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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Straits Quay

25-Dec-2010 Saturday - During the X'mas Eve dinner, Kuku's friend talking about new Shopping place in Penang and nice X'mas Decorations in Straits Quay. She said it is worth to bring the kids over especially during the X'mas season.

After all we decided to take these long weekend to pay a visit. Saturday noon, I told James to call MIL to see she is interested to join us to Straits Quay tonight.

About 5pm the kids are all woke up and we get them dress up then go to fetch MIL. The traffic was not too bad, probably is still early for dinner. The mall design is a bit different from the rest of the mall and we make sure we recognize the entrance is Quay-West.
The 1st thing we want to do is to find a dining place since the kids already making noise that they are hungry. When we walk to the outside alley, MIL met her friends there and she recommend one restaurant located at the end of west side on 1st floor - Cheeky Duck.
we are so lucky to get a round table right on the corner. and quickly place our orders in order not to delay further. When we look at the Menu, and just aware that they have a brunch in England. wonder the price of the food is also at that standard.

Honestly, the food is good but I think they can adjust the price lower a bit will be even better. we ordered the Peking duck since the restaurant name go after DUCK and the famous clay pot rice special request by MIL . we knew the duck must be good. and everyone enjoyed the food so much. Vernon love the Peking duck, he said so crunchy.

After dinner, we walk to the outside alley where there's performance and we met some friends and Vernon's Nursery teacher loo there. then Vernon saw some people holding ice cream, he start asking for it. so we walk towards the main lobby and seeing many peoples taking pictures with the candy bar and ice-cream deco. we did some photos taken and then seeing Swensen have a small stall there selling ice-cream. This is 1st time I bought expensive ice-cream cone that cost me RM9.90 each. Vernon enjoy his chocolate ice-cream so much, even MIL asking whether can share her the Cone. Vernon think & think there till he can't finish only he want to gave up.

The boys love the ice-cream & candyland decor so much.

Vernon enjoying his Swensen know this is his 2nd cone. He is very choosy till he insist want the chocalate flavours.

Friday, December 24, 2010

X'mas Eve Family Dinner @ Mizi Bistro

Smiley Face

24-Dec-2010 Friday - Today Evey one left the workplace sharp 5pm, no exception for me to avoid traffic jam. On my way home, I rush to Tesco to buy a last minutes gift for Chor Chor - a small hand bag. hope she like it though is inexpensive bag.

Before 6pm I & James ready to go to MIL house to pick up the boys. and headed to New World Park "Mizi Bistro", though we already make reservation a week in advance but they can't get us an indoor table. They only able to give us an outside table and we will get wet if raining. The owner is a good friend of 2E and kept apologize to us

Smiley Face

We look at the X'mas special set RM60 :
  1. Soup of the day (mushroom)
  2. Turkey (main course)
  3. Pudding dessert
  4. free flow of ice-cream + Drinks

I & Vernon did not take the Set, we ordered Fish & Chips with Soup (Vernon love mushroom soup).

My little Gerald boy 1st time blow the noise maker and very fast he able to blow with sound.
Both of them making so much noise that night. especially Gerald he so enjoyed dancing while 3 man playing X'mas Jazz music. We all really enjoy not the food but also the environment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vernon performance in his school Year End Concert in Wawasan University Penang

21-Nov-2010 - Sunday.
This Year Vernon's school concert fall on Sunday evening. I have invited Chor Chor & Kuku to attend his concert since Nai Nai & 2E unable to attend. On the day, I forced Vernon to go to the bedroom to has a quick nap. Seems like he is too excited and unable to close his eye & take a rest at first. fortunately very soon after Gerald sleep, he also get into his sweet dreamland.
about 3:45pm I get prepared his water bottle and costume. and only woke him up.
He ask me many WHY.
Vernon : Why I have to change clothes?
Me : you have School concert today
Vernon : what time is the concert?
Me : 4:30pm
Vernon : why I need to make up.
Me : Teacher want mommy to make up for you so that when U dance on the stage, everyone can see u loh.
Actually the teacher ask to be there by 4pm especially for those performers. We are late about half an hour. So lucky the Wawasan University security guide allow us to go into the in door car park after the open air car park is full. We just park our car right in front of the lift. so convenient then the early bird. haaa...aaaa.
Upon arrival, the teacher gave door gift and they immediately brought Vernon go to Backstage to get ready. and we are seated on the front row due to we told the school that we need front seat for chor chor. to make the old chor chor more convenient to walk and seated.

