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Friday, May 29, 2009

New Addition to Chuah Family

29-May-2009 Friday - As usual I drove to work on Thursday morning, my boss seeing me walking very difficult in that morning and advice me to finish setup out of office and went home as early as possible. However, I insist to stay till 4pm only left the office.

That night when I went home, everything still like normal till I went to my mom's place for dinner. I felt a little bit of contraction every half an hour, my parents asked James to went home to bring my bag while I stay at their place monitoring. and we told Nai Nai to took care of Vernon that night. till 11pm, the contraction seems still happen half an hour only. So I decided to go home for a good sleep.

at 2pm I woke up and the contraction start to take place every 10 min and followed by every 8min. I told James, have to be prepared as I have a feeling that my baby is coming out tomorrow morning. About 4:30am I can't get back to sleep and felt the contractions is getting closer every 6min. So I woke up and took a bath and get ready, then woke papa up.

James drove me to GMC hospital in the early morning of 5:30am. I was sent to Maternity ward and monitoring baby's heartbeat and my dilation just about 3 cm only. Not long, the nurse brought me to the labor room. About 11am I start pushing, and baby Gerald finally came outside of mommy's womb @ 11:35am.

Date of birth : 29-May-2009
Birth Time : 11:35am
Sex : Boy
Weight at birth : 3.2kg
lenght : 50cm
OFC : 33cm

Friday, May 8, 2009

The most wonderful gift received on Mother's Day

8-May-2009 Friday - Tonight after dinner we went to Nai Nai house to fetch Vernon. Upon arrived at Nai Nai house, I saw Vernon jumping up & down in the living room with something holding on his hand.
The 1st thing he saw me, he come towards me and said to me "Happy Mother's day." then he hand over a mini picture frame with a lovely mother's day card that he did in his nursery in that morning.
I was so happy, and showed it to James. But James said you thought this is done by your son meh. I told him, it doesn't matter whether is fully did by him or not. So long he have put afford and involvement to create and design it. as a Mother, I am very Happy already.
See how nice is the picture frame (front)
At the back of the picture frame (Vernon told me he glue it)
And my lovely Mother's day greeting card from Vernon. Even we got home, he keep asking me and ensure I keep it properly.

Vernon : Mommy, the "Heart" flower card........where you keep it??

Monday, May 4, 2009

1st Day @ my nursery "Little Light House"

4-May-2009 Monday - 1st Monday of May FY09 mark Vernon Boy 1st day at Nursery "Little Light House."
James & I took a day off to ensure Vernon is doing fine during his 1st day @ the nursery.
As usual, 8am in the Monday morning Vernon still in his sweet dream. In order not to delay to school, kakak wati gave him his milk milk and he finished a bottle of milk after I finished taken my bath.
and I told kakak wati cook a bowl of oat meal and fed him. Vernon still relax and enjoying his breakfast slowly. It was almost 9am in the morning, James called up again to asked where are we. I need to dropped by Nai Nai house to pick up Nai Nai & papa due to starting the next day, Nai Nai will be the one that pick up & drop Vernon to Nursery. The teacher want to know who will be the one else they will not let go of the kids. This is to avoid kidnapping of Kids from Nursery.
The teacher waiting outside, come towards our car and hold Vernon, then go into the Nursery Lobby.
The moment he walked into the Nursery, the teacher told Ashley that your cousin "Vernon" is here as both of them will be in N1 (Nursery1) class. see what a cute post by both of them.
Vernon then walk towards toys rack and stating pulling the toys b4 the class start & while we were talking to the teacher. The teacher/headmaster told us that looks like Vernon will be doing fine as seems no sign of uncomfortable. He then follow the group Q up and walk towards their class.
**Today Vernon need to wear his home clothes as we just get his uniform today which come in sky blue & white.

My Family Photos

Apr 2009 - Papa love to have a family pictures taken during each of mommy's pregnancy. He told me that when all the kids grew up, we can show them how mommy's look like when they are in mommy's tummy. This time, the photographer uncle gave a special offer of the package we get as he took additional photos of Vernon and some free reprint.

My Family................................................with De-de in mommy's tummy.

Am I look handsome? with this Royal Prince costume