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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too Bored to play

These days when he's bored to play with his toys.........what Vernon did is!!
He will move all the pillow and arrange it and then lie down on it.
He enjoyed doing it since he got no partner to play with. So whenever he went back to ah mah place, he want to stay there longer than ever. As he got many koko che che to play with and he enjoy follow them.

Wedding Dinner

Big Koko feed Small Boy...............
30-Dec-2007 - Monday evening we were invited to a relative wedding dinner at 海外天 Restaurant in Perkaka. When we reached there, Vernon saw all unfamiliar face. He started to cry, and I have to soothing him down by bring him to the other side of the restaurant. When he did not see the rest of the people he cool down. I tried a few attempt than only can get him get use to the place & people surrounding. finally he can stay on his high chair and play with Joshua. See how happy he let Joshua koko to feed him keropok.
U know, the world are really small, I met my confinement lady in the dinner. she come to say hi to Vernon & all of us, but off course although i don't like her. I still ac like normal and greet her back. Vernon boy not even want to look at her, I believed Vernon boy still have a sense that she is the one the hurt him so deep and left him while he was hospitalized.
We don't really enjoyed the dinner very much as there's smokers & alcoholics sitting next to us.
we felt so sick with the smoke & smell. so after the dinner start not long, we left the place.
The bride & bridegroom were seated.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Song

last week of Dec FY2007 - Vernon learnt to sing another 1 more song which is the well known "Birthday Song". I can't wait to see him sing the birthday song during his 2 yrs old birthday.
He can sing clearly the song and every words...............really amaze all of us including my sisters. As lately Vernon love to video call joshua mommy, he always looking forward to meet joshua and play with him. with the video call, he can see Joshua & EE thru the phone screen.
Just like today afternoon, he called Ee again and sing to her the Birthday song to her.

Vernon : Happy birthday Nai nai

Happy Bithday Kuku

Happy birthday E-e.

Happy birthday Ah mah

Happy birthday Ah Kong

Happy birthday Mommy

Happy birthday Papa

Happy birthday Vernon

Happy birthday Chor Chor

Happy birthday koko & che che.

Dine out with Ah Kong & Ah Mah

29-Dec-2007 Sunday Night - We had dinner together with Ah Kong & Ah Mah at Trader's hotel penang since we can't make it with them during x'mas eve. Vernon enjoyed the chips so much, he finished a number of chips and then ah mah thought that he might want some soup. Ah mah specially brought him a bowl of shark fin soup............ah yah....he taste the soup, and say -no-no soup to ah mah. Then ah mah gave him some ice-cream to try, he also say no.

He really have a different taste from other kids. Normally kids love all these stuff, but he is in the opposite one. However, the buffer have not much choices of food, we finished our dinner pretty fast. B4 we left the hotel, we had some pic with the blue lights X'mas tree.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Truck

It'was a sunny morning, after Vernon had his breakfast and still do not want to take his morning nap.
Kakak asked Vernon : Nak Apa?
Vernon :
When we on the truck for him, he saw the truck go around in circle directions non stop. Out of his curiousity, he turn upside the truck and take a look what make this truck able to turn incircle directions.
After he put down the truck and let the truck run. He still keep on eye on the truck to see whether it go after him or not...............if no.......then he will say :

Playing with Papa

One night after we finished our dinner and watching TV in our living room. Our boy was non stop climbing up to the top of our sofa. James worried that he might fell down, so he asked Vernon boy to come down and play count 1,2,3...... "Give me Five". See how happy this boy playing with Papa, though is a simple game.