Very Soon, the graduate students of K2 walk out and to the stage.
and they have graduation appreciation and parents & graduate photo sessions.....etc
follow by the dance by N1, then here N2................My Vernon boy perform his Bon Bon dance.
he dance better than last year. actually he suppose to be in the Indian dance group, due to he reluctant to move faster step. His teacher moved him to this Bon Bon Dance.
Gerald also love to dance together when ever he heard the music in front of our seat.
The concert ended by 6:45pm, just nice to go for our dinner. at Gurney drive.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brothers love

Vernon & Gerald now play every night non stop when both of them meet together. The little boy love to lie on his brother.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vernon's ART class collection

24-Sept-2010 - I have been sending Vernon to Da Vinci Art program since last month (Aug'10). This is his 3rd lesson and his teacher have given a good commend on his talent. I can see he is getting good & improving in his drawing and coloring. At least it proof that I did not make a wrong choice of sending him to this program. Becoz initially I have some conflict with James that I insisted want to send Vernon to another Art class in a local school. However, James comment that that Art class location is not so strategic for us to send and pick him and furthermore the lightning of the class is not enough, it will damage the kids eye for long term.
Every week, he look forward asking me when he is going to his Art Class again. I always reminded him that he will go to Art class only on every Friday evening.
how lucky am i is Nai Nai is helping us to drive him to the class @ 7pm. I or James will pick him after the class.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

E-Gate New Cafe "PappaRich"

5-Sept-2010 - We love this cafe after 1st try due to it is very near and price reasonable.
I no longer cook for dinner since after kakak wati home for raya holidays. I knew taking care of 2 kids & house caos is more than enough to make me busy.

Vernon has grown a lot and he want to order his food by himself, i noticed that if we ordered on behalf and what he don't like. He will not eat it and end up I have to eat the food. so I let him make his own choice by showing the menu to him. He then told me that he wanted to take bread with cream milk and a cup of soy milk. When the food serve, he enjoyed eating the bread very much, even the Gerald also want to try on it.

one thing I noticed on our 2nd visit is the customer is getting more and service is drop. Asking the waiter/waitress to clean up the table for us also take 10-15mins. I almost give up & go to other restaurant. as Vernon already hungry.
**highly recommend the Nan + curry chicken.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mc D for Dinner

See how Gerald expression after tasting the french fries..........
4-Sept-2010 - Saturday
We tried to take the opportunity to bring the kids to McDonald's for dinner since they are having "BUKA PUASA" promotion. Where we can get value meals during dinner time as well.
When we are in the green lane McD, the 1st thing Vernon ask :

Vernon : Mommy, can I go upstairs & play?
Mommy : No, we better find a place down stair will do since Kakak not around and I have to look after both of u & di-di while papa buying the meals for us.
He obey what I told him and wait for his favorite cheese burger + fries. So I quickly fed Gerald with my home cook porridge. and I was having hard time to fed him as he is turning his head right & left looking surrounding and KPC with the auntie and uncle sitting right behind us.
oh....not long papa brought over our dinner and u can see how enjoy my Vernon boy eating the burger by himself. While the little Gerald also seeing the fries on the table. he also tempted to try on it and keep pointed at the fries. and I gave him some.
We all have a lovely evening and dinner time there.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gerald's development

30 Jul-2010 - I have long did not update Gerald's development. Hope this is still not too late to update it..........haa

He is now 14 months and able to walk very steady and even run around the house now.

Language - say papa, dark-dark (when I off the light in the room).

Teeth - 4 central incisor (2 up, 2 bottom), 2 lateral incisor.

Motor Skills - able to pick up anything very well. climb up stairs case, sometime he even intend to climb up on the table. this is what his koko never did.

Food - his daily main dish is porridge (potato, beans, broccoli, carrot & fish, etc) for lunch + dinner, cereal + EBM for morning.

Fruits - kiwi, dragon fruits is his favorite. orange & Apply when mommy did not buy his favorite's fruit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vernon almost donw with Hand foot mouth disease

26-Jul-2010 - about 4:30am early in the morning Vernon suddenly vomit non stop, I knew something wrong with him. I gave him some stomach aid and paracetamol to relief his pain. but he have no appetite to eat & drink anything. I plan to bring him to consult Dr. Sim in the morning, Confirm by Dr. he is down with some virus attack, so Dr. Sim have him a jab which to stop him from vomiting. we have to take care of his diet ( no oily) food at all, include milk as well. So we stop giving him milk 1 whole day. he just took the 100 plus & bread bread.
In the evening, he finally able to sit up and eat. He felt tire and just want to sleep the whole day, on Tuesday morning. the virus finally go away and I thought everything going fine with him. Never know that it came back on the 3rd day when I came back from work. Nai nai told me that Vernon look tire and no active like normal. something really wrong with him and his fever came back immediate that night. I called up Dr. Sim, he ask me to gave medicine and monitor a night. The next day due to I can't on leave so I asked Nai nai to bring him to consult Dr. Sim again. This time Dr.Sim saw his throat got something similar to hand foot mouth disease. but he said is very initial stage, just need to give medicine and rest at home will do but make sure we watch out our cleanliness and don't let him mix with his brother Gerald.
I decide to take a day off to take good care of him, but only one night. He looks ok and very active the next day (Friday morning). So I finally relief a bit and not so tense and worried, and with his 2nd follow. Dr. Sim confirm he recovered, just to continue giving him the probiotix will do.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Singing Chinese Song

Jul-2010 : I just realized that Vernon pick up Chinese Song though he not really know every single words of the song. But when u see the Karaoke, he really follow the timing and words by words sing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Year 2010 Mother's day

May -2010 - This is the 2nd year I got a hand made craft from Vernon. He made a pretty paper doll for me. When I reach Nai nai house that day, he wish me Happy mother;s day and hand over this pretty paper doll to me. He told me this mommy and "I LOVE U".
Time flies pretty fast, I just aware that this is the 2nd year Vernon in Nursery (Little light house). Beside the Paper foll, he also make a green turtles where they are doing something green to environment where he told me we need to protect the turtles. haa.aaaa

Mommy & Vernon happily posted together their dinner.

