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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Incredibles

28-Mar-2008 - As usual every Friday night we will have our dinner @ MIL house and pick up Vernon. After dinner, we sat on the living room and watching Vernon's favorite Disney channel 613. So lucky, it was showing the "The Incredible". Vernon boy was so attracted to the movie and action of the incredible family especially the last part where they are fighting with the bad guy. and the incredible kids start using their secret weapons.
He can watched the incredible movie till his eye not moving at all.
Like father like son.................ha.....a....ha

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little boy playing Drum

27-Mar-2008 - Thurseday, MIL have to attend a movie making of Nyonya dance at a mansion in penang. Therefore, the whole day Vernon boy have to stay at chor chor house till MIL done with her movie.

Whenever he went to chor chor house, he love to go into the drum room where belong to his Daniel koko. Today, Nai nai get the permission from Daniel koko and let Vernon boy to play the drums. As if he is the expert of drummer, he kept telling us the Drum at chor chor house after came home in the evning.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Handy Manny

22-Mar-2008 - Papa decided to take out the kid tools box that he bought from U.S for Vernon. Vernon boy is now the Handy Manny fans and furthermore we found that it's time/age that he able to understand and handle the tools well.
He is very exciting when seeing us open up the tool box for him, can't wait to touch it and own it.
After we open up the tools box,he took out the tools one by one and we tried to teach him the name of each tools. Soon, he able to tell us what tools he need and everytime he watch the Handy Manny cartoon. He must carry the tools box and play while watching handy manny show.

He now can say what tools is it? Saw, screw driver, plier.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celebrate Papa B-day

19-Mar-2008 (Wed) - I decided to celebrate Papa by buy him a dinner @ E&O Hotel Penang. We go together with ah Kong & ah mah since both of them are Japanese food lover. and it's been some time ago I did not bring them out for dinner. We went to fetch Vernon boy from MIL house and then headed to pick up ah kong & ah mah after work. I planned to celebrate with papa james today as tmr is a public holidays so we do not need to rush home and can enjoy ourself. Luckily I book a table 3 days ahead as it was fully book by the time we reach there. Some drop by guest have to be in the waiting list for a table.
The food was so fresh and nice, many varieties of salad, and salmon is our best choice of food.
about 9pm we finish our dinner and we decided to have a walk along the seaside behind the restaurant. It's a windy day, and like going to rain soon. as a result, after taken some pictures we went home.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


14-Mar-2008 On our way home after dinner at MIL. I sang Vernon a brand new chinese song which suppose be 两只老虎 but I sing as 两只老鼠.....nevermind-lah.
Vernon boy was very interested with the new lyrics as he never hear mommy sing chinese song to him since he born. He love the lyrics very much, and keep asking me repeat the song once, twice and so that he can observed our movement of mouth and learning how to sing the song.
This is what Vernon said :

Vernon : 老鼠
Mommy : I knew he want the 老鼠 song.


today 15-Mar-2008, during our way to ah mah house. He able to sing together with me the 两只老鼠 song. I pretty happy as he can pick up chinese word as fast as english wording as well.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spell Out Name

13-Mar-2008 thruseday - Nai nai have dinner so I have to pick up Vernon from MIL place after work. When I reached there, nai nai told me she wanted to ask Vernon to show me something.
Hmmh......something new he learnt???
Correct.............Nai nai ask Vernon to spell out his name Vernon.

Vernon : V-E-R-N-O-N....................Vernon.

Wow.............this is really something amaze me as I didn't know that he is capable of spell out his name. This is the first words that he able to spell without look at the words.
When we went home, I told James about it. James reaction is......................he don't believe it.
prove it to him after dinner.
alright................after dinner when Vernon is reading his book in my room. I asked Mr.James to come to the room. Then I asked Vernon boy to spell his name.
He spell out without mistake, James so happy and also amaze with his son achievement.

Saturday, When we went to Ah mah house. again Vernon boy go and show off to everyone in my family that he is able to spell his name

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

8-Mar-2008 - friday night on our way to tesco after having dinner at Nai Nai place.
It was rain heavily seeing thru the car window, I suddenly think of sang Vernon boy the song - "Rain rain go away"
Vernon want me to sing him this song (repeated twice). He just sit on your car seat quietly listening and tried to follow me to sing the song.

" Rain, rain, go away"

On Saturday evening, after we had dinner at ah mah house and watch the result of voting. On our way home, the rain was so heavy. Then Vernon suddenly sing the song - Rain rain go away, baby Vernon want to play (off course the wording still not very clear) so we tried to help him and find tune of the words.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Magic Words

2 Weeks Ago - I talked to james that how to help Vernon to say the polite words when he want something and after he get something.
So we think a perfect way to hint him to say those words else he will not get what he want.
what is that???
Everynow and then we will hint him by telling what is the "magic words" when u ask mommy to get u the books?
He then will straight away tell us : Mommy books please.
and if his kakak bring him something, he now knew how to say "thank u"
Don't u think this is so great and perfect way of helping our kids to talk in the 禮貌 way. and eventually he will remember once he pick up.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Papa & Mommy's Name

7-Mar-2008 friday Vernon start able to tell his mommy & daddy's name : Hurray !!
When people ask : What is your papa's name in mandarin? he will tell u -->papajames
When people ask : What is your papa's name in mandarin? he will tell u -->Mommylaysi (not say very clear yet)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Words More

8-Mar-2008 - Thursday night I had a company dinner, when i got home and meet Vernon.

Vernon : Mommy want apple
Mommy : U really want apple or orange?
Vernon : Never mind..
Mommy : I laugh and took an apple from the fridge for him and told him to bring the apple to kakak to cut it into 4 for him.
Vernon : Quickly ran to kakak whom is in the kitchen to cut the apple for him.

Now Vernon's capability of learning new words is so strong, he sometimes even can mix english, malay words together. Like the other day he told me : Vernon masuk leg under pillow.
and Mommy's books heavy (when he want to move his books from book shelf to his reading table)