Monday, December 24, 2007

X'mas eve dinner@EQ

24-Dec-2007 Monday - Every year we have Christmas eve dinner with Nai Nai, Chor chor, kuku & Ee. Not exceptions for this year.....................we planned back from KL a day earlier of X'mas eve so that we can make it to this yearly family dinner.
This year we had our X'mas dinner @ EQ penang Coffee garden. Something different from previous year where we usually chose the hotel in the town area.
We headed to the EQ hotel about 6:30pm due to Vernon woke up late. When we reached the hotel, the car park near the lobby entrance was full, so papa have to park to the east side of the car park where near to the matahari ballroom entrance. We have to walk a distance b4 get to the coffee garden. On our way, we met a Santa clause walking to the hotel bar. He stop by and had the photo with Vernon.
When we reached the coffee garden, Nai nai, Kuku, Chor Chor & E-po already waiting long for us. Vernon saw too many people in the place and started.
Vernon : to go home
Mommy : Nai naiKuku & chorchor is here. why crying?? cookie want?
Vernon: hold the cookie and stop crying.
Mommy : I brought him back to our table.
He is ok and I finally can start my dinner. There're lots of variety of food to choose......................I like the raw salmon....sushi & the BBQ stuff.

Towards the end of the buffer, hotel arranged a group choir sing few songs. Vernon boy enjoyed so much and standing in front of the choir group like conducting the group singing the song.
Mommy & Vernon with the nice X'mas cake as the backgroud.

Wishing Chor Chor & good bye kiss

Pic : In front of the X'mas Decorations at the EQ lobby.
About 10pm we left the coffee garden and headed home with a very very happy eve........

Merry X'mas & happy New Year !!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Day @ KL

above Pic : - Mommy & Vernon on the dossert hotel corridor.
23-Dec-2007 Sunday morning we're about to go for our morning bintang walk.
It's very early, no much people in along bukit bintang. only the cleaning workers...................we took some picture in front of starhill as there're many colorful "Moo....Moo.." statue along the walkway. Vernon boy is so happy after a good night sleep, and we saw many shops still not open and can't find a place for breakfast. We decided to walk to Timesquare since it's just 2 blocks away.
: Pic took infront of Pavilion Mall : StarHill & the Color Moo Moo
When we reached timesquare, don't see much shopper yet. It's still early, we happily took some pic with the x'mas tree. and here we took a family photos. this really fun & hard as I have to support Vernon from the back. Becoz he is not enough tall to reach the hole to show his face, same as me. I have to hold on Vernon by tip toe while showing my face of me. the output still not bad.
Actually I don't like timesquare though this is 1st time i went there as it's just like our perangin mall. not much different, maybe I have nothing to buy. So after we had McDonald's breakfast & a short window shopping. we left the place earlier than we planned and back to bukit bintang again.
Outside of Timesquare................................................................................
: Papa Holding Vernon riding the Blue Moo Moo with bell.
Can u see how happy Vernon riding on the Moo Moo......actually there's a behind story. He saw the moo moo is wearing the bell. He saw an arabian kids playing with the bell, so is he. We need to find a moo moo wearing a bell for him as well, if not I am not sure this kids will push the other kid or not.
: Pic took inside the StarHill. We went to naughty thing Vernon did is he kept running into the LV shop. One funny thing is the shop keeper also keep open the door welcome him. and I am like a stupid mom chasing after my boy up & down the LV shop 4 u believe? I told papa if my boy is buying me the handbag, i don't mind to walk up & down, in & out 4 times. as a result I asked papa to take a pic for me together with Vernon in front of the shop. Next time when my boy is older enough. I want to tell him about this and hope he can make my wish come true too :)

Well, we took our brunch @ Isetan b4 back to our hotel and ready to go HOME (penang) in the afternoon.

Wish u all Merry X'mas & happy New Year 2008 !!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


