to take the hotdog, potatos & wedges.

after the dinner, all the koko che che have ice-pop for dessert, no exceptions for Vernon.
He love the traffic light ice-pop and enjoy so much.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's day celebrations with Nainai

1-May-2008 - Thursday we celebrated mother's day together with Nainai & chor chor at a hokkien cuisine restaurant near khoo kong si. It's a pre-ware house converted into restaurant and really cozy when you sit inside the dining hall. we had special poh pien as 1st dishes and follow by having our lunch with varieties of hokkien dishes that i used to eat at my home.
*black vinegar Tu kar
*Curry fish
*steam egg
*Chu hun

During lunch they all talked about how Vernon is doing and off course never miss saying he is a talkative boy as everyone known. especially chor chor, she also said Vernon boy can talk non stop with her while she is watching the Taiwan movies till she cannot concentrate on the stories.
after lunch we brought Vernon to the burma road aquariam since it's holidays and we never been there.

Visting Penang Aquariam

1-May-2008 - Thursday. It's a labor day after we had lunch celebration for mother's day together with nainai & Chor chor we proceed to penang aquarium at Burma road.
it was a sunny & warm day and papa could not get a car park in front so we have to park our car behind the restaurant nearby and walk to the aquarium.
This aquarium is a 3 stories building selling animals - fishes, dogs, cats, birds & reptiles. Vernon love the hamster which he called them 老鼠 老鼠. but he pretty scared of spiders in the display glass. he kept telling Vernon 害怕.
many peoples went there just to buy fishes and some of them busy choosing the fish that they want. while some is sending their dog/cat for hair cut & etc.
we walked by the corner and saw there's a pic corner for visitor to take some photos.
there's big crown fish which really cute.