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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brothers love

Vernon & Gerald now play every night non stop when both of them meet together. The little boy love to lie on his brother.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vernon's ART class collection

24-Sept-2010 - I have been sending Vernon to Da Vinci Art program since last month (Aug'10). This is his 3rd lesson and his teacher have given a good commend on his talent. I can see he is getting good & improving in his drawing and coloring. At least it proof that I did not make a wrong choice of sending him to this program. Becoz initially I have some conflict with James that I insisted want to send Vernon to another Art class in a local school. However, James comment that that Art class location is not so strategic for us to send and pick him and furthermore the lightning of the class is not enough, it will damage the kids eye for long term.
Every week, he look forward asking me when he is going to his Art Class again. I always reminded him that he will go to Art class only on every Friday evening.
how lucky am i is Nai Nai is helping us to drive him to the class @ 7pm. I or James will pick him after the class.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

E-Gate New Cafe "PappaRich"

5-Sept-2010 - We love this cafe after 1st try due to it is very near and price reasonable.
I no longer cook for dinner since after kakak wati home for raya holidays. I knew taking care of 2 kids & house caos is more than enough to make me busy.

Vernon has grown a lot and he want to order his food by himself, i noticed that if we ordered on behalf and what he don't like. He will not eat it and end up I have to eat the food. so I let him make his own choice by showing the menu to him. He then told me that he wanted to take bread with cream milk and a cup of soy milk. When the food serve, he enjoyed eating the bread very much, even the Gerald also want to try on it.

one thing I noticed on our 2nd visit is the customer is getting more and service is drop. Asking the waiter/waitress to clean up the table for us also take 10-15mins. I almost give up & go to other restaurant. as Vernon already hungry.
**highly recommend the Nan + curry chicken.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mc D for Dinner

See how Gerald expression after tasting the french fries..........
4-Sept-2010 - Saturday
We tried to take the opportunity to bring the kids to McDonald's for dinner since they are having "BUKA PUASA" promotion. Where we can get value meals during dinner time as well.
When we are in the green lane McD, the 1st thing Vernon ask :

Vernon : Mommy, can I go upstairs & play?
Mommy : No, we better find a place down stair will do since Kakak not around and I have to look after both of u & di-di while papa buying the meals for us.
He obey what I told him and wait for his favorite cheese burger + fries. So I quickly fed Gerald with my home cook porridge. and I was having hard time to fed him as he is turning his head right & left looking surrounding and KPC with the auntie and uncle sitting right behind us.
oh....not long papa brought over our dinner and u can see how enjoy my Vernon boy eating the burger by himself. While the little Gerald also seeing the fries on the table. he also tempted to try on it and keep pointed at the fries. and I gave him some.
We all have a lovely evening and dinner time there.