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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Straits Quay

25-Dec-2010 Saturday - During the X'mas Eve dinner, Kuku's friend talking about new Shopping place in Penang and nice X'mas Decorations in Straits Quay. She said it is worth to bring the kids over especially during the X'mas season.

After all we decided to take these long weekend to pay a visit. Saturday noon, I told James to call MIL to see she is interested to join us to Straits Quay tonight.

About 5pm the kids are all woke up and we get them dress up then go to fetch MIL. The traffic was not too bad, probably is still early for dinner. The mall design is a bit different from the rest of the mall and we make sure we recognize the entrance is Quay-West.
The 1st thing we want to do is to find a dining place since the kids already making noise that they are hungry. When we walk to the outside alley, MIL met her friends there and she recommend one restaurant located at the end of west side on 1st floor - Cheeky Duck.
we are so lucky to get a round table right on the corner. and quickly place our orders in order not to delay further. When we look at the Menu, and just aware that they have a brunch in England. wonder the price of the food is also at that standard.

Honestly, the food is good but I think they can adjust the price lower a bit will be even better. we ordered the Peking duck since the restaurant name go after DUCK and the famous clay pot rice special request by MIL . we knew the duck must be good. and everyone enjoyed the food so much. Vernon love the Peking duck, he said so crunchy.

After dinner, we walk to the outside alley where there's performance and we met some friends and Vernon's Nursery teacher loo there. then Vernon saw some people holding ice cream, he start asking for it. so we walk towards the main lobby and seeing many peoples taking pictures with the candy bar and ice-cream deco. we did some photos taken and then seeing Swensen have a small stall there selling ice-cream. This is 1st time I bought expensive ice-cream cone that cost me RM9.90 each. Vernon enjoy his chocolate ice-cream so much, even MIL asking whether can share her the Cone. Vernon think & think there till he can't finish only he want to gave up.

The boys love the ice-cream & candyland decor so much.

Vernon enjoying his Swensen know this is his 2nd cone. He is very choosy till he insist want the chocalate flavours.

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