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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calendar days

Last 2 weeks I started teach Vernon about our calendar days :


He already managed to speak out Monday - Sunday. and even can say tomorrow.
but every time u ask tomorrow is???
He will always tell u tomorrow is Monday. as I still can't think of how to let him understand the calendar day is moving.

Little Pianist

28-June -2008 Friday night - After we came back from shopping, Vernon took papa's notebook and put in front of his mini piano. He play the music and pretend he is looking at the note in the book. I believed he must have watched someone play piano and he want to be like them.
I told James about letting Vernon to attend a music lesson next year. as MIL house neighbour is a piano teacher, not too sure want to send him there or want to send him to a music school.

Look & Find

We have started training Vernon's right & left brain by letting him look & find the pictures & matching.
What we use to train? We bought some books like : - "Backyardigans first look & find" & "Barney Search & spot" where there's a few items show in the side bar and u have to find the items from the pictures. First time Vernon look at the items & when we asked him to search the items & match from the picture. He reack a bit slow, but gradually on the following day he can quickly spot & find the items. He even can easily point for u.
Now he is the expert and want to ask us back :
Vernon : Mommy, Where is the triangle? where is the...the blue letter?
The other day when we pass by a book store in the downtown, I saw the flash card game call "donkey"
it reminded me my younger days where we used to play in school. and this is a good game for see & match flash card game. as the picture in the game come in pair. So I use it to test Vernon, he easily find the items/picture I ask.
so maybe later I am thinking of buying him the "happy Family"game. where we have to match the family member of the profession.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Papa's big Boy

27-June-2008 Friday - Friday evening when we were in MIL house, Vernon start show his monster attitude. what he did?..............he ride his bicycle in the living room knocking the cupboard. After the 1st knock, James told him to stop knocking the cupboard.

James : Stop knocking ah...Vernon.
Vernon : Vernon very angry, papa stay at nai nai house.

We all shock about what he said, nai nai told us that he always speak English at home.
After when we reached ah mah house, we told her about this. Then ah mah said, he is actually follow us as we used to told him, if u naughty u will stayed at nai nai house.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creativity & innovations

One evening after came back from Ah mah house, Vernon boy went to my open kitchen cabinet and he took the tea box + his finger food biscuit. He took the items & stack one by one, then he pull my hand & James hand to watch what he has done. He told us this is Vernon tower.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

15-June-2008 Sunday evening - My Family (sister-in law & sisters) normally take turn to plan for special occasion exp father's day, mother's day. This year father's day due to my brother was on biz trip to china. so left only sis-in law & kids, my younger sis & us to celebrate this special day with father/kong kong. Sis-in law planned & do the booking and notify us when & where we will gather. On the day, we went to ah mah house to pick up both my parents and headed to the restaurant "Little Cottage" located in the waterfall hotel.
We enjoyed the food and environment very much. however the price & portion of the food was not per what we expected. Kong kong said we should go to "The ship" with such price paid.
Vernon did not like the claim chowder soup at all, so he just took the bun + magerine & the grill fish that I ordered. while papa had his special seafood set - Lobster with chicken.

anyhow, all of us had a very enjoyable night.

Vernon is wearing - Elmo's Papa & I T-shirt (James purposely went back to nai nai house to get this t-shirt so that his son can wear same T-shirt with him).

Dinner together wtih 3-ku kong

15-June-2008 Saturday evening we had a dinner at PSC to bid farewell to 3 ku kong + girlfriend. After the dinner we had a family gathering & chit chat while nai nai had his karaoke at the lounge till we all very tired and looking forward to our slumber land.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Special visit of 3-ku kong to our Apartment

14-June-2008 - Saturday afternoon 3 ku-kong + his girlfriend together with nai nai, e-po & chor chor finally make a visit to our apartment b4 they left for London on Sunday morning.

Early morning of that day, i woke up extra early around 7am and went to Jelutong market as I plan to buy some of the nyonya kuihs, kelabu bee hun, local fruits (nanka, campedak......) and fresh soya drinks to host them.
they suppose to be here about 10am, due to nai nai can't make it. The plan delay till around noon where about lunch time - 12 pm they only arrived our place.
Soon they arrived and I am happy they yet taken any lunch. They very enjoyed the food that i had prepared for them. especially the local fruits - Nanka & the fried campedak & kelabu bee hun.
after some light lunch, they looked at Vernon's photos & also our wedding photos.
around 2pm, they wanted to headed home as chor chor need a nap as tonight we had a dinner with them.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Going out with 3-ku kong