22-Dec-2007 Saturday morning - After checked out from Traders hotel we headed to our next destinations. Where? A Whole new mall in KL - Pavilion shopping mall.
It took us about 10 min drive to this brand new Pavilion mall located in Bukit Bintang.
This is another brand new big mall.......................................................
Well, we 're so lucky to get a parking space easily, I think becoz we 're still considered early bird. When we reached the ground floor of the mall, we heard a unique sound of instrument and we walked further down by follow the direction where the sound of music come from. There we saw a lady performer playing "Harp", seldom see people playing this types of instruments lately. Love the unique sound.
Vernon was attracted to the sound and the uniqueness of the instrument as well. He stared at the performer till his eye not blinking at all. We knew he love music and the sound so well.
White X'mas Tree in the Mall Lobby with all the balls hanging, he is excited with the sparkling ball ornaments. and told us uncle touch touch !!
Oh it's time for lunch again, need to find food for vernon boy again. There're so many restaurants in this big mall, we decided to go around to see the menu. We walked walked till we come to the front door of a Restaurant called 代 山 宮 New Tang Dynasty Gourmet. The food look good & tasty after look at the menu pic.Our table just right in the middle of the restaurants, the menu was very fancy & colorful with all the pictures of the food. Papa & I undecided which one we want to try, as most of the foods look so good to us. End up we asked the waitress to recommend which is the highly recommended food. We chose a few dishes include the "fish in the net" especially for Vernon boy and a bowl of
Herbal Chicken soup.
. While waiting for his food, he is making fun there.
The first dish where I am holding is the bacon fried with the "kim cham" mushroom. this is really good to try. *2nd - fish in the net *3rd - Tofu with shrimp in the chili paste & cashew nut. *4th - chicken in lemon sauce & last dish is the fried squid. I like the decorations & atmosphere of this restaurant, the waitress & waiter were so polite. Services was so good.....................I highly recommended this restaurant if u have not try before. This is the 1st outlet in Malaysia and it has outlet in Taiwan & shanghai as well.
After lunch we planned to shop from the top floor down. First, we walked into the "Times" bookstore - we saw it has a promotion where buy 2 get 3rd free. We saw some books for Vernon, however when we went to the counter ready to pay. The cashier told us that all 3 books must have the sticker in order to entitle for the promotion buy 2 get 3rd free. We have to went back to children dept to search over again. end up we did not buy it as can't find any other books that suitable for Vernon. We walked to the middle of the mall, there're a few more snow white X'mas trees. Again, Vernon went to touch the Ornaments and keep telling us : X'mas tree......X'mas tree !!
In the middle of the mall lobby, there's a another big snow white x'mas tree. It bright up the mall and attracted many people taken pic.
There'was some x'mas event coming up in the afternoon but we're not sure what will be the event. We just window shopping till Vernon felt sleep, so I & wati together with Vernon boy sat on the chair along the walkway of the ground floor. We are too tired to shop anymore while papa still go around. Not long there's a Santa clause together with a group of people walking on to the stage. Papa then came back & asked me to hold Vernon go & queue up to take pic with the Santa. We only need to pay RM1 for the pic with Santa, so it's limited to the first 50 who queuing up. No choice I have to hold Vernon on my arm & queuing up. Hope that Vernon will woke up b4 our turn lah. Very fast, the lane was close and it's our turn........Vernon boy still slept on my arm, papa told me to wake him up. Luckily he woke up on time and did not cry when the Santa say "merry X'mas" to him.
The unique thing is this is an English "Santa Clause"
We successfully took the family photos..........see the output : Not Bad ah!!

About 4pm after we picked up our photos from the Kodak center, Vernon still looks tired and felt sleepy so we drove to hotel Dossert for a short rest. One thing I don't like dossert hotel is the car park, too narrow & too dark. The room is so-so lah, but the price is a big higher compare to traders hotel.
Vernon relax watching TV & writing on the bed.......he keep asking for pencil & paper.
In the Evening,we did not drive anymore since our hotel is just a walking distance to Pavilion mall & bukit bintang. Papa said the food court at Pavilion mall is really big and must have lots of varieties food. We walked to the mall food court, it was very hard to find a sitting place. Vernon really give us a hard time as the food court do not have a high chair for baby. He climbing up the cushion and jumping from one end to the other end of the cushion.

While shopping papa saw a big poster of an up coming Chinese restaurant with a giant small dragon dumpling & a straw. Found interesting. isn't it?
Around 7pm many people gather in the lobby of the mall again waiting for a x'mas show.
It's about the king & queen..............colorful performance.
By the time we finished watching the show, it'was raining outside. We had hard time to walk out to bukit bintang. so we decided to stay in side of the pavilion mall and postpone our bukit bintang walk to tmr.