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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hidding in the Cupboard

7-Mar-2009 Saturday Morning - After we had our breakfast Vernon was playing with his cars & tools in the living while I am preparing the lunch and papa is watching the TV.
Out of sudden we didn't hear the little boy voice and wonder where he is. We just saw his toys all around the floor near his toys cabinet. Then we ask : Where are you......Vernon!!
Vernon : I am here.

Papa quickly take a snapshot of how playful of this little Vernon. He is so tiny enough to get himself squeeze inside the cabinet. Toddler at this age think differently and can do anything we can't imagine. Just like a few months back, he hide himself inside my wardrobe and what I did to prevent him from hiding himself is, I tried to use his baby stuff to block all the space inside so that he got no place to stand inside my wardrobe.
This time we were thinking of putting the heavy truck inside to fill up the cabinet in order to prevent him from playing this type of game again.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The words "U know"

6-Mar-2009 Friday - Recently when Vernon is talking to anyone of us. He love to use the words : You Know........into his sentence.
We also wonder where he pick up this and join these 2 words into his sentence.
just like the American love to use.

How he use this words :
Vernon :
**You know, i went to Tesco with Papa & mommy.
**You know, Koko Joshua gave me paper and pencil
**You know, I play the drum.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Spell or what alphabet the words start with

5-Mar-2009 Thursday - Lately Vernon love to post Q to us.
The Q he asked is "How to spell ????" or what words start with the particular alphabet.

He normally will gave us a "words" and then ask us to spell the words for him.
not sure did he pick up any of the spelling if we spell for him.

Words he ask :
instruments name - Violin, xylophone, drum, flute..................

Other than this, he also will ask what alphabet the words start with.
just like he asked us what instrument start with V, or start with M.
then we have to response to him that is Violin & maracas. sometime if we say there's no instrument start with that alphabet, he will argue with us......................Got.