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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hair Cut - No more crying

31-Aug-2008 Sunday - It was a sunny weekend after breakfast we plan to bring Vernon for hair cut. When we arrive at the barber shop, the Indian guy just went out for brunch and his partner dare to cut baby's hair. We had to leave home since no one able to cut Vernon's hair. In the afternoon James want to stay at home to complete his jobs. As a result, I decided to bring Vernon back to the Barber nearby batu lanchang together with Kakak wati again.
Here we go, Vernon was so good boy. Let the Indian guy cut his hair till finish, no tear drops and crying at all. He even able to follow what he instruct him, bend down his head a bit...........
I & kaka wati.........very surprised and this is the 1st time ever he never cry since his few hair cut.

I hope he already get use to and will never cry again. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing during Potty Time

These 2 weeks When Vernon sitting on his potty chair to do his big business, he starting asking for his animals. and what he did is, he will pull 2 animals together and play along till his finish his big business. I found it very cute and this is what a kids will do during their childhood. so I quickly took my handphone to snapshot.

As I remembered Nai nai told me that James also have the same habit where he will singing and playing with toys while having big business during his childhood.

Vernon is just like inherit from his Daddy........people said "Like father Like son."

Writing skills

We bought a few writing exercise books from popular for Vernon to start learning his writing skills. And I found 123 or numbers is easier for them to pick up compare to alphabets. As I see Vernon use to join the alphabet by linking few lines instead of follow the normal writing sequence.
I decided to start from here, but I do face a problem where Vernon do not want me to hold his hand while writing. He always told me, no mommy.............Vernon write.....................
mommy only can watching and no holding. He very too Independence till we cannot disturb his capability or writing skills.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Moon cake from Kong Kong

1-Sept-2008 Monday- Today is the Malaysia independence day replacement holidays. So we went to Jusco in seberand jaya together with Ah mah, E-e, Joshua & Jolene. When we back in the evening, kong kong also back from Ipoh and Vernon insist want to go into Ah mah house instead of direct headed home. The 1st thing Kong Kong think of Vernon is giving him the 2 piggy moon cake that he brought back from Ipoh.
what a special and cute gift prior to the moon cake festive.
Vernon happily holding the 2 piggy moon cake and ran to the door, asking me to bring him home.