Papre Hot pot - 1st time taste it though use to see the TV recommend it.

This year we (brothers & sisters) decided to celebrate our mother's day @ Miraku Japanese Restaurant in G Hotel Penang. A very nice restaurant, the food presentations was great and the portion is just nice. But the price is a bit expensive compare to other Japanese restaurant out there. But we do enjoy as we tried few new things that can't find in other Japanese restaurant like the Paper hot pot. The paper really heating the food and keep it hot.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Baby

May -2010 - On Mar I decided to send in Gerald's Photo to enter his birthday photo contest in
媽媽 & 寶貝 magazine. I was so excited to know the result, when I received my May magazine. The 1st thing I want to see is the birthday contest page. Finally i saw Gerald's face on the page. I show it to Papa & Vernon. Vernon ask me why my photo is not in there. I reply and told him I will enter his photo next year. I knew I have miss so many years for him.
this is something that I have been wishing to do though the rewards is small. I also promise Vernon that I will enter his photo into Disney channel birthday book as well.
I called up the sponsor to get the voucher of "Mom's Care" RM50.
2 days later we got the voucher and we spend it by buying Gerald as nice baby gear's attire.

Drink by himself

It has been few weeks back ever since he started able to drink by himself when we gave him his milk or water bottle. after finishing, he will hand over the bottle to his caregiver. On top of this, he also able to walk 3 to 4 steps without holding hand. When we ask him where is the Fan he will look up the ceiling at the fan and if we ask Baby tire? He will pretend himself very tire and lying down on his chair or pillow. I think his understanding and motor skill is faster than compare to his koko. till now, Gerald only able to call "papa" the only person and ask "apa" whenever he saw something new to him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning Spelling, Chinese & Math

May -2010 : Vernon starting to learn spelling. Let me tell u how he learn spelling, Chinese & math , he learn the words by asking us and watching the Astro learning channel. No doubt after Gerald born, the time I spend with him is lesser than before. Every evening when I gave him bath, he usually will ask me a words or 2, and he want me to spell the words for him. After he had his bath, he will ask for a paper and repeat writing out the words his knew.
and arrange the words out by using his magnet alphabet. sometime he will ask me why his magnet alphabet have only 1 "C". Not enough to put up a word - Chocolate.
like just now, he ask me how to spell BOUNCE. usually I will ask him back what is that means? he then will show me with his ball. he told me when u drop the ball, the ball will bounce loh.
This proof to me that he is learning the words & understand the meaning as well.
Every Sunday, he love to watch the TVIQ where they will have a simple math (+/-) for the kids to learn. so he learn lots of simple 1+1 = 2, 2+3 = 5 and 5 -1 = 4 from there. Starting he use to count by his finger. now he is getting better with his brain.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dining @ Northam Cafe

18-Apr-2010 - It has been some time we never go to Northam Cafe. When we reach there, the sky is about to rain. We found a table under the shaded area as James & I were afraid of rain coming soon. Very soon after we make our order, the rain started. we start seeing people moving in, and we unable to imagine that the rain is heavy till we also get wet. The kids were uncomfortable, we tried very best to move in our table a bit, close to the cashier counter. But the rain is too heavy till we can't even sit and enjoy our food. Vernon especially start holding my hand and shivering. while the maid is holding the small Gerald boy. So we quickly asking help from the waiter to move our food to upstairs. Finally, we can ate our dinner. unfortunately all the food was cold and not tasty anymore.
Remembered, never go there if raining day..................unless the cafe have done something to protect their customer from this kind of bad weather.
Before we headed home, we took some photos while waiting for papa to get car.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Botak" Boy hair cut day

27 Mar-2010 - Today I brought my boys to barber shop, Gerald started scratching his hair when his hair getting longer. I am sure Vernon want to follow, though he always tell me that he want to keep his hair.
Conversation earlier :
Vernon : No short short hair...mommy. ya.
Mommy : ok
When we at the barber shop
Barber : Boy, what number you want? the number represent how short the hair you want to be.
Vernon : he quickly tell the barber that he want #1.
Mommy : I reconfirm with him, are you sure?
Vernon : Yes.

Happy little botak boy..........he looks more "round" isn;t it with short hair.

I wonder when Penang Toy'R Us will have a kids Barber shop in there where the kids can play while having hair cut. I saw it in S'pore during my visit on 2008 x'mas.

9 months Old Gerald

Feb 2010 - This Picture taken during the Feb month where Gerald is about 9 months old at the time. I did not keep track of his development, i remembered clearly he already able to sit up by him self.