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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vernon 5th Birthday

13-Jan-2011 Thurseday - I took 2nd half day off from work and rush to Pulau Tikus to pick up Vernon's 5th birthday cake. We plan to let him had his birthday @ his school this year, hopefully we can invite his friend over to our new house next year for his 6th birthday.
This year Vernon told us he want a "Little Einstein space ship" cake. As usual, we order his cake from Janny cake house 2 weeks ago.
He was so excited and keep asking when are we going to school. About 1:30pm James came back from workplace and drove us to school. This year I brought his brother Gerald together, so that he can celebrate with his big brother as well.
Most of Vernon's school classmate are attending the whole day school, and they are taking their Nap when we arrive at the school. The teacher told us to wait till 2pm only able to start. so we waited at the school for a while. Slowly Ashley and another girl from Vernon's class arrived, and we start to gather in the dining place.
Vernon's friend all were so excited when we open up the!!!

They sing a lovely birthday song to Vernon and we had cake cutting & photos taken.

The small de-de also joining in cake cutting.................... Enjoying the yummy brownie cake...........Vernon's favorite :)

MOst of them were so enjoyed and ask for 2nd piece of cake..................................

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