13-June-2008 Friday - 3 ku-kong & his English girlfriend were all the way back from London to attend chor-chor's 88 birthday and they stayed in penang for another week b4 headed home again. This is the last weekend they stay in penang, so Papa want to treat them something they delighted and have long been missed. As a result, we chose the Northam Cafe where they can tried a varieties of hawkers penang specialty food.
They really enjoyed the foods till u can see the whole table were foods. and also the sea breeze since the cafe is just next to the beach.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Celebration of Chor Chor 88 Birthday

8-June-2008 -Sunday evening : We were going together with ah mah & kong kong to attend chor chor's 88 birthday party at Cititel hotel penang. This is a Nyonya-baba party where most of the family & friends were wearing "Kebaya"(traditional nyonya baba costume). luckily I had my Tailor made pink color kebaya a month b4 the party and I just got it 2 days right b4 the party.
the dinner started on time upon all the guest arrival and we were sit ted just right in front of the stage. We enjoyed the traditional dance and songs presented by Nainai, e-po & friends.

Kong-Kong, Ah Mah, Nai nai, mommy in kebaya & papa in Hawaii shirt + me................see I am very hungry. As soon as I got the birthday pao. I gave a big

Big family of Papa. Chor-chor's special 88 cakes

Towards the end of dinner, Vernon saw a bunch of colorful balloons decorated & tie next to the stage. and I told Vernon to asked from the auntie ack as speaker of the night. Without feared he walk towards the stage and asked for it. The auntie cut the balloons and gave the whole bunch to Vernon boy. He happily walked back to our table, see how happy he is with his colorful balloons on his way home.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Riding super bike

Vernon boy was stayed at ah mah house for the past 3 weeks. What he trained up is riding this super bike as fast as Joshua koko. He can turn the corner and push it with his leg as fast and steady. now Joshua koko have to give up his bike and let this little Vernon to ride whenever he is in ah mah house. Very nice and gentle of Joshua koko taking care of him. Vernon sometime want to own everything and he will start crying for the toys or books. though most of the time Joshua agreed to borrow to him, but I can see Vernon's sometime act too much on it. and what i did is try to offer him other things. I found it harder compare to when he was below 2 years old. Toddler can remember and come back to u for the thing he want after a while. unlike last time, he can just forget about it and play with his new toys.

Driving car

Vernon love to drive his papa's car when he saw his papa left the car to somewhere for a while. even 5 minutes he also will request me or kakak wati to help release him from car seat and he will hop to the front seat. then he will sit on the driver site and pretend he is driving the car. happily turn the steeling wheel round and round and he will sing his favorite song - the wheel on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round all through the town.
He knew James will scolded him if he come to driver seat. he kept telling me papa scold vernon...................however he still want to play and always watched out the window if papa is back. and will told us.....papa will scold him in chinese.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Recently my Vernon boy love to sing his favorite song :

*The wheel on the bus
*Rain Rain go away
*Roll Roll your boat
*Bla bla black sheep
*twinkle twinkle little star
*Old McDonald's had a farm
*1 little 2 little 3 little Vernon, 4 little 5 little 6 little Vernon, 7 little 8 little 9 little Vernon, 10 little Vernon boy. (I thought him as Indian boy but he change it to by using his name).

MIL always complaint that the words he sing was not clear enough. and want me to help him by following Vernon to sing every time he sing the songs so that he can sing it perfectly and clearly the next time. However, Vernon boy won't allow me to interrupt him whenever he sing the songs. and what he did is he will say
..............."STOP" mommy "STOP"
and he even smart enough to use his hand to close my mouth to shut me up from sing together.
and sometimes, if he don't like the song u sing. He will also say "STOP" and he change the song.

The other day I was talking to James as I am a bit worried that he always want to rule other people to follow him, not sure will him follow the teacher when he went to nursery or not.

I don't Want

Lately Vernon love to say the words : "I don't Want"

Whenever u asked him want milk milk, he will reply - I don't want !!

the funny thing is the other day I asked him whether u want to buy a new swimming pants - he directly say - I don't want in front of the sales person stand beside us, the sales girl laugh at him.
told us he is funny and I have to walk away since he don't want and he definitely don't allow us to put on & try on the swimming pants.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Toys

additional tools to add into his original tools box

Construction trucks toys

Last Sunday 1-June2008 - Jusco was having the monthly sales just like every other month. we were having window shopping. we walked passby the toys department where we saw there'were toys for sales. and saw many parents grabbed the remote car, so James take a look on the sales toys and found those tools set that Vernon might like it as it will add more to his original tools set. The offer is pretty worth as we only need to spend 30% of the original price.