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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hot & Warm Weekend @ PSC

Jan -2011- It's been sometime since I promised Vernon to bring him to Swimming. Today the weather is so warm and nice to go outing activities. The boys were so excited when i told them will bring them to swimming at PSC. They just take a short Nap in the afternoon..

The small Gerald looking at people while we get ready his floater. Not Sure he still remember the last time he went swimming or not.

He is wearing Koko Swimming pants, sitting like big boy right.

Koko Vernon is ready to go ....go.go

Wow....The water is so cold. though the weather is warm & hot. so Gerald can't stand on it, I just let him took his bath right away since he couldn't stay in the water any longer. But the koko Vernon still so enjoy playing in the water.

After swimming, we had our dinner at the Captune Res. where we had some Banana dessert.

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