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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year (3rd Day)

28-Jan-2009 Wednesday - The 3rd day of Chinese Lunar Year every year, we will have a Family gathering lunch (James family side) at Star View Restaurant.
We Normally have 6 to 7 tables all together as each of the family will have 1 tables.
This year we are the early bird after the restaurant move to the new place at New World Park.
The lunch suppose to start around 12:30pm but at 12pm we still don't see any other family members yet. Therefore we walked around the New World Park and we saw a nice "Fook" decorations in the center of the new world park. Here we had a pictures with Nai Nai & Kuku.
and the big "coin" was drop off from the decoration, we pick it for Vernon to hold on it and took a picture of it.

Soon, it already 12:45pm and the rest of the family still yet arrive. We knew Vernon already hungry and he keep asking for his Rice............

Luckily Kuku just bought a octopus from the outside shop for him which still can kept him for a while. While we ordered a small plate of "hor Fun" for him first.

Then, one by one family arrived.............and elder uncle decided to start the lunch though there's still 1 one family yet arrive. they knew everyone is very very hungry and it already too late.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

25-Jan-2009 Sunday - Every Chinese New year Eve we will normally have have family gathering steamboat at Chor Chor house. There's no exceptions for this year as well.

26-Jan-2009 Monday - 1st day of the lunar Chinese New Year we sure went to Ah mah/Kong Kong house as there'll be a lion dance performance in the house early in the morning. and we knew Vernon love to see. On the day, as early as 7:30am we have to get ready our self and dress up Vernon prepared to go to Ah mah house.

We are the 1st family arrived, ah mah already have the dessert "Lian Chi Kang" ready for early bird. Eating dessert in the early morning of the 1st lunar day is family tradition meaning "Sweet" will bring to the family.

Ah Mah & Kong Kong start gave "Ang Pow" to Vernon. I asked my parents hold on the "Ang Pow' till Vernon wish them. and this is what Vernon boy said to them as he saw his "ang pow"

Vernon : Ah Mah ! Kong Kong! Gong Xi Fa Chai, Happy New year !!

Upon getting his ang pow, he asked me to keep for him.

Very Soon-8:30am the lion dance troupe came and perform the lion dance.

KoKos & CheChes all arrived.

My Sister is teasing Vernon again............They knew he is able to say the CNY wishing words.

In order to get his Ang Pow.......He knew he has to say the words "Gong Xi Fa Chai & Happy New year"

After the lion dance troupe left, we had our "Mee sua", Chinese long long noodle rs where Chinese believe eating this noodle will bring long life.
then we had family photos same as every year for remembrance.
About 11am, we go to Nai Nai house and then there about 4 relatives came to visit Nai Nai house and we only back to Ah mah house for lunch again.
After lunch, Vernon really look tired and we bring him to Nai Nai house for a nap b4 we go out to visit relatives again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Birthday (3 years Old) - 12-Jan

**I prepare home cook spaghetti, nuggets for the kids & some Nyonya kuih
** Ah mah cook her delicious giant prawns and jelly.

12-Jan-2009 Saturday - Time fly very fast, Vernon boy is now 3 years old............
This year I & James decided to celebrate Vernon's 3rd birthday at Ah mah house same as last year as Nai Nai house is too small to fit everyone in. Hopefully we can complete renovate our new house by 2009, and his 4th year old birthday we can celebrate in our new home.
This year we decided to invite relatives only with home cooking dishes and some take home foods cater from Chinese swimming club.
Lately Vernon boy love to watch POCOYO & friends, he never miss it every evening when it come.
Therefore, a week before Vernon's birthday when we went to order his birthday cake at Jenny's cake house at Pulau Tikus.
It reminded me to make a special "POCOYO's cake" for our little boy, and we special request the baker to design a big "#3" holding by POCOYO which means our little boy is 3 years old.
On the day, when we open up the box................. Vernon boy so happy seeing his birhtday cake is "POCOYO" same for the rest of the kids. The color was so attractives and it decorate wih smartties.
The happiest moment is when everyone sang him the birthday song and he blew the caddles himself.

Vernon's with Nai Nai, Chor Chor, 2 E-PO & 3 E-Po from England.

Above are his wonderful 3rd birhtday presents & Ang Pows from Ah Mah, Kong-kong, EEs, Nai Nai, Kuku, friends & relatives.

**Notice there's a birthday card that in brithday cake, this is the most special gift he got from Ee & family.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My lovely Boy

15-Jan-2008 Thursday night : As usual I & James had dinner at ah mah house after work, then only went to fetch Vernon boy home. When we reached Nai Nai house, we saw thru the window seeing Vernon was sitting alone on the living room sofa and smiling while watching "DIBO" his favorite Cartoons. We wait for while only open the gate & get in.
The moment we wait for Kakak Wati to tidy up Vernon's stuff, preparing to headed home. Usually we were reading newspaper, chit chat or watching cartoon together with Vernon.

Tonight, James was telling me some of the recent issues about our apartment's management things. He was not happy about how the management handle the residence money. Therefore, James's voice was a bit high in tone than usual tone, then Vernon boy thought that his Papa was angry at his mommy. He quickly go down from the Sofa and go to his papa and close his mouth with his hand, then he told his papa............................

Vernon : You stop!! no angry at mommy.............................okay
I laugh & laugh at James. ............ then told James-see your boy was so protecting his mommy.

What a Lovely Mommy's BOY.!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Block Nose

7-Jan-2008 Wednesday - Vernon had running nose last weekend but after taken spare medicine for a day, his running nose stop. At first, I thought he already fully recovered but till Tuesday night I still can hear his voice sound like block nose. So the next day morning I request Nai Nai to bring Vernon to Dr. Sim for a thorough checkup on his nose.

Nai Nai bring Vernon to Dr Sim's clinic at about 9:30am, at the time there's another patient also waiting outside Dr Sim's clinic. As usual, Vernon love to play at the slide and the Toy Car in SRIGIM hospital.
and as told by Nai Nai, he scold the younger boy :

Vernon : You go there, this is mine. you cannot play.....................................
Nai Nai : You must share share one.

From the observations, Nai nai seeing that Vernon only give way to those older boy and always bully the younger one.
Upon calling by Dr. Sim's Nurse to the clinic, he want to walk in himself and the 1st thing he saw Dr. Sim. He call : Dr. Sim.....Dr. it has been some time he never seen Dr. Sim. after his last Jab. then Dr. Sim gave him a big Hug before Dr. Sim check on him and told that Vernon is fine...................just need to have the block nose drop (IIadin) for a few days, it will go away.
when finished checkup, the 1st thing Vernon ask Dr. Sim :

Vernon : Where is my bandage?
and he keep checking on his hand and leg.
All of them laugh !! ............include Dr. Sim & his nurses. Then Dr. Sim gave him some sticker as rewards. only he stop asking for bandage.