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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vernon's Handwriting & Coloring

Vernon's Coloring got improvement since he went to nursery.
Before I started my maternity leave I did print out some to prepare for him to color at home.
I want to thanks to Chin Ern's Mother whom provide me all this idea.

These are Vernon's handwriting at home. After came back from nursery daily, except from watching cartoon. He will ask us to gave him some paper and then he will write ABC/123. Other than all this activity he did at home, he also love to read books and watch the word world.
So on & off he will ask us how to spell certain words.
Now, He already able to spell 3 simple letter words like DOG, CAT,Water, Yo-Yo, Drum, Rocket............

The other day I went to Parkson and saw this Japan water pen with the writing mat.....pretty good for the kids to write, draw and it can dry with using any eraser. So that I can save some paper..........but Vernon still not use to as he can't wait till it dry.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


19-Jul-2009 - This year end Vernon is going to perform in his school concert and he has been singing this song and dancing since last week. I did not know the exact lyrics of the song nor the dance so I look into internet to see any chance to get the right song + dance. Finally I get it :

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3rd prize on family photo contest

15-Jul-2009 - Today afternoon while I am having my rest while looking after Gerald boy in the living room. Suddenly someone ring our house bell, when I open the door.....I saw a courier man sending me a box of goodies. Guess what !! This is the 3rd prize that we got for our family photo contest on the " 媽媽 寶寶" <> on June issue. The goodies worth RM100.

In fact, this come very surprise when we hear the news from Photo me back last month. The photographer call us and told us that your family photo that he submitted on behalf got 3rd prize. He told us to get the magazine from him and claim the prize upon getting the notifications from Pureen company.
Inside the box (prize) : a pack of disposable diaper from Pureen, 2 toothpaste for kids, 2 showing gel, 1 lotion, a pack of wet tissues and 2 Pureen powder.

Thanks to Pureen company & Photo Me :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gerald development @ 1 mth + 1 wks

9-Jul-2009 Thursday - Today we brought Gerald boy for 2nd month checkup & Jab "Hepatitis B" @ Dr. Sim's clinic. I like Dr. Sim clinic as he have a breastfeeding room for breastfeed mother. It is very convenient unlike GMC, where it only have one breastfeeding room, so every time I have to run to 5th floor nursing room to nurse Gerald when we were there for the 1st checkup.

Gerald's development :
* Able to lift head when you put him on your shoulder since 3rd weeks after born.
* Able to cooing to see if anyone will hold him.
* Able to move head from side to side and follow if we walk from one side to another
* Love to smile & "gugu" at people.
* Make a different sound of crying for diaper change/clean and off course for milk.
* Able to roll a bit side way and sometime he able to change the sleep position from vertical to horizontal. I really no idea how this boy able to do so in his baby cord.

Weight : 4.9kg (as per 9 of Jul)
OFC : 38.5cm

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vernon's drawing

A few weeks back during my confinement, 2-E po called up to ask us to go to her house to pick up a drawing that Vernon did during early June when Nai Nai brought him there. 2-E po told us you all must take a look at how well this boy able draw his tiger.
He able to draw 4 legs with some hairy on the body of the animal. I really proud and happy that he able to draw so well. and we decided to keep this copy...........................................

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mother's Day

This year we celebrate mother's day with Nai Nai & ah mah on the same day due to the busy schedule both of them. One have dinner, while another have singing competition.
For Ah mah, we went to Park royal Hotel penang for buffer lunch, off course together with Kong Kong. I told James I want to go for a buffer lunch b4 I
Vernon can eat a lots while the crown came to gave him the balloon. He stared at the Crown so long as he never get so close to a clown, normally he just Q up and get the balloon. This time the crown not only gave him balloon but also talk to him.
At Night, we celebrate with Nai Nai at Seoul Garden Gurney. Initially they want to eat Thai Food but due to I can't take hot & Spicy food. Kuku decided change the venue to Korea food.
But I knew Nai Nai, Chor Chor & 2-E did not really enjoy Korea food. They don't like the food and taste at all. For me, I enjoy very much as I love BBQ & Korea food.
We also let Vernon to take Korea Food since he already 3 yrs old now. Shouldn't bring home cook food out anymore.

The day Baby Gerald born

29-May-2009 Friday - My Gerald boy born on the exact due date.
Most relatives said he look more like mommy, where i also have the same say......where have lots of hair and round face.

The nursery nurse in GMC hospital all name my baby Gerald number one in terms of high pitch when he is hungry and look for mommy's milk.
So sometime before the nurse come to call me for nursing in the middle of the night. I already can hear him from my room. and I always have to get prepared and walk faster to the nursing room. else his speaker will get louder and louder.
He nurse very well on the day he was born and can easily take from my breast or bottle.

On the 3rd day, his jaudice gone up to level 12, so I decided to stay with him in the hospital for another day before discharge. We went home on the 5th day, however the jaudice level did not get better though we did put him under the morning sun light.
On the 1st checkup, Dr. cheah asked for blood test to determine the jaudice level and it was level 14. which is too high for baby just 1 weeks old. As a result, Gerald have to admit, so I have to follow him as well since I still do not have breastmilk stock to feed him around the clock.
After 2 days, his level went down to 10.4, we finally discharge

Sunday, July 5, 2009

1st dining out after confinement

1st time going out with my family in koko's bassinet.

5-Jul-2009 Sunday - it's been a month we did not dine out and did not bring Vernon out too.
we decided to have dinner in PSC since it's been some time we did not go there and use the facility. Vernon thought that he is going to go swimming and have dinner. I told him we only go there for dinner not swimming....luckily he agreed. :)
I knew still owed Vernon which i promised to bring him to swimming in PSC after i delivered baby de-de. However due to the recent H1N1 cases happened, i tried not to bring him to swimming at the moment.
we reserved a corner table, very comfortable for breastfeed.

we use 2 chairs to put the bassinet. and this is the 1st time i breastfeed Gerald boy in restaurant. He is kind of cooperative and enjoyed too.
After Vernon finished his dinner, i told James that Vernon might want to have some Ice-cream.
so we called the waiter and asked Vernon boy :
mommy: What favourite u want for your ice-cream
Vernon : without hesitation he told the waiter he want chocolate favourite.

The Club's new wing lobby just complete, so we go to 6th floor to have a look & took some pic.

Vernon boy have so many expression till James have to try a couple times only able to take a pic of 3 